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meiemarek Aug 17 2012, 2:47pm says:

when i use arma 2 free to play it i cant see vehicle load,i get error starting whit resource r3f_log... is missing

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meiemarek Jun 2 2012, 3:46pm says:

I think i found a awp easter egg&secret is in bora bora pipes room behind a waterwall,when looking at waterwall you can see a pink light what looks like 2m square. if you jump into light you will land in a secret there is a smeg,A random cloth item(can use as many times as you want),(and a smoke pipe if i remember right)!

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meiemarek Jun 1 2012, 3:24pm says:

When it comes to games,gas,import taxes and stupid lazy greeks(not all but more than 50% are stupid,lazy,high salaryed people who think and say that world is in fault of their bad life not theyself .(Note:i live in a NE europe in a country where minumum salary is 290€, not 1800€ like in greek,and i still dont whine about life here,and i dont call other world fault in this,its a thing of my country coverment & parlament, and sovier/German oppucation.) europe does suck at those points.In NE Europe where i live good points are small booze prices(Finns booze-race here) and clime (-27..29 *C).Every Estonian would like retirement as in Greek.

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meiemarek May 30 2012, 12:30pm replied:

They not only have idea how internet works but they also have retarded patriotic understanding.

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meiemarek May 30 2012, 12:20pm says:

on a ps3 or pc. as a 16 years old whitout income i cant buy a new pc after 4 years to play new games on low whitout lag.

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meiemarek May 30 2012, 12:10pm replied:

my family first pc 98 dad got it from work in 99 and it was used regulary 5 years ago,it still works but cause its pretty original i havent played on it 6 years

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meiemarek May 30 2012, 11:55am says:

Cant wait to play Gta V, postal 3 and max payne 3.

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meiemarek Apr 16 2012, 12:58pm says:

In case of a virus epidemic, people go to madagascar.

In case of a nuke war, i would go to good old friend, УССР

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meiemarek Apr 15 2012, 3:52pm says:

If nuclear war would come,i would prefer to be in o' good neiborcountry

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meiemarek Oct 28 2011, 8:54am says:

I cant buy gmod from steam.If gmod would be sale on my local shops whit a steam activate code for 20-30$ ,You think i wouldnt buy it ? .I would buy gmod but i cant buy it from Steam.
i mean for 20-30€

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