My interest in game design didn’t arise until I escaped the (at the time) vastly limited macintosh gaming scene, built myself a PC and obtained a copy of Jedi Outcast. Soon after watching Attack of the Clones in theaters, I decided to download GTK radiant, a map editor designed for games running on the Quake 3 Arena engine. Two years later and with several maps under my belt, I one day stumbled across a Movie Battles 2 server. For the next two years I was a member of the movie battles 2 community, and made the second community made map ever. I finally “retired” from active movie battles 2 mapping in June 2006 with six objective based maps and a brief leadership role in the mod’s community map pack, to help start my current project, Star Wars the New Era. Outside of my game design work, I am a college student working toward transferring to the only University in the California system to offer a complete video game design major. I also have my own computer consulting business.

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Star Wars: Movie Duels II
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