Ahoy. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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My Art In Various Forms

Time for a new blog. The past couple of weeks I've been making several concepts and models for my SPACE 3000 universe, this mainly includes spaceships but also weapon designs and some other graphics.

For you who do not know my SPACE 3000 universe was a universe I created for a game I was developing a couple of years ago. This project didn't get far due to growing arguments in the team, this was mainly my fault as the leader of the project.
However, I still continued working on the universe itself with writing and designs.
The story behind it all was about Earth in the year 3102, the Earth is being invaded by aliens and you have to kill them all and bla bla bla.., you've heard it all before. The story behind the game wasn't all that special however the universe itself in which it took place with the various planets and colonies was an excellent place to channel my designs.
I have set the overall standard for designs however depending on what I make it for I can make pretty much any design as long as I stick to my own code of realism. Most of my spacecraft designs I made for the ESAD, the Earth Space Administration and Defense force.
ESAD L-60a1 Fighter

It is a common misunderstanding that the ESAD is a military organization, like the UNSC in Halo, because it was a game people assumed it was right away but that's not true. The ESAD mainly serves as a supervisor of spacetravel and scientific exploration. Think of them more like Starfleet from Star Trek since that is the closest thing I can think of. The largest part of ESAD however is the ESAD-C (C = cargo). They ensure cargo and trade between planets goes smoothly.
The also defend the planets and colonies from space-pirates, hehe.

There are three main planets in my SPACE 3000 universe, Terra (Earth), Alexandria and Theogonia. Each planet could support human life and needed no terraforming. Then there are various colonies in human space who don't support human life yet who require terraforming or serve as bases for scientists to conduct research.

There are three sentient races in my SPACE 3000 universe, the Humans, the Kohlar and the Ractas. The Kohlar are the least evolved but still had space-travel early in their evolution because of the large amounts of natural energy in their parts of space.
Upon the humans first encounter there was a brief war where the Kohlar were easily defeated due to vastly superior human firepower. The Kohlar only used energy weapons which were no match for the human target seeking projectile weapons. After this war communication with the Kohlar was made possible and both races apologized for their actions, a treaty was made ensuring both races would bother each other again until they were both ready. The Kohlar seemed an honorable race and the treaty held for 600 years before the Kohlar broke their promise.
The Ractas were more straightforward, they are a warlike race who value scientific conquest above all else, even if it means taking it from others. They observed humanity before attacking and in year 3102 the war with the Ractas reaches its peak.

This has always been in my head as I was working on my designs, a universe where almost everything is about spaceships.


Another thing I have been doing lately is making planets in the Gimp. There is a very good tutorial on MyGimpTutorial.com for making these.

I also happened to have some spare time yesterday and I still do, so I made a blog design similar to my own for MattmanDude.
If you want a custom blog design, I will be available to make one for you until next week (June 7th 2012). Please post a comment if you're interested or send me a PM.

That's it for this blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar



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Admiral_Nemo Author

Thank you! =)

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