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klichka Jun 5 2015 says:

It works in v20 WOO HOOO!

+1 vote   download: Advanced Taunts and One liners *Update*
klichka Jun 5 2015 says:

I wonder if this works in v20.

+1 vote   download: Advanced Taunts and One liners *Update*
klichka Apr 14 2015 says:

People still play MP?

+1 vote   download: Blood II: Nightmares - MEGA Mappack 2014
klichka Mar 4 2014 says:

Can we have the reticule back? I want to play more casually and I've got auto aim on to get used to the game since its been so long and the reticule is needed to show me when I've got a lock.

+1 vote   media: Customizing the HUD
klichka May 1 2013 says:

How do I configure the controls? I am left handed and cannot use WASD.

0 votes   game: Ensign-1
klichka May 1 2013 replied:

I'd say after Colonial Marines I blame Gearbox for not actually putting any effort into fixing the mistakes.

+8 votes   media: Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Trailer
klichka Apr 29 2013 says:

I totally remember hellfighter, what a game that was.

+1 vote   media: Hellfighter 32
klichka Jun 11 2011 says:

It won't download at all.

+2 votes   download: Duke Nukem Eternity 1.3d EXE
klichka Jun 11 2011 says:

I can't get the file. Care to upload elsewhere?

+1 vote   download: Duke Nukem Eternity 1.3d ZIP
klichka Sep 13 2010 says:

I notice dll files, will this cause me to get vac banned like Paranoia did for many?

+2 votes   news: Half-Life: Tactical Espionage Action
klichka Sep 9 2010 says:

Stylize the hud is what I'd say. I'd ideally like an option to switch for those who want it like the modern doom ports do.

+1 vote   news: Some thought about the old-school-type-HUD
klichka Sep 8 2010 says:

Video could have done with some serious volume control. Firearms Source was way too loud and the voice was a whisper in comparison.

+1 vote   feature: ModDB Video Spotlight - July 2010
klichka Jul 21 2010 buried:


The original HL2 mod about vampires vs. slayers is Left 4 Dead 1.

-10 votes   news: Coven 3.0 has been released
klichka Jul 19 2010 says:

Holy crap. Work on this until you have about 8 hours of content at least. I want to play this forever.

+1 vote   media: Alpha v1.0 release trailer
klichka Jul 18 2010 says:

The best thing you can do is to have some area on the site that lets you switch back and forth between the two, say around the logo or something. There needs to be a bridge between the two sites somehow to make the network more cohesive and make this split easier to navigate.

+2 votes   poll: IndieDB has been up for a bit now... thoughts?
klichka Apr 28 2010 replied:

not really, the doom you see here is heavily modified the true 3d effects are kind of like tricks rather than true 3D like Quake. It's still 2.5D

+2 votes   media: PsychoPhobia
klichka Mar 16 2010 says:

Can you make a zip version? The exe installer doesn't work for me.

+1 vote   download: OccupationCS: Source 2.7.1 Full Install Setup
klichka Mar 12 2010 says:

I wonder if we'll finally say good bye to those damned EOTECHs on almost every gun. I hate having a modded out gun with the same exact sight over and over. I want it to look almost stock. The EOTECHs on everything really ruined a lot of the guns to me. It's boring to look down the same aftermarket sights over and over. Also, it kind of looked overdone like it was modified by one of those rednecks who puts a load of after market parts and stocks to try to pretend he's some sort of tactical badass.

+3 votes   media: G3A3 in SMOD: Tactical Delta 6
klichka Feb 24 2010 says:

You need any females? If you can give inspiration for the lines and such maybe my contact might be able to help you.

+1 vote   news: Voiceovers Needed! | Modelers Needed!
klichka Feb 22 2010 says:

Anything got irons on it this time around rather than eotechs?

+2 votes   news: Delta 6 February 2010 News Update
klichka Feb 11 2010 replied:

If you want Overgrowth's gameplay mechanics it's in Lugaru pretty much. Imagine that but sharpened up, that's what the aim is.

+2 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Indie
klichka Feb 9 2010 says:

Steam is free to sign up for, you pay for games like you bought them and then they download to you. So you'd buy HL1 (or get it in a store and enter the cd key you got) And then whammo you have HL1 and you can play it offline. You don't need to pay a subscription fee for most retail games, MMOs are sold on there and have subscription fees, but that's not the norm. In general you buy a game and its yours to keep, your steam ID can be transfered from computer to computer and you keep your games along with you. It's a great service for those in areas with good broadband and it is the wave of the future in my opinion. I try to buy all my games through steam because of its simplicity and the fact I don't need to do CD checks. It auto-updates my games, removes the need for intrusive cd/dvd-checks, it's great.

+1 vote   member: sasukemisi
klichka Feb 9 2010 says:

I wonder was the model philosophy to build from the ground up for HL1 dimensions or to overbuild and texture down like Valve does?

+1 vote   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
klichka Feb 7 2010 replied:

This was a dark horse really. For such an unexpected mod to come so far is quite an achievement. Second Place isn't first losing in this case.

+3 votes   mod: Research and Development
klichka Jan 11 2010 says:

Bots are unstable in this game unfortunately, also is there a manual for this mod?

+1 vote   news: NNK R1 Officially Released!
klichka Jan 10 2010 says:

Does this have bots? If not then please get some, I'd like to have some practice targets before going online and launching laser beams with Naruto or whatever the hell these SSJs do.

+1 vote   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
klichka Dec 29 2009 replied:

Since some people don't get my complaint, I am a left-handed mouse user and as such I am forced to use the arrow keys, if I use WSAD my hands are uncomfortably close together. So at least having an alternative setting for arrows alongside WSAD or having configuration would mean a lot to people such as myself and it would be extremely easy to code as well, even if it was a very rudimentary form of support such as manually editing a text file.

+1 vote   news: Devil's Tuning Fork
klichka Dec 28 2009 says:

Big negative: No ability to configure movement keys. This is neccessary.

+1 vote   news: Devil's Tuning Fork
klichka Dec 22 2009 says:

Do you have ricochets as well? I'd imagine you could get a small ricochet or bounce off if you hit a durable enough object at an almost parallel angle. (Perpendicular and you have a really weak round or strong material if it won't penetrate rather than bounce.)

+1 vote   media: OccupationCS Ballistic Demonstration
klichka Dec 22 2009 says:

It would be nice if it had less glass walls. That's a bit of a taboo. If my character looks like he can safely jump over a small wall then he should be able to. The small house area drives me nuts for that since I could just get past these jerks and go up there. Also it would be nice to use sneak abilities such as whistling and throwing rocks to make noises when I need them to move some place like I'd want to do in real life to get someone to investigate.

+1 vote   news: Flesh version 1.0 released
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