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julianonbbr Mar 17 2015 replied:

Oh and make the undead playable in the campaing (there is a mass of land north of skyrim infested whit undead and there is only 2 human settlement of the first man of all tamriel

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julianonbbr Mar 17 2015 says:

Just a idea make one mode for the campaing to have infinite turns, like third age, or at least 3000 turns or something., the map is big so to conuqer all we need time.
ps one thing , i hate medieval map , if you can can do you at least the minimap in the minimap the initial colors of each factions.

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julianonbbr Apr 13 2014 says:

Upload a torrent makes the download easier and faster

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julianonbbr Mar 20 2014 says:

some ideas for a future update put the Troop of black sun or Eclips whit cerberus since some times they hire mercs and put salarian especial troopers and divide the krogans and the turians and for cerberus put cerberus heavy centurions inf and ligh normal inf

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julianonbbr Feb 7 2014 says:

i give a 10 to this mod because even whitout being the bests cutcenes (because bioware and ea hate mods)this explain a lot that we gonna have ME4 whit sheppard,in the normal "perfect" ending(most people dont get it) in the final scene sheppard in the middle of concrete breaths(so ge is on earth) , and them when the kid ask for another story whit Shepard he says that he gonna tell later(because of the progression of the game Charatchers me1>me2>me3>ME4 Whit SHEPARD) , and one of the people that make the game posted in the twiter that shepard isnt dead , and the game tell habringer is just a tool he isnt the first Reaper.SO lets wait to the i am god whit seing this kinda of **** in games and movies.

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julianonbbr Jan 22 2014 says:

compatible whit version _______ of Crusader Kings , never forget to put the version that this mod is istable

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julianonbbr Dec 17 2013 says:

is compatible whit 2.0.1 because i am playng elder kings to so i dont want to play only 1

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julianonbbr Dec 15 2013 says:

make all the kings in the map into petty kings so you can make the high kingdom of skyrim(nord) cyrodil(imperial),morrowind(darkelf), hammerfell(orcs and redGuard),high rock(Orcs and bretons) black marsh(Argonian,elsweyr (kajhit),valenwood(woodelves) and summerset islands (high elves) and the late empires aldemeri dominion shout ,daggerfall covenant nort(high rock and hammerfell ,ebonheart pact (morrwind skyrim) and for early empires the thalmor and the empire.

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julianonbbr Jan 13 2013 says:

this version works on their finest hour and how i install
or to work in TFH i need the MKVII

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