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MetaKnight Jun 29 2010 replied:

That'd be great, but let'em finish this one first. Took'em long enough till now. I dunno, if it get's really that great, as it promises to be, maybe the guys are lucky and someone (Raven? GT?) might wanna publish the finished mod as a full price game and the guys get much more rewarded than just gaining our appreciation end eternal glory.

I just hope this project does not die, like every other project. But the guys put so much work into this, they just can't.

I check here once in a while to keep track.

I yet love this guys just for what they gave us for screenshots. Can't wait to see the finished product! =)

+1 vote   mod: Hexen: Edge Of Chaos
MetaKnight Apr 10 2010 says:

So this mod is dead?

+1 vote   mod: Into Cerberon
MetaKnight Mar 28 2010 says:

Hey, I'm another one of those, following your project since it was first announced. It's been a really long time now, but I'm sooo glad that your project did not die like every other announced mod for DOOM3 that sounded cool. And as a big fan of Heretic and Hexen I'm really looking forward to this. I haven't played much on the computer in the last years, the last game I bought was Quake 4 and I somehow managed to play only one level in all those years... but your mod is something I really appreciate!

Anyway: I hope you don't neglect your wives/family/whatever to much while trying to complete this mod! ;) But once you have finished, I think they should be proud of you as well, as all your fans will be!

Sometimes I feel I cannot wait any longer for this mod, but I'm thankful that you guys work so hard on that! Noone can ever pay you for that, but the love of the community is yours! *g*

+3 votes   mod: Hexen: Edge Of Chaos
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