Ahoy. The name is Mikom. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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So, submitted this to anywhere yet?

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Admiral_Nemo Author

Other than on Youtube, no.

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I love that thing

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This is the FUsion ROcket Engine, an air-breathing hybrid rocket engine designed for interplanetary spacecraft.

It has three modes of operation:

Air breathing:
Air goes through the pre-cooler (a series of heat-exchangers which cool it down from over 1000C to minus 150C) after which the air goes through two compressors and is mixed with the fuel and helium in the pre-burner.
Alongside this a hot air stream is mixed with hot gas (from liquid hydrogen) in the ram-jet burners.

Oxidizer and hydrogen closed cycle:
Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen are mixed in pre-burners and hot gases are pumped through the main gas manifolds to the combustion chamber.

Hydrogen fusion:
Hydrogen is injected directly into the main combustion chamber where magnetic coils compress and ionize the hydrogen to create a plasma that is ejected through a magnetized nozzle.

Note that radiation shields are necessary to protect the ship and crew from radiation. For this reason Hydrogen fusion is not used while in-atmosphere and near space stations/other ships.

Components: Media.moddb.com

Cross Section: Media.moddb.com

Modes of operation: Media.moddb.com

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