I'm a belgian who likes gaming and drawing. Thanks to some argument with an 11-year old i have been muted by henley on moddb since september 2011 and can't post comments on this site. [according to loner you need to fill this in completely, since he's dutch i wouldn't be surprised if this is some kind of trick. Come to think of it cheese is a valuable resource after all and the cheese reconstruction project looks like a worthwile investment in the long run. On to weed, those damn dutch and their marihuana. Just listen to glebstar while high. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY BLACKLIGHT CONTACT ME - i want to profit of the friend referal system :3. Belgium has good comedy and music, the dutch have cheese and drugs. chewing gum is nice, though i don't like your face. onbeskoft. and what is this pen doing here, get lost pen nobody likes you. seems like the cat's out of the bag again... mother of god 100 characters left >.> so i'll just end with: si vis pacem, ill give each one of you 5 across the assss

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_w_ 13hours 48mins ago says:

Sbeen a while since i planted a comment here lel

+2 votes   member: Sakura Matou
_w_ 19hours 22mins ago says:

7 kills man holy **** cD now alan has smth else to fap to.

+3 votes   media: Having fun with _W_ in WoWs.
_w_ 20hours 51mins ago replied:

I will my friend, but itll have to be quite the rare pepe my friend ° ͜ʖ ͡°)

+1 vote   member: _w_
_w_ 22hours 34mins ago replied:

Legends say hes still there.

+5 votes   media: Fapping
_w_ Jun 30 2015, 11:58pm says:

Well i guess they hate knifes bcs most bobbies dont carry guns hue

+1 vote   media: brutain
_w_ Jun 27 2015, 3:17am says:

Nah iz only beta xaxaxaxa)

+2 votes   media: Polish Troops with wz.36...
_w_ Jun 26 2015, 4:31pm says:

Getting a lot better man :O

+3 votes   media: Polish Troops with wz.36...
_w_ Jun 26 2015, 9:02am replied:

no thats john cena as you said yourself xD

who u calling dirty lesbian m88

+3 votes   media: Jesus hold me
_w_ Jun 24 2015, 5:08pm replied:

Nevermind, jacques!

+2 votes   media: Time for something different.
_w_ Jun 24 2015, 11:54am replied:


I am guessing it is this one you mean?

+5 votes   media: Nebulon - Ranger Recovery Ship
_w_ Jun 24 2015, 11:47am replied:

fokin plebs unite

+3 votes   member: Bisszy4ever
_w_ Jun 24 2015, 6:17am replied:

U better have lol :p

+1 vote   blog: Dikke tetten in mijn mond.mpeg
_w_ Jun 20 2015, 3:42am says:

So wat happened to this project?

+1 vote   game: Valencia: City of Colors
_w_ Jun 20 2015, 3:37am replied:


+2 votes   media: Grayscale time
_w_ Jun 20 2015, 3:36am says:

Hmm i dont remember aproving dis...
An entire LEGION of the best stormtroopers in the galaxy..

and u added the twin sun lel shouldve put a face there too like dj khaled

+2 votes   media: Stormtrooper on Pussay Patrol
_w_ Jun 20 2015, 3:34am says:

Dem square "round"els... It has something

+1 vote   media: Turkish lend-lease P40
_w_ Jun 20 2015, 3:33am says:

If i may, something feels off with her right leg (or left if she turned her hips)
Mainly under the knee, which i think is too high, the legg narrows sharply. It feels a bit odd.

rest looks fine haha dat reaper.

+2 votes   media: Lineart
_w_ Jun 15 2015, 5:40am says:

Keep dat damn pencil on shift bcs dis is epic
Cant rly find much wrong lel

perhaps her bellybutton is visible?
and i wonder what the trigger of the gun is
also her right hand seems bigger than the left but yh it looks ******* good m88

+3 votes   media: Aira
_w_ Jun 14 2015, 5:49pm replied:

wtf thats intense haha

******* fnc anime tho lol

+2 votes   media: ...
_w_ Jun 14 2015, 5:11pm replied:

slight pressure now

zombie dragon or mawashi geri

+3 votes   media: Grayscale time
_w_ Jun 14 2015, 5:09pm says:

moshi moshi anime meme desu

+3 votes   media: New avatar
_w_ Jun 13 2015, 12:44pm says:


+3 votes   media: 11/10 would watch this
_w_ Jun 13 2015, 8:08am replied:

How scary would you rate it to per say skeletman?

+2 votes   media: Grayscale time
_w_ Jun 13 2015, 6:22am replied:

Stuff like Increasing damage but decreasing accuracy or range are interesting indeed

+1 vote   media: Upgrades
_w_ Jun 13 2015, 5:51am replied:

My parents once bought a 16 dolla one haha, so bad it might aswell been a fake lol. If you have a legit one it aint a waste. You can do stuff with a tablet that you cant do with analogue drawing

Like drawing with a tablet for a long time will **** your paper skills and vice versa

+2 votes   member: Nana_Joo
_w_ Jun 12 2015, 6:28pm says:

Ahk some want to spend the money, others dont.
I know several ppl that have one, none are artists lel far from it for some lol

Got dis dank intuos a5 for a hundred bucks tho
Prolly best price quality u can get hm tho im not an expert

edit; dat moddb reply system :')

+3 votes   member: Nana_Joo
_w_ Jun 12 2015, 6:18pm replied:

Haha no no, as in someone you havent seen here yet.
Havent seen ya around yet.

If i can hit you back i might haha

+2 votes   member: _w_
_w_ Jun 12 2015, 12:55pm replied:

I get why you wont use it but he looks pretty baller still.

+2 votes   media: Grayscale time
_w_ Jun 12 2015, 12:39pm replied:

Korean looks pretty dank
np, moddb gets pretty boring after 4 years lol nice to see someone new.

Aint that a spin kik :P ud serve me that? google op

+2 votes   member: _w_
_w_ Jun 12 2015, 12:24pm says:

Smth i drew for ori

+2 votes   media: Grayscale time
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