I'm a belgian who likes gaming and drawing. Thanks to some argument with an 11-year old i have been muted by henley on moddb since september 2011 and can't post comments on this site. [according to loner you need to fill this in completely, since he's dutch i wouldn't be surprised if this is some kind of trick. Come to think of it cheese is a valuable resource after all and the cheese reconstruction project looks like a worthwile investment in the long run. On to weed, those damn dutch and their marihuana. Just listen to glebstar while high. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY BLACKLIGHT CONTACT ME - i want to profit of the friend referal system :3. Belgium has good comedy and music, the dutch have cheese and drugs. chewing gum is nice, though i don't like your face. onbeskoft. and what is this pen doing here, get lost pen nobody likes you. seems like the cat's out of the bag again... mother of god 100 characters left >.> so i'll just end with: si vis pacem, ill give each one of you 5 across the assss

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_w_ 10hours 33mins ago replied:

Maybe its a good thing you got banned from the fora for a while xD its all i hear there about the american br, a drydusted record from the 30's that was spun flat months ago.

Gaijin is going to do away with the br system in a next patch, deal with it.

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_w_ 10hours 34mins ago replied:

I Agree!

+2 votes     media: Like a Shooting Star !
_w_ 10hours 43mins ago replied:

Thanks! ill have the fa-bu-lous one tho if you dont mind :P

+3 votes     member: Sakura Matou
_w_ 20hours 52mins ago replied:

Plural? u cheeky ****

+1 vote     media: Tribes ascend
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 9:51am replied:

Sure m8! my brother got a new laptop aswell so i can actually play the good games well now.

+2 votes     member: infantryspec
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 3:00am replied:


For everything

+2 votes     member: infantryspec
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 2:59am replied:

Like a G6

+1 vote     media: HAS RP GONE 2FAR
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 2:56am replied:

Probably a trauma from the two world wars.

+3 votes     member: Sakura Matou
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 2:53am replied:

What planes can you use?

+1 vote     group: ✈[DSFX] Desert Foxes✈
_w_ Oct 24 2014, 2:44am replied:

Correction this is preposterous i dont work for milos i twerk for him, pls respond.

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_w_ Oct 23 2014, 5:05pm replied:

The one on the left got his ******* bitten off due to a tragic garment underwear accident XD shark bites sting rip in pieces.

The other one clearly is a m'lady u bigot check yo privilege

+2 votes     media: Tribes ascend
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:56am says:

Youre a cherry bomb

+2 votes     member: Sakura Matou
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:55am replied:

Haha exactly

+2 votes     group: ✈[DSFX] Desert Foxes✈
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:55am says:

That is just surreal haha

zero stronk

+3 votes     media: F**k logic :D
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:55am replied:


+1 vote     media: Tribes ascend
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:54am replied:

I take trips to the feelipines regulary foool

Pinoy pride!

+2 votes     media: Tribes ascend
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:54am says:

The two frontal plates seem a bit too flat, aside from that awesome work!

+1 vote     media: TypeH
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:52am says:

Get the cameraa

+2 votes     member: infantryspec
_w_ Oct 23 2014, 3:51am says:

I like it when my impractical MG dont cycle in combat too

welcome back u vampir, right on time for the new dracula movie

+2 votes     media: Im back XD
_w_ Oct 22 2014, 7:40pm says:

Haha these were actuallly very well done! hehe b7a2OP

+2 votes     media: Fighting till the last breath.. !!!
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 5:46pm replied: +1 vote     media: Tribes ascend
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 4:42pm replied:

I barely BARELY see he162s on our team,

in this case i think we had two, so the enemy had at least double the jet power.

+1 vote     media: Dat matchmaking tho
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 4:38pm replied:


G2 talisman lel
prolly some double or quadruple goin on
or triple idk dont remember

oh baby

+2 votes     media: HAS RP GONE 2FAR
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 2:43pm replied:

Not hard when you get bomberspawn...

also at higher alts it suffers

wat is considered high alt in dis game anyway

+1 vote     group: ✈[DSFX] Desert Foxes✈
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 2:42pm says:

Went trough some older files to see What my highest RP game of recent was.

preddy guddd :DDDDDDDD

+3 votes     media: HAS RP GONE 2FAR
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 2:39pm says:

In sovjet russia, allies had the first Combat jets in ww2.

+3 votes     media: Dat matchmaking tho
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 2:26pm says:

Dont worry i have that strange effect too, not only on the craptop but also on my brothers good laptop,

My guess is lackluster lighting effects in the engine? shouldnt they have noticed by now?

our car doesnt work dis way in fog at least cD

+2 votes     media: Gaijin Lighting
_w_ Oct 21 2014, 9:23am replied:

Das wacist

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_w_ Oct 16 2014, 5:14pm replied:

[Alahu]ItsISIS Roadkilled by [Kroket]BIjKER420 - ne harley davidzon -

+2 votes     member: Sakura Matou
_w_ Oct 16 2014, 8:41am replied:

they dont roll that well and their wings are uber fragile,
can they turn?

if they can were doomed xD

+1 vote     group: ✈[DSFX] Desert Foxes✈
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