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Larkis Dec 2 2008 says:

I can't wait for the first Episode. :)

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Larkis Dec 2 2008 says:

WtF? 3:40 the Andromeda in a Stargate Franchise? :D

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Larkis Nov 27 2008 says:


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Larkis Jun 25 2008 says:

To kill that you need weapons... MANY Weapons.

My Record was killing 5 Hiveships 10 Cruisers and many many Dards with

The Daedalus
3 BC304 Cruisers
1 Belisniker
The Prometheus
2 X303 Battleships
10 F302 Squads
6 F301 Squads

At the end of the Fight (30 min i think) there was 2 303 and some Fighters alive.

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Larkis Apr 30 2008 replied:

Thanks :)

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
Larkis Dec 20 2007 says:

This jumper looks has a colour like ****?

Yes, beause it is ****!

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Larkis Dec 20 2007 says:

its a alkesh? No

its Superman? No

its flying Hamster!

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Larkis Dec 20 2007 says:

Nice a Asgardtoy for small kids :)

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Larkis Dec 20 2007 replied:

Lol, bether quality?

For example, you have Al'keshs who can win a hamster look alike challenge. SgEaW have real Alkeshs.

And Asgard-Ships?

look yours:

and now look the Sg-EaW O'neill

Every Person with eyes can see, who is bether.

+2 votes   mod: Final Front: Iris Offensive
Larkis Dec 18 2007 says:

If you want the real best stargate Mod look at

The models are bether, the textures are bether, and they have a full functional Version for download.

Don't wait, play now!

Play Stargate Empire at War, best Stargate Mod on Earth.

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Larkis Dec 9 2007 replied:

No Vote for Stargate Empire at War :)

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Larkis Dec 3 2007 says:

I would present Stargate Empire at War, a Mod für Sw Empire at War.

The fight goes on,on your PC! Experience the biggest battles you've ever seen in the Stargate universe. You are the commander,it's your mission to free the galaxy or to lead it into eternal darkness!

Huge space battles:
Lead the ships of the Tau'ri, Goa'uld, Asgard, Ancients,Wraith,Replicators and Ori to victory.
Thrilling land battles:
Play with all the units you know from the series: SG Teams,Jaffa,Kull warriors and many more.

Fight on the planets and locations well known from the series SG1 and Atlantis.

Prove your skills in multiplayer battles and show your enemy,who's the ruler of the galaxy.

See amazing and very detailed Models, a realistic Ai for the Aciend-Drohnes and we are on the best way to create the best Stargate-Mod ever, because we get everything from Stargate to the Game like the Nuclear-Bomb from the Daedalus to the impressive City of Atlantis. Fight against GOuauld, Tau'ri, Ori and Wraith in a realistic Galaxy where you control everything.

Ans please help us to get the Mod of the Year Award. :D by follof this Link to our MODDB Page.

+1 vote   group: 2007 Mod of the Year Awards
Larkis Nov 27 2007 says:

Very detailed and very cool... gratz to the genius skinner!

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