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MinerMan1 Jun 7 2014, 9:44am replied:

Finally, I got the game to launch but now it says this: "Expression : FS.exist(fn,"$game_textures$",buf,".ini")
Function : CGameFont::Initialize
File : GameFont.cpp
Line : 75
Description : c:\s.t.a.l.k.e.r. - lost alpha\gamedata\textures\ui\ui_font_hud_01.ini

It crashed

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MinerMan1 Jun 7 2014, 9:01am replied:

Could you copy and paste that text from fsgame.ltx on here, or is that not allowed? That link you gave me is an image and you can't copy and paste text from images.

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MinerMan1 Jun 7 2014, 8:08am replied:

But the problem is that I don't HAVE a fsgame.ltx file. It seems to be the only one I'm missing to play the game.

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MinerMan1 Jun 6 2014, 8:50pm says:

I'm having a problem where whenever I try to launch the game it gives the error "Cannot open file fsgame.ltx. Check your working folder." I know that many others have been having the same problem, but I can ensure that I have reinstalled multiple times and downloaded everything after the game itself's installation. I don't understand why I'd have this, but please give me any solution you have. Thanks! EDIT: It doesn't seem that I have a file called fsgame.ltx. Could I download another fsgame.ltx file somewhere, or is that not possible?

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MinerMan1 Nov 15 2013, 6:20pm says:

I can see through everything unless it has a light on it, besides props. I can see props fine. It's annoying because on the first Chapter, when the boat crashes, I can't see the bridge, just the ladders, docked boats, and blah blah blah props. Can somebody help me? Oh, and P.S. The first room you go in, at the end of the bridge, it has lights in it and I can kind of see the walls and floor with the lights shining on it.

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