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Tiberium Essence

Mod review

This mod is simply amazing. This mod has done more than just few Tiberian Sun units transported to c&c 3. It has built sequel for Tiberian Sun c&c fans hoped for! and fun doesnt stop there- there are plenty new units, either 100 percent new or semi-hinted ones and even few TS1 era units, fitted for TW3 era.

Not to mention every faction has units that suit its own playstyle, all made so that they feel like they were built in first place (ok, should've had built in). Also many of original units are still there, tweaked a bit for better.
Oh and did i mention that Forgotten have made strong return with this mod compared to only having single unit in vanilla C&C3?

Now its time to go to most powerful units of factions- remember Mammoth Mk. II and how sad you were when you found out that it isnt in c&c3? well, with this mod its back, bigger, better and meaner than ever with upgrades available.
Brotherhood of Nod has its own counterpart in form of Cyborg Commando. Dont let it decieve you being relatively small and infantry unit. It can still destroy your base without breaking a sweat (i dont know if cyborgs can sweat..) if you leave few troops and few turrets to defend it instead of well built defense and tons of troops
Scrin, well, scrin has quite few suprises up in its sleeve.

Basically, this mod is perfect combination of old c&c-s and new one and by looks of it, 1.52 (at time of this review, its still 1.51) will improve mod even more

This mod has made me replay campaign 10 times by now with EACH faction, due to fact its just so good.

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