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Kissaki Jul 12 2013 says:

I don’t like it …
Because I knew who was behind Desura before, and that I could trust them.
Not any more - no idea who that is.

+7 votes   news: Open letter to game developers on Desura & IndieRoyale
Kissaki Jul 24 2011 says:

Can FTP do in-file-parts as well?

+2 votes   news: Never reinvent the wheel
Kissaki Jul 24 2011 replied:

P2P is an architectural idea. How is that not reliable?
Torrent for example is very reliable. Even more so than FTP (AFAIK).
With checksums for parts and the whole file you can make sure to keep integrity.

+2 votes   news: Never reinvent the wheel
Kissaki Jul 24 2011 replied:

That’s a problem with ISPs, not the protocol.
Having bugged and/or raging users is great for changing that.
Only if awareness of the good use of P2P rises will the ISPs change their policy.

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Kissaki Jun 13 2011 says:

Estimated play-through time?
(Interested in how much content it has.)

Omg, Flash-only website.

+3 votes   game: Lylian: Paranoid Friendship
Kissaki Jun 13 2011 replied:

As can be seen on Desura page, Free Demo available, 3 € for full game.

+2 votes   game: Lylian: Paranoid Friendship
Kissaki Apr 27 2011 says:

Good choice,
for us and for them.

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Kissaki Mar 22 2011 says:

Little Demo feedback:
I liked the loading, it letting you surf on, while it loaded the next level.
Even with the tutorial (screen), I didn’t get what the points are for.
3 nodes is not much, beginning with 3.
Searching for the remaining targets was kind of boring. Maybe some kind of radar would be good?
The final level was nice, unexpected. I loled :)

Textual outro very slow, and (thus) boring.

+2 votes   game: The Network
Kissaki Mar 20 2011 says:

“after much experimentation”
Did you also try/test cherokee?
I’d be interested in how it performed in comparison to nginx.

+1 vote   news: Platform Update
Kissaki Jan 30 2011 says:

So bad … I can’t see a thing and more than half of the video is Non-sense Text only.

+9 votes   media: Gmod - tf2 new Gun
Kissaki Jan 23 2011 says:

I don’t like the new games page.
The current system has in-game shots and description which gives a lot more information about the actual game/mod than a PR-cover can give.
Maybe an item should be displayed in 3 parts?
[cover][short desc text]
Where the 2 covers is the PR-cover (it's vertically wider)

Also, about the general design, please don’t restrict-fix the width like that. What do I have a Full-HD monitor for when moddb, indiedb and desura have webpages optimized for, and only for, 1280x1024 or what?
Make it relative, make it adapt to wide-ness.

* What content & features do you want to see on a game's profile/selling page?
Community/Review Rating.
Which friends already own it?
Gameplay Video(s). Maybe even allow community to add videos and rating them, then sorting them by rating.
* What content & features do you want to see on your own and others profile page?
On my friends profile, which games does he have / which games do we both have?

+2 votes   news: Desura Art Direction
Kissaki Jan 13 2011 says:

You could at least have given this video a name so one knows what it’s actually about …
Intro & GamePlay or sth.

+2 votes   media: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Kissaki Jan 13 2011 says:

You could at least have given this video a name so one knows what it’s actually about …

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Kissaki Jan 5 2011 says:

Want you to do?
Make me a core dev.

thanks for all your (hard?) work! :)
Moddb is great and love how Desura gets along.

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Kissaki Dec 30 2010 says:

Looks stylish, atmospheric.

+2 votes   news: Greetings from Talbot's Odyssey
Kissaki Dec 30 2010 says:

“but how are we going to prevent players from abusing the help system and not actually playing it?”
Why should players be forced into not using a help system?
It’s in their interest and their responsibility to play the game to their enjoyment.
If a player “abuses” the help system and doesn’t have any fun, so what? It’s his decision in doing so.
On the other hand, denying the hint system to a player in need is a failure on the gameplay design side, the games fault.

I’d just allow it all the time.

+1 vote   news: Blue Portals: Post-Release News Article #3
Kissaki Nov 8 2010 says:

Good choice optimizing this.
Well done.

+1 vote   news: New site review system
Kissaki Oct 7 2010 says:

What’s “once only tokenized security”?

+4 votes   news: Site security updates
Kissaki Mar 5 2010 says:


+1 vote   poll: Do you play any team sport?
Kissaki Jan 9 2010 says:

well made trailer

+1 vote   media: R1 Official Release Trailer
Kissaki Dec 13 2009 says:

Soldier will win,
because it's easier for him.
1on1 / on a specific target he has the advantage.
With rocket jumps he's the faster class, both offensive and defensive.
Also, he can aim to where the rockets are to explode.

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Kissaki Oct 31 2009 says:

Only talk about the silhouette of the story, the initial basics you will learn when starting to play the game and only show things that won't spoil the further story.
Wait until the end in terms of spoiling the story.

+1 vote   news: Open development vs. spoiling the story
Kissaki Oct 18 2009 says:

The video just won't play :(
moddb successfully and totally ****** up my video playing…
(the flash embed. Downloading it now…)

+1 vote   media: Orion - Gameplay 2009
Kissaki Sep 17 2009 says:



+1 vote   news: Character Stats vs. Player Skill
Kissaki Sep 11 2009 replied:

FF, Safari, and other webkit browsers a nightmare?
They are definitely not.

The one and only thing that will give me nightmares is IE, especially IE6.
The rest are smaller problems, if at all.

Of course, when using CSS3 style, you'll have to fiddle with more than necessary, as they have different names for the same things.
But that's not a problem either.

+1 vote   news: A WebKit primer - part 1
Kissaki Aug 4 2009 says:

Maybe a 3 parts system would be good.
Some, not so many, easy achievements to get the newcomers going,
some fun achievements, like the HL2 ep3 one with the gnome,
and some hard ones really telling ppl, that guy did something awesome.

Making it 3 so different parts you could also differentiate them, like with the background color of their icons or sth.

The most important thing is that it won't lead to ppl only longing for achievements on hindrance of others.
They should be a plus, not an alternative making ppl. forget about playing together.

0 votes   news: What kind of tropy / achievement system is the best?
Kissaki Apr 28 2009 says:

Looks good.
When standing on the wall, view is rotated to match the character.
But when standing on the ceiling, upside down, why is the view not flipped then? I'd also like it flipped there as well then.

+1 vote   news: Friday Update #50
Kissaki Apr 3 2009 says:

About that "video game only" anyway:
I remember playing a game with mickey mouse on the Sega Mega Drive.

Ha, there you go:

+1 vote   news: Mickey Mouse Joins The Coalition!
Kissaki Mar 23 2009 says:

superb teaser
does what a teaser is supposed to do :)

+2 votes   media: Teaser
Kissaki Mar 11 2009 says:

Wouldn't it have been better off on wegame or sth?

+1 vote   media: Cp_Egypt Gameplay
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