Star Wars Battlefront is the ultimate Star Wars battle experience, brought to life by DICE – creators of the award-winning Battlefield series.

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This is a Watered-Down Cash-Grab Insult to the Previous Star Wars Battlefront Games.

-Only 8 Maps and 4 Planets.
-Only 20 vs 20 Player Battles, less on some Modes.
-No Space Battles.
-No Mod Support.
-No Campaign.
-No Galactic Conquest.
-No Instant Action.
-Loadouts Instead of Classes.
-Only a Few Heroes.
-No Driveable Vehicles.
-A.I. Players/Bots are in only one Gamemode.
-No Clone Wars Era.

Get Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Instead of this, It's Cheaper and has much more to Enjoy than this.


The multiplayer is a hell of a lot of fun, and as far as creating the feeling of being part of a Star Wars movie, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The game is excellent through the power of mods and a cheap price!


This game is complete trash!!!!!

Let me ask you this? What other Star Wars games audio and visuals match this authenticity? None!


A Star Wars fan's dream, but needs more single player content.


ryzill says

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i love star wars battlefront

nice graphics

you can now play offline walker assault with bots


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An excellent game for casual gamers. Only for $29.99!
-15 game modes.
-14 heroes and villains.
-34 maps.
-19+ weapons.
-You can fight against bots.
-Bots are challenging on harder difficulties.
-Drivable vehicles.
-Space battles.
-Ultra awesome graphics.
-High quality sound effects.
-Very optimized
-Vehicles are awesome to use.
-Many hero/villains to use.
-Dogfights are in the game.
-There are plenty of maps you can play on.
-The review by Androxus is a liar and he cannot be trusted.

Aug 14 2016 by AlexisFiver