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Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

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Fallout 4

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"Fallout 4 / Standing up with a nice day, get up the next day in a night nightmare"

This must be the first game that has an amazingly good start in the game. The game involves starting with a good morning day that ends up with a very bad day the next day.

You start as a survivor of Vault 111, who emerged approximately 210 years after the great war. Prior to this, the player is shown to have lived during the pre-War era with their spouse and child.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - Strength / Perception / Endurance / Charisma / Intelligence / Agility / Luck - So many choices! I've never seen so many fun choices can be selected. This is not just the only thing you can do about. You can upgrade weapons, your power armor and not only that you can build your own house. It never ends what to do in this game.

Fallout 4 is a very large and open world and incredibly big city. And no, you can not play this game without sound. Theres enemy everywhere, not only that but also monsters.

Take right decisions, it is not easy to make new friends in this new world!

The positives of the game: You have many different choices like face, guns, armor, skills and so on. Beautiful graphics "Decision taken for PS4" Great story line.

The negative of the game : Find some bugs here and there. Very easy to die fast. Not easy to tell who is the enemy or friendly.

So my full scores for this game is - 9 / I highly recommend this game!


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

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"Assassin's Creed Syndicate / Secrets that still not have been told"

London: Major General's hometown, there is a city that symbolizes the 1800s stronger than the heart of the British Empire. The place where Karl Marx, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin changed our world in their respective area. Year Assassins Creed story takes us to London, where the turning point between the old and the new world happening.

Syndicate takes no chances. After perhaps a little disappointing Unity last year, it is clear that Ubisoft has focused on the worst choices and made the game more polished and completed.

Wake is the messy and chaotic Paris, and now they open and beautiful London to play through. There are more airy and easier to get around and now have all made many new toys as well.

In this playpen has now arrived transport in the form of horses with carriage and new opportunities to conduct missions. Ubisoft has put on a significant portion several gameplay mechanisms that make it more and more an open playpen. Certainly, there continue streamlined story and side quests, but some still see konjukterene of something unique on the horizon.

The positives of the game: Fun and entertaining, beautiful music, can play with two different characters, good game mechanics and a lot of new stuff you can use.

The negative of the game: Dare not something new, no multiplayer, cliché stereotypes, abandoned some of the history and some bugs here and there.

So my full scores for this game is - 8 / Exciting age!


Assassin's Creed V: Unity

Game review may contain spoilers - 5 agree

"Assassin's Creed: Unity is not entirely problem-free"

After two Assassin's Creed chapters on the American continent, it is time to put everything pirate ships, George Washington and frustrated Indians to do aside. With Assassin's Creed: Unity drag Ubisoft us back across the pond to the French capital Paris, and at the end of the 1700s.

Assassin this time named "Arno Victor Dorian", a guy of noble rank who grow up right beside the royal palace in Versailles. The game gives you the opportunity to explore the whole Paris. The game gives a whole new story, with many new different equipment and for the first time "Multiplayer tasked with friends" so you have opportunities to do side missions with friends online.

The positives of the game: Striking reconstruction of revolutionary days in Paris, a lot of new uniform choice, challenging combat system, freer mission structure and greater sneak focus, sometimes very exciting, entertaining cooperative mode.

The negative of the game: Horrible clumsy control, can not use the two swords or two guns anymore, struggling to engage well the first few hours, technical issues, the story seems little ambitious.

So my full scores for this game is - 6 / Good game but has some bugs and errors.


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Game review may contain spoilers - 6 agree

"Do not fight for the pirate king, be the pirate king!"

The story begins in the familiar style of the series. You thrown straight into the action with just small fragments the circumstances known from the beginning. As boatswain from the Welsh city of Swansea, taking "Edward Kenway" right aboard the many British colonial boats to acquire enough money to make a name in the New World.

As far the AC games have come, so is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, one of the best AC games I played. Incredibly huge open world, many different places to explore, treasures to find, many new things, new upgrades, and many different warships to take down.

The positives of the game: Enormous world with tremendous opportunities, lots of quests, completed and grand pirate adventure.

The negative of the game: Some bugs here and there, much forward and back and a lot to take into account the fact to begin with.

So my full scores for this game is - 9 / Fun to be a pirate!


Assassin's Creed III

Game review may contain spoilers - 5 agree

"American Revolution"

After four editions of strictly the same game - with tweaks and developments along the way, of course - has Ubisoft given a fresh experience. A new start, if you want to say. Just like the pioneers who emigrated to America already in the 1600s was also promised. Gold and green forests.

In this game, you start with a new character named Connor, or Ratonhnhaké: ton, which Indian relatives call him. With a British father who have long since turned their backs against the family.

The game for the first time the ability to control a warship that one has the ability to upgrade, you have new places to climb as in trees. I was very fascinated that the year change in the game from summer to winter. And for the first time one can hunt for animals or being hunted by animals.

The positives of the game: Beautiful surroundings, fun naval combat, good fighting, diversity and variety.

The negative of the game: A lot of small errors, much time is spent on film sequences and loading, a bit dated.

So my full scores for this game is - 7 / Great game!


Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Game review may contain spoilers - 5 agree

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted!"

With years it is not only the maturity of which has received a boost with Ezio, unlike other middle-aged men, the age does not stop Ezio he is in better physical shape than ever. He climbs better and faster - although he still has not learned to throw sideways along the walls - and the battles unfolding now enormously more bloody and varied.

AC: Revelations brings you the latest tale of Ezio. New places and one extra story about Altair. One is amazed at how much better quality becomes after years goes in the AC games.

The positives of the game: Solid and varied gameplay, new fighting skills, great surroundings, better than its predecessors at all points.

The negative of the game: Same recipe as before, a lot of excess dill.

So my full scores for this game is - 8 / A tale that ends with Ezio


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Game review may contain spoilers - 6 agree

"This is my brotherhood."

The story of AC II continues with Ezio Auditore, who must travel to Rome, to find an object, called the oath apple. This apple gives you the power to affect your enemies, which then begins to attack its own.

Incredibly fun to have the opportunity to see Rome up close and all the fascinating under part of Rome. This game contains much that can be told about Rome. New Weapons, armor, opportunities to explore everything.

The positives of the game: New story, Multiplayer, Variety, Voice Plays, The combat system, Music and the climbing system.

The negative of the game: Rigid faces, Peevish camera, can be frustrating, Slightly uneven difficulty.

So my full scores for this game is - 9 / An exciting story


Assassin's Creed II

Game review may contain spoilers - 5 agree

"Conspiracies in Renaissance Italy"

A story that gives you Ezio from a young and rich heir boy to a tactical and vindictive killer. Surveillance and killing of key individuals in the Templar order is part of everyday life for the man who seeks revenge on those responsible for his beloved family's demise.

Assassin's Creed now have many new opportunities to buy weapons, stores, upgrades, armor and a lot more. What grabbed me, is that in this game you have the opportunity to meet "Leonardo Da Vinci" and his great Invention.

The positives of the game: Engaging storyline, wonderful atmosphere, new equipment and have now the opportunity to swim.

The negative of the game: Occasionally frustrating control system, certain graphical limitations.

So my full scores for this game is - 9 / A tale that has more story to give.


Assassin's Creed

Game review - 5 agree

"A beginning of an exciting story"

Assassin's Creed started with an exciting story that gives me great chance to see what happened in the Middle Ages. The game provides many opportunities to show new abilities to fight I've never seen before.

And provides many opportunities to take out my target and how to escape. And weapons that change after you follow the story. Many different places to go and new enemy to fight against.

The positives of the game: Great graphics, great open world, packaging and characters.

The negative of the game : Repetitive, no opportunities to swim and a lot of talking.

So my full scores for this game is - 8 / that this game is tough and challenging.