Hi, I'm one of the few Dutch modders on Moddb :P I have my own mod but sometimes I'm also willing to lend a hand for you guys :P I'm mapper, modeler, scripter (Still learning xD), coder and audio editor :D

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0 comments by megavin123 on Mar 21st, 2012

Bladerunner-fighter: Pulse laser canons (2), missile launcher (2)
A9-Villigiance-class asault bomber: Laser canon (2), Ion canon (1) Torpedo launcher (1)
Swarmageddon-class gunboat: Rapid fire turreted laser canons (3), light MAC-gun (2), Missile launcher (4), Bomb bay (1)
Pulse drone: pulse canon (1)

&Finity-class corvette: Quad laser canon (3)
&Finity-class corvette MKII: Quad laser canon (2), Magnapulse canon (1), Hangar bay (pulse drones) (1)
 Ironheart-class destructor: Diamond Boron missile launcher (1), quad laser canon (4)

Tyrant-class escort frigate: Turbolaser canon (20), Concussion missile launcher (8), Hangar bay (Bladerunners,  A9 Bombers)
S.T.A.R.S.H.I.P.:Turbolaser battery (3) Laser canon (2)

Gummi Star Destroyer: Turbolaser battery (60), Ion canon battery (45) Cocussion missile launcher (10), quad laser canon (225), hangar bay (Blader runners, A9 Bombers, Swarmageddons)
Arthur-class: Hyperlaser battery (4), Heavy ion canon battery (2), Turbolaser battery (66), quad laser canon (100), Light superlaser (1), Tractor beam emitter (1), Hanger bay (Bladerunners, Swarmageddons)
Consular-class: Heavy ion canon (4) Turbo laser battery (120), ion canon battery (100), Tractor beam emitter (1), Hangar bay (Bladerunners, A9 Bombers)

Keyblade cruiser: Turbolaser battery (250), Ion canon battery (177), Missile launcher (80), Hangar bay (Bladerunners, A9 Bombers, Swarmageddons, &finities, &finity MKIIs)

MC104 MKII: Turbolaser battery (500), ion canon (450), Nucliar missile launcher (2)
Bellamy-class: Hyperlaser battery (20), Turbolaser battery (1309), Ion canon (500), Megamaser canon (600), Stygial Superlaser (5)

UGF trooper
UGF Assault trooper
Keyblade learner
Keyblade knight
Keyblade Master
Keyblade Destructor
Keyblade assasin 

Prairy dog
Hover tank
Scorpion tank
AT-MB (All Terrain Mobile Base)
AT-SC (All Terrain Support Canon)
AT-MFP (All Terrain Mobile Fighter Platform)

Master Winthagen (Land: Keyblade master, Space: Flying marauder (Modified Arthur-class))
Admiral Ruben (Land: Booster bike, Space: Intergalactic Voyager (modified MC104 MKII))
Commander Justin (Land: Keyblade Knight, Space: Spire wing (Modified A9 Bomber)
 Sora (Land: Keyblade master, Space: Highwind (Modified Kingdom-class cargo Gummi ship)
Admiral Julian (Land: Gunner, space: Pride of Germany (Modified Tyrant escort frigate)
General Dave (Land: Keyblade assasin, Space: Mother of heaven (Modified Consular-class)
Admiral Koy (Land: Scorpion tank, Space: Sudden Shadow (Modified Keyblade cruiser)
Matthew J. Bellamy (Land: Himself with combat guitar, Space: Knight of sydonia (Modified Bellamy-class)

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1 comment by megavin123 on Dec 2nd, 2011

Hey people :D
When Earth at war is done we'll make another mod for you. I don't know if my team members also want to help me with another mod but I hope so :)

So what will the mod be about?
Well, I have 2 ideas for a future mod.
Idea one: Evolution at war.
Evolution at war will be about the developement of the human race. The eras will be:
Stone age, (primitive tech, land vehicles will be dinosaurs)
Medieval era, (Mediaval tech like swords, bows and arrows, catapults etc.)
Late medievals, (guns, bombs, light wooden tank like vehicles etc.)
Modern warfare, (Tech we have right now.)
Space age. (Futureristic tech)

And how will the mod look like?
Obviously space will be changed into sea.
each faction get's 4 fighter/bombers, 2 corvettes, 3 frigates, two capitals and a super. per era.

On land each faction gets: 4 infantry, 5 light vehicles, 3 heavy vehicles, 2 advanced vehicles and 3 aircrafts. 

Factions will be: Light side, dark side and corrupt side (Think of all quida (Or however you spell it), pirates, etc.

Idea 2: Era's at war.
Era's at war will be a Star wars mod.
it contains every single star wars era (Canon and fanon)
those are:
Old republic/jedi civil war era
rise of the empire era
rebellion era
New republic era
Legacy era
Trek wars era. (7000 years after episode 6 the Earth federation from Star Trek discovers the Star wars galaxy)

Report abuse IMPORTAINT PLEASE READ. It's about our own future

1 comment by megavin123 on Nov 23rd, 2011

Hey everybody out there. I have super good news about 2012.

Scientist have found particles called 'neutrino' wich go even faster then light. If we use those particles in engine systems of space ships  we can travel to other far-away exolar planets. Our first destination would probably be Gliese 581d En.wikipedia.org . You're now probably asking to yourself: What has this to do with 2012? Well, if rumors are to be believed they will start the space travel to far planets in 2012. Mars will be the the first destination to test it. The Maya prediction also doesn't predict apocalypse. They only say that life would make a major change in 2012. In other words: Next year we'll probably entering a new era.

Tell me how you think about this and feel free to post your comment :)


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0 comments by megavin123 on Oct 1st, 2011

Hey, Megavin123 here.

you probably know me from my mod Earth at war; if it is finshed I won't vanish from the community ;)
I'm going to make more mods then :).
Some mods I have in mind:
Star wars Return of the Sith: While Emperor Palpatine has died the Galaxy was in peace. The Rebellion was no more; they evolved into the New Republic, but the Evil hasn't completely vanished; while the New Republic was fighting the Imperial remnants the Sith Empire suddenly returns.
This mod is based on the brand new Star wars MMO game called 'Star wars the Old Republic'.

Star wars the battle of time: The secret of the Maw has been discovered, it was an ancient gate that leads to other eras. All the factins from the star wars history start a major war of time. Allthe factions have to work together to stand a chance against the other factions.
The eras will be:
Old republic era; Old Republic + Sith Empire
Clone wars era; Galactic Republic + CIS
Dark times era; Republic remnants + Early Empire
Rebellion era; Rebel Alliance + Galactic Empire
New republic era: New republic + Empire of the Hand*

Star wars good vs bad: An alternate way of the 'time war' All good factions (Including the Old Republic, Republic, Republic remnants, Rebellion, New republic) will battle all bad factions (Including the Sith Empire, CIS, Early Empire, Galactic Empire, Empire of the Hand*).

* If I get permission from the Thrawns revenge team.

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0 comments by megavin123 on Apr 24th, 2011

hi everybody,

I want to start a new mod where three sci-fi factions including: the U.G.F. (United Galactic Federation)
(Formed when there will be peace in the universe), the Heartless they are a very strong and powerfull faction and they use brand new massive destuction weapons, and finally the last faction:
the hostile forces: they didn't join the U.G.F at the end of the first intergalactic war, the hostile forces includes: the borg collective, the sith, the anubis and the covonant.

but before I can start this mod I will first need a team.
if you're interested you can send an e-mail to megavin.winthagen@gmail.com

well, I hope that you guys like this idea.

so stay tuned fo more information


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