Ahoy. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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A year in review - 2011 The Admirals Blog

What the hell am I doing now?

Recently I've been playing a great mod that was released last week, it is a Half Life 2/Source modification called No More Room In Hell.

June 2011 Screenshots June 2011 Screenshots

As you might have guessed, it's a zombie game. You play online with a bunch of other survivors and your aim is just one thing: escaping the zombies. To do so you usually have to complete a set of objectives that will eventually lead you to the end of the map where you will be extracted and saved.

While playing NMRiH, I discovered one thing that is really good to know when playing this mod: don't bother trying to shoot all the zombies; you can just walk past them. Yes that's right, 9 out of 10 zombies in this game are slower than a turtle with two broken legs. There are some faster zombies, they are the ones you should run away from (or shoot) but you'll figure that out as soon as you start playing.
There are a great number of weapons you can choose from but due to a constant lack of ammo the best weapon is your brain.

Keys you should know when playing:
1 & 2 = Inventory (right click or G to discard weapon or ammo)
Q = Quick weapon switch
C = Compass and current objective
F = Flashlight (can be used with small-arms)
3rd Mouse Button = For pushing away evil zombies when they grab you (and this will happen, trust me)

If you like zombie games, I really suggest you try this mod. The release is still an open beta so expect a few bugs when playing but aside from that it's fully playable.

No more models by me lately. Here is the last model I made, two Tokage from the Usagi Yojimbo comics:
Tokage Lizards

That's all from me, have a nice day!
Λdmiral Skeybar


You show an obvious effort in writing your blogs, I enjoy that. They're really nice to read and pleasing to the eye, good job. Hope you're doing well, haven't heard of you for quite a while now.

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Admiral_Nemo Author

Thank you iQew! and I'm doing very well, the reason of my lack of updates or comments is probably because I've been to busy playing this mod or being occupied elsewhere. =)

I find that my internet habits aren't quite the same as they were about a year ago.
I try to stay updated but to often I just forget to comment. :/

Such is life I guess...

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