Games have been difficult times of my life, my best friend. When I look at people who think like me, that scene and never even know you're not. But the biggest dream in life to learn computer programming in, my friends gathered to set up a great team. In my country first and only company to set up game!

"Life is a game. Just play now!"

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A screenshot from the Sahara desert map


Not easy. It's been over six years. Half life and my adventure begin in my high school years. When I bought my first computer on a winter day, I started half life. I clicked on the lambda icon. I was on the first train. Wow. Bee. I said. The graphics are bad but I was excited. I did not know that it was released in 1998 and that it took years of play at the E3 fair. As I was playing, I cried out for myself:

I wish I had designed this game. What did he do?


When I finished the 3rd day of the game (no cheating, no hurry, no internet look) I started to open the game files with excitement. I found the hammer editor when I said alien sounds, setting files. If I bought a computer already, all the games were installed. And then the adventure started. On the one hand, when I discovered the counter strike game, I started to design the level on the one hand.


I left a whole six years behind. Hundreds of mods, thousands of hours of episode designs, amateur code, organized sounds, texture photos. It is nice to know which mods have benefited from which code I have used the mod design. I hope you'll like this new demo I just uploaded. I look forward to your questions and suggestions. This is the year of the independent game producers of the new year, wishing to be the year. Good games.

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mb77 Creator

I will continue to design mode later time. Continue to follow us. Thank you for your patience.

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mb77 Creator

101 concept project?

For years dreamed since a chains of projects!
101 from one another magnificent computer games.
Concept, design, fiction, scenarios, wonderful projects that I designed myself! The new generation of game systems from the classic nostalgia series compiled cult was reinforced with real-life examples of exactly productions. So what are they?

Opps! They say it's too early to talk! Continue to follow us.

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mb77 Creator

Yes, my dear friends welcome to my mod. Computer games have followed me for many years. My biggest dream is to make a computer game. But the crew was unable to. If volunteers can work to help me on this. The sole purpose of me I just make the game. If you are really helping my dreams come to light in the future will raise your projects. You can be sure. What was the slogan friends? Life is a game. Just Play Now.

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mb77 Creator


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