Hello, I am Megavin123. I am a modder for the game Star Wars Empire at War but I am also planning to give other games a try. Aside of that, I am also part of Bullseye; an indie gamedevelopment group.

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Hey people :D
When Earth at war is done we'll make another mod for you. I don't know if my team members also want to help me with another mod but I hope so :)

So what will the mod be about?
Well, I have 2 ideas for a future mod.
Idea one: Evolution at war.
Evolution at war will be about the developement of the human race. The eras will be:
Stone age, (primitive tech, land vehicles will be dinosaurs)
Medieval era, (Mediaval tech like swords, bows and arrows, catapults etc.)
Late medievals, (guns, bombs, light wooden tank like vehicles etc.)
Modern warfare, (Tech we have right now.)
Space age. (Futureristic tech)

And how will the mod look like?
Obviously space will be changed into sea.
each faction get's 4 fighter/bombers, 2 corvettes, 3 frigates, two capitals and a super. per era.

On land each faction gets: 4 infantry, 5 light vehicles, 3 heavy vehicles, 2 advanced vehicles and 3 aircrafts.

Factions will be: Light side, dark side and corrupt side (Think of all quida (Or however you spell it), pirates, etc.

Idea 2: Era's at war.
Era's at war will be a Star wars mod.
it contains every single star wars era (Canon and fanon)
those are:
Old republic/jedi civil war era
rise of the empire era
rebellion era
New republic era
Legacy era
Trek wars era. (7000 years after episode 6 the Earth federation from Star Trek discovers the Star wars galaxy)


Can I please join youre modding team this evolution at war thing is interesting.

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