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My Fleet

KamikazeSniper Blog 6 comments
The ArcemThe Arcem
A unique Assertor-class Super Star Destroyer. It is more compact than an Executor, 15km as opposed to 17, but it has more firepower. It is a pretty fast ship, and it has strong shields. It has no superweapons, but I use Force powers to enhance its abilities in combat. The shielding system has been modified to create a shield that can almost match the strength of a planetary shield, allowing the ship to take a massive beating before going down. Here's a detailed description of the ship's weapons and other statistics (multiply weapon amount by two, as there are weapons on both the upper and lower section of the Arcem): Templarsoftwilight.wikia.com

Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser: 3

Bellator-class Star BattlecruiserBellator-class Battlecruiser
Intimidator-class Star Destroyer: 10
Intimidator-class Star Destroyer Intimidator-class Star Destroyer
Imperious-class Star Destroyer: 15
Star Wars Ships

Katakana-class Cruiser: 20

Procursurator-class Frigate: 20
Procursurator-class Frigate Procursurator-class Frigate
Luminous-class Medium Cruiser: None (GA task force)
Luminous-class Cruiser

Grandeur-class Gun Destroyer: 30
Grandeur-class Gun Destroyer
Nexu-class Corvette: 40

500 Fury-class Star Fighters
Fury-class Starfighter
300 Belltora-class Bombers
Belltora-class Bomber
30 Arla-class Heavy Dropships
Arla-class Heavy Dropship

Special Ships/Formations
-5th Battlecruiser Formation: 2 upgraded Bellator Battlecruisers and 15 upgraded Imperious Star Destroyers.
-4th Battlecruiser Formation: 3 upgraded Intimidator Star Destroyers, 5 upgraded Katakana cruisers, 6 upgraded Procursurator frigates, and 8 upgraded Grandeur corvettes.
-The Timeri: My personal Fury starfighter, with many modifications and upgrades. Equipped with stealth systems for covert missions.
-The Viper: My personal Saber-class monitor. Given to me by AK151 for helping with the original fall of the New Empire. Has several personal upgrades.
-Vindex Squadron: 25 upgraded Fury starfighters.
-Gladius Squadron: 10 upgraded Belltora bombers.
-GA Task Force 4- While not part of my personal fleet, this task force is under my command. Consists of 10 Bellators, 17 Intimidators, 10 Imperiouses, 38 Procursators, 33 Katakanas, and 51 Luminouses.

My Story

KamikazeSniper Blog 7 comments
I grew up on Corellia, however, I never had a skill for piloting. Instead, I often stole my father's blaster rifle and went hunting, trying to hit the smallest moving target. I always hit my target, a feat I thought at first was attributed to skill with a small amount of luck.

When I was fifteen years old, my father killed my mother in a drunken rage. When I learned of it, I swore on the grave of my mother that I would have vengeance. I came to my father in the middle of the night. He was awake, and he had his vibro-blade in hand, expectantly waiting for me to attack. He had a feral grin on his face. I charged at him, and after a vicious duel, I was disarmed and pinned against the wall. It was at this moment that, fueled by rage, I used the Force. I reached into my father's mind and forced him to relive the death of his wife. He was brought to his knees, and he dropped his vibro-blade. Freed, I picked up the weapon and impaled my father in the chest, leaving a gaping hole from the vibration of the blade. After the fight, I scrounged up what money I had and left for Carida, where I joined the Imperial Academy there, keeping my abilities a secret.

I quickly rose through the ranks, and eventually reached the rank of captain. I was picked to become a commando, based on my skill with the blaster, a skill perfected when I was young. For four years, I helped the Empire win victories, creating tactics to overwhelm enemies. However, my true calling, was assassination. No matter what precautions were taken, I was always able to kill my target, due partially to my Force affinity.

The day that changed my life was when I was planning an assassination. I sensed something behind me, a Force Sensitive. I whirled around, Force pushing the enemy back. it was a Jedi. I used the Force to wrench the lightsaber from his hand while tearing apart the surface we were standing on, rock, and hurling chunks at him. He blocked the attacks with his lightsaber, but I used the technique I used against my father, reaching into the Jedi's mind and causing him to relive one of his worst memories, a time where he had lost a loved one. He screamed in agony, and a lightsaber pierced his chest from behind. It was a Sith assassin.
He deactivated his lightsaber and approached me. He saw the display and was impressed with my abilities. I was taken to Korriban to be evaluated by the Dark Council, who deemed me eligible to be trained. The assassin who found me, a master in his art, decided to train me, seeing great potential. And, in that way, I became a Sith
More Sith
To prove my worth, I decided to infiltrate a new faction, the New Empire, created by a rogue Sith known as Johnboy1, and bring it down. I joined the faction and earned Johnyboy's trust. He allowed me to install weapons on his ships, and I did so. I then gave him coordinates to what I said was a major rally point for the Galactic Alliance. In reality, it was open space, and his ships jumped into an ambush. They fired the weapons I installed, and they burst into flames, crippling those ships that weren't outright destroyed. The rest of the ships were mopped up by the GA.
Galactic War
The New Empire had fallen, but somehow, they were able to persevere. But it does not matter. I succeeded in my goal, and in doing so, I proved that I had the skill to be an assassin.

I am the wind before the blade. I am the light before the dark. I am the breath before the scream. I am an assassin.

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