Just a part time modder with average skills at Oxygen (OFP) and Milkshape 3d, trying to understand how gmax works... But a mean level designer with TES Construction Kit... :o)

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Miburec @ Ashes of Apocalypse

zombies? in a post apocalyptic, futuristic dystopia?
well, i gues it's a matter of taste...
but just for fun: take the standart corprus walker from original Morrowind, copy it several times and do a little texture work. so you get at least a bunch of standart zombies, complete with anim & sound...
i talk about those guys: Morrowindphotography.com
if you take the corpus lames too, you'LL even get some mutants (or mutant zombies, if you prefer). or the old fashioned skelletons... the archetype of an undead... XD

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Miburec @ Shifter

usualy i am not someone who answers to comments older than 4 weeks, but i just have to respoind to the suggestion to remove j.c.'s augs after beeing captured.

this would eventually fit in the fact that he is captured but not that he is supposed to be executed. it wouldn't fit the DX scenario at all. remember: nano-augs are built up as modules as small as single cell microorganisms. j.c. is nothing more than a beta test version. MJ 12 just managed to put those tiny things inside a human, doing their jobs well without causing an immune response (grey death?). i don't think they even had a chance to find out how to remove all of those billions of nanites from someones organism without bleeding him dry or fry him with EMP.
and even if they know how to... j.c. is supposed to die. so removing the augs would be an unnecessary action. the only reason why j.c. survives respectively escapes is due to daedalus. so the only reason for MJ 12 to remove his augs would ben the knowledge about daedalus' help...

sory, but i'm playing DX again right now, so i'm a bit caught inside the scenario, thats why i go into detail so much :oP

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Miburec @ Hollow Moon

I hope this mod is not dead...
Since those 60's radios spread over the whole complex (not to mention the whole bunch of radios near the the wooden (?!) demo-ending door and this very door itself) keep haunting me...

Great mod with a rather mindblowing atmosphere...
I never would have guessed, a BW game without any sounds, just with a creepy soundtrack would have such a dense atmosphere.
ok, i would add a looping breathing sound, but thats a matter of taste...

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