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KeMoN Mar 31 2015, 4:06am replied:

Nice, thank you!

+1 vote   media: CoD2 M1 Garand lastshot effect
KeMoN Mar 30 2015, 3:59pm says:

Looks really great! Looking forward to tons of gameplay features now ;)

+4 votes   article: Intertwined Progress Update #6
KeMoN Mar 30 2015, 3:22pm says:

Looking great! Just FMI, you can't reload the M1-Garand in CoD, right? You have to empty it first.

+2 votes   media: CoD2 M1 Garand lastshot effect
KeMoN Mar 25 2015, 2:05pm says:

Haha! Looks nice!

+2 votes   mod: Arcane Dimensions
KeMoN Mar 18 2015, 8:20am says:

The concept of this project is simply impressive! I wish you guys best of luck and hopefully more manpower to support the development!

+3 votes   game: Intertwined
KeMoN Mar 17 2015, 5:17am replied:

I agree with you on the decoration. Needs a little improvement.

+2 votes   media: Goldrush
KeMoN Mar 15 2015, 2:10pm replied:

Don't think so and I wouldn't suggest it. It is WAY too slow for a FPS (at least MP). I just linked it here, because it helps to understand the mechanism of the gun, which is highly interesting!

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Nagant revolver animation
KeMoN Mar 13 2015, 5:26pm replied:

I think adjusting the view a little, might help to understand the process a lot! I just watched some videos and the movement which I thought was reloading the bullets from the front, was actually pulling that small lever back ejecting the shells. This is a highly interesting weapon and a really nice choice you made!! Understanding the reloading process I think your animation is really good! Great work as always *tips his hat*

For others struggling like I did:

+3 votes   media: CoD2 Nagant revolver animation
KeMoN Mar 13 2015, 8:16am says:

I really like that model, but in the reload animation it looks like he's putting the bullets in from the front.

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Nagant revolver animation
KeMoN Mar 2 2015, 5:18pm replied:

Development on normal_, diffuse_ and specular_mapping will start in the near future. The first step in the whole process was just to have the basic textures ready and we decided it was about time to show some insights on the internal development.

+2 votes   article: Dev Log #1 - "First Insight"
KeMoN Mar 2 2015, 5:14pm says:

so hard to choose. Each one of those is impressive!

+3 votes   article: News #24: What is your favorite gun? — Answer to get a gun from the mod!
KeMoN Mar 2 2015, 8:46am replied:

For now ET:Legacy is supporting Omnibot. We will have to see if we can free some time for developing own bot-support somewhen down the road.

+1 vote   article: Dev Log #1 - "First Insight"
KeMoN Feb 24 2015, 3:47pm says:

once again you amaze me with your weapon models! Great work man!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 double barreled shotgun
KeMoN Feb 5 2015, 2:02pm says:

I suppose it's a nice trailer.
I don't mean to hate, but unfortunately I can't really see anything due to the high saturation and effect overkill you used.

+4 votes   media: The Victors - The Third Official Trailer
KeMoN Jan 3 2015, 5:25pm replied:

Indeed! This looks really amazing and can easy stand a comparison with modern games. Nice job!

+1 vote   media: The Victors HD
KeMoN Dec 27 2014, 6:07am says:

Oh now I understand what you mean by "chameleon" pack. Good idea!
Ischbinz once created a nice mapspecific skin mod. You could use those.

He also significantly decreased filesize since he merged the textures into one. You should give it a try. No need to reinvent the wheel if if already exists.

+1 vote   article: ww2 chameleon pack
KeMoN Jul 20 2014, 3:46pm says:

Since I was testing alone, I could only check the Barracks menu and its appearance combined with the WWII pack you provided.
I have to say this is some astonishing work! (the pilot goggles are a nice touch!)

Some things I would like to report/request:
• when in spectator / limbo state / or awaiting medic state the player is shown dead or calling for a medic. In my opinion it should always be a standing model

• zoom +/- especially handy for the face, but also has a nicer touch

• complete (but maybe limited) 3D perspective (not only one rotation axis)

I know that my feedback is limited but I didn't have the motivation to completely test the mod on my own. Again, great work!

+2 votes   mod: ET Headquarters
KeMoN Jul 11 2014, 7:26am says:

Sign of life! Glad to see you're still working on it.

Just a thought. A suicide/selfkill shouldn't lead to dropping coins. It might be a stupid way, but it is highly abusable for coin farming.

+2 votes   media: ET Headquarters Mod (Preview1): Testing stuff out
KeMoN May 20 2014, 10:52am says:

I really love your eye for details!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 animated bullets
KeMoN Apr 22 2014, 3:32am says:

nice! Also he looks a little like Bruce Willis

+2 votes   media: CoD2 uniforms - more German heads
KeMoN Mar 14 2014, 5:33pm says:

Take your time mate! No need to rush something. We will still be here and patiently waiting for this most promising mod to happen! :)

+4 votes   article: News #10: Plans for future weeks!
KeMoN Mar 4 2014, 4:20am says:

The speed and especially the quality of your work is truly amazing! Can't get enough of your weapon models!

+4 votes   member: TITEUF-85
KeMoN Feb 26 2013, 11:06am says:

Don't know if it's the screenshot, but the left side is way too dark.

You can perfectly hide unseen in the shadows and kill everyone who is walking by...

+2 votes   media: 1944 Nordwind 2 - Truckyard
KeMoN Nov 22 2012, 2:16pm replied:

and @Indloon
Thank you guys! And could you do me a favor and keep it away from SD a little bit? I still want to get some stuff done before I bump my old thread :D

EDIT: ok, scratch that part with SD. I see it's already too late :(

+1 vote   media: planned map-layout
KeMoN Mar 11 2012, 11:11am replied:

Well, changed historical background isn't that bad when the overall atmosphere is fitting in itself, but please do not mess with the weapons!! You see those all the time and I bet all the fans of this time (including me) will be highly disappointed when the weapons aren't correct.

It is like receiving a bad result in a test and someone's always rubbing your nose into it. Strange example I know :P

What i want to say is. Although your game is set in a historical uncorrect setting, please leave the weapons as they are OR create totally new ones which don't remind you at all of the correct ones.

I see this modification not as alternative but simply as a mistake or the inability of creating a correct weapon.

Please don't get me wrong, I like this mod. It reminds me of Saboteur a truely awesome game. I just want you to be correct where it matters!


+1 vote   article: Zeitgeist, The Arsenal - Part I, the KnK '98
KeMoN Feb 1 2012, 2:31pm says:

I'm sorry but I'm not totally convinced with those sounds.

First of all I really think it's annoying if you can here the grenade bouncing on and off the floor like it was made out of wood and falling onto wood and not onto grass or dirt (where it actually won't bounce but land and stuck. I wasn't in war but I'm quite sure you haven't actually heard the grenade bouncing.
I could understand if you put that feature in to "warn" enemies of that grenade but I really don't like it.

Secondly I rather like explosions with a slight touch of bass. It's most certainly subjective but I think the explosion sounds are a bit too high-pitched. Especially the explosion sounds of vehicle-destruction and landmines!

Nevertheless I like the echo of the sounds. It's smoothly fading out and not cutting out sharply. Would be great if you could adjust the sounds and make them a bit more low-pitched with a slight bass.

Baryonyx wrote: One question; will the game have 3d sound and interact with the environment?

I'd also love to have surround sound support ingame but I suppose you already planned to implement that. I just wanted to support Baryonyx with his question.

>I'll post that same comment also on the website<

+2 votes   article: The Sound of Explosions
KeMoN Dec 20 2011, 11:37am says:

that would toatally be great and solve many problems. Wouldn't there be another option to solve this? If AIs just spawn when they are needed so you put some triggers into the map. When players walk through there AIs spawn for the next section and so on. But letting them respawn in a closed hut or something similar would be the best version.
Btw for our comment-discussion I posted in the SD-forums because I had better opportunities with showing pics, etc there. Hope it isn't too distracting :P


+1 vote   mod: Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Cooperative Gameplay
KeMoN Dec 19 2011, 9:28am says:

This truely looks like a promising mod. But you definitely need to update the maps with a larger army of german soldiers because right now it is even hillarious sometimes with only one american soldier.

>>I've added support for separate .ents file for each map, this makes it possible to add entities to the map without recompiling. We can add new ai enemies this way<<

Would be great if you could properly update the amount without exaggerating.

Just an idea which popped into my mind right now. Maybe you know the map-pack "project-51"? Some of those maps are really great and with small modifications they would definitely be on vanilla-wolf level. Maybe you can contact the mappers whether they would like to see their maps in that project or you just secretly decompile and add them...What? Did I just say that? Noooooo...

+1 vote   mod: Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Cooperative Gameplay
KeMoN Dec 12 2011, 10:15am replied:

thanks for the advice. I wasn't even registered...

+1 vote   article: Objective highlighting
KeMoN Dec 11 2011, 4:49am says:

Reto.Hal9k do you already know how you are going to implement that feature? Would be nice to hear feedback after you and the rest of the team decided on one aspect.

+1 vote   article: Objective highlighting
KeMoN Dec 7 2011, 11:24am says:

I like the smooth animation, but why is the whole screen shaking at some points during reloading? Would you mind fixing, editing or reworking it?

+2 votes   media: Dynamic Animations. Fire/Reload
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