Star Wars: Movie Duels is a single player Jedi Academy: Total Conversion. Movie Duels will let you relive the most famous duels from Star Wars Episode 1, 2 and 3.

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Painfully detailed.
And somewhat addictive.
This is one of those few serious major work. Let alone being the definitive mod for this game. Even more, it actually improves a lot of what the game originally provided.

A must-play.


good game

Movie Duels

Game: StarWars JediKnight:JediAcademy
Purpose: Able to play through famous Starwars scenes from
the movies.

Game play: 9/10
The gameplay is very fun yet it still just normal jka gameplay so nothing new there really.
Creativity: 9/10
I was impress with the work put into the cut scenes and the actually lvls. The TFU hud is a nice touch too. But it still could have been a little more creative.
Quality: 8/10
Well, although the mod was awesome it took forever to load!!! Also the Genosisan Area lvl had too many npcs on it making the game slow and with all the action around you end up dieing really quick.
Overall: 8.5/10
Overall despite the slow loading and some of the lvls being slow due to too many npcs the mod is defiantly worth a download and compared to the demo the full mod is way better so if you liked the demo you will love the full mod and if you hated the demo you should still try it out because the demo doesn't compare to the full mod. Also the new starkiller model that's in the mod is the best one I have seen that actually works in SP.

One of the most incredible mods I've ever seen. It goes along with the prequel stories very well. They even took the time to recycle the voices from the movies. It's like I'm playing the films! Better than some of the official games based on the movies even.

The new HUD looks really nice, and your Force bar goes up to 150 instead of only 100, so that helps out. Saber throw is replaced with the ability to kick. It's really cool, but very hard to kick ememies. I also like that this game doesn't change the base game in any way: you still have the regular HUD and everything. Although it would be nice to use this new HUD in the base game.

I do have one complaint: you can quick save like in the base game, but it's pointless, as you can't load your saves. If you die, you have to restart the level. This is only a very minor issue though, as the missions are generally a little on the short side. Plus, in the pause menu, you can toggle God mode. Even if you don't like using cheats, you can just use it until you get to the point where you died if you're really having issues.

If you made a mod like this on the original trilogy, that would be the best thing ever. I'd even pay money for it, it I had any. Heck, I'd pay for this mode even!




mosiz says

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Absolutely fantastic. Alternate endings to classic battles, multiple characters to choose from, new levels, new opponents, challenges, etc..

The game played at it's highest difficulty is fair on most levels. However, you will notice that playing as a Sith on some levels is much easier than playing as a Jedi on the same level.

The detail is great, the story is Star Wars so it is great (if you aren't a SW hipster and hate on the new movies, and even if you are you can see alternate endings to battles).

The graphics/textures were good. However, when using the quick save/load feature my character would often appear glitched on my screen.

I honestly cannot believe what this guy has done. I mean he ADDED so many things not present in the original game that I cannot list them all.

I would have liked to have seen some more "levels" (there were about 3 or 4 new levels) as opposed to just duels, but that's just the name of the game.

This mod is totattly awesome, any Star Wars fan have to play, the battle of the Jedi Temple, The Battle of Heroes, the new models, voices of the movies, and unveliable you can play with 16mb of video, i have a card like that, with textures in middle, the game gets slow in really few parts, have some few bugs and errors,maybe you can´t play some characters(i can´t play with Cad Bane) but i say, download and enojoy, the mod is a must have.


The attention to detail, scale and scope, everything is amazing. This mod is a dream come true, reconstructing the best scenes of the franchise and making them playable!. The only thing missing are some battles from the original trilogy, however you can match your own duels. The sound from the movies takes immersion to a whole other level beating even some of the best Star Wars games. Congratulations to the team for what they accomplished and good luck with your future enterprizes!.


Boonie says

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Holy **** Darth Maul cut little Anakin's head off! This mod is metal as ****!

This is awesome!

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Painfully detailed.
And somewhat addictive.
This is one of those few serious major work. Let alone being the definitive mod for this game. Even more, it actually improves a lot of what the game originally provided.

A must-play.

Dec 3 2010 by X4VI3R