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0 comments by levelKro on Sep 15th, 2012

Hi, Since few months O not have mapped any maps. Kore Industries projects (mod for Portal) is stopped because I can't handle how cube generator work, tutorials and exemple not helping me. I prefer now map with WorkShop for Portal 2, the many gels add more challenge to game and levels is more easy to made, I can really made a good room with great part of puzzle. But the room size is small and can't made a big and difficult room with lots of sections. (I hate to wait between each room) Also, with WorkShop, I can't made a animated room (ex:wall movement) and is more static.

Also I not made a CSS map, first; I'm not playing to CS, and the CS:Go was released and now to many versions of CS exist for make sure compatibility. My projects for CSS need large map (up to 32 players), but Source engine make a big time to encode map (1hour with 4x3.2GHz), the map tester was the Polyvalent de P.A.T. and I have added light only in some sections. The light processing is very hard for an engine to calculate, and a big nuilding have many lights, the source engine make long time to generate and made the map long to load.

Yesterday, I have tested the new Mod, Black mesa : Source, it's really not only a mod, this is a full game. The gameplay is really good, but have few bugs, manu jump require to spint AND crouch, this is not the HL1 style. The crowbar is not great, I'm not feel the right movement with. The mapping is really really massive and crazy. Many props, full HD textures, poly surfaces mapping (the a cricle) and high definition NPC, light effect are fabulous, the reactor explosion is shiness and really more powerfull them the original. (like more a real explosion) The Black Mesa Research Facility is more affected by the event, more apocalyptic experience, more death scientist, the result is just perfect.

Some part of the game are exactly the same of original, other sections are re-mapped and add new experience to game. The soundtrack add a new ambient and up de rythm of the game. The Military NPC are more realist, and have little more than the original.

I note 9/10 for Black Mesa Source, is really a big job and the final is really nice. The NPC difficulty for some ennemies are not good, and the many loads is the negative points.

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0 comments by levelKro on Apr 18th, 2011

Hi, I'm beginner in Source Map design, but I really like it. I've started a project of Portal Mod; Kore Industries. But many users want a Counter-Strike : Source map, for this Mod, I have decided to create many map based on reals buildings.

The first is my Highschool (leave on april 1999), I have many others ideas to create maps.
- Tchernobyl Nuclear Central (Pikrate, Ukraine)
- Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
- Olympic Stadium of Montreal (Montreal, Canada)
- Metro of Montreal (subway of Montreal, Canada)

I have also many others projects;
- Half-Life Fans for Frenchs user (like a ModDB, only for Half-Life brand) Half-Life DataBase
- Half-Life Story web site (explain all the details of Half-Life story)abandonned
- CS:S - Advanced SWAT (CSS More realistic)
- C-Project (project by Nicoreda)
- Kore Industries (My personal Mod)
- Freak House (no more detail for this time)

If you need help for mapping and/or web design (up to 200 web sites I have made), you can contact me!

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