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JohnnydeBris Nov 5 2010 replied:

Dude, that's the moon! I use it as my Steam avatar... Might Boosh FTW!!

+1 vote   mod: Butterfly - Quantic
JohnnydeBris Feb 7 2010 replied:

You're welcome - you deserved it!

+1 vote   feature: Players Choice - Indie Game of the Year
JohnnydeBris Jun 25 2009 replied:

That seems to work, thanks!!

+1 vote   mod: PeZBOT - Multiplayer Bots
JohnnydeBris Jun 24 2009 says:

Can't get this to work with Steam - for some reason, my 'CoDWaWmp.exe' boots single player, and if I switch to MP from the game UI, I can not get the mod to work (it's not in the 'mods' list, and the cvars don't work)... Any idea how to fix?

+1 vote   mod: PeZBOT - Multiplayer Bots
JohnnydeBris Jan 24 2009 replied:

Hm, same here... Also, it looks pretty good for tech 3!

+3 votes   game: Dark Salvation
JohnnydeBris Jan 18 2009 replied:

Ah, cool, then I can stop worrying... ;)

Great game btw! Love the gameplay, level design and atmosphere... And nice wide streets for practicing my strafe jumping, too... :)

+1 vote   news: Patch v1.11
JohnnydeBris Jan 17 2009 says:

"Patch 1.11 fixes the Christmas patch content to be disabled"

Does that mean there was a bug in disabling the Christmas content which this patch fixes, or that this patch makes using the content impossible? If the latter, I'm not sure whether I want to install the patch, or my son will be highly disappointed... He loves the Santas and nutcrackers (and so do I, tbh ;) ...

+1 vote   news: Patch v1.11
JohnnydeBris Dec 17 2008 replied:

I don't think Crytek was involved here - it's Ubisoft's, not even using the Cryengine anymore afaik...

+1 vote   game: Far Cry 2
JohnnydeBris Jan 30 2008 says:

So... Had to wait in line for 10 mins, but now that it's downloading it's actually quite fast (> 700 Kb/s), so no need to complain I guess... ;)

I'm wondering, though: I don't own the Orange Box, but I do have HL2 and Episode 1, so don't feel like buying the OB either. I may be interested in buying Ep. 2, or perhaps Portal, or TF 2, seperately - would any of those be enough for me to play this game? Or, do I need any of them at all?

+2 votes   news: Project Valkyrie Public Beta v1.0 RC1 is Released!
JohnnydeBris Jan 27 2008 says:

No news in Q4 2007, website down... is this mod dead?

+1 vote   mod: Desolation
JohnnydeBris Nov 17 2007 says:

Please provide a download from moddb too, as fileplanet kind of sucks...

+1 vote   mod: Troopers: Dawn of Destiny
JohnnydeBris Oct 14 2007 says:

This is probably the best free shooter out there... It's incredibly fast, it looks great (without being a hog on resources) and is incredibly cool to play. It takes a little getting used to (make sure to view the 'movement school' videos on the website!) but once you have the strafe jumping, bunny hopping, wall jumping etc. mastered (way easier to strafe jump as it is in Quake, by the way!) it feels like you're flying through the levels - the air control is just fabulous...

Not for the faint at heart, nor the tactical shooter fans, Warsow is really for die-hard death-matchers only. However, what it does, it does _really_ well!

+1 vote   game: Warsow
JohnnydeBris Aug 19 2007 says:

Good document, contains some good tips indeed... The web site usually is the first thing people see of a mod, and if it's bad it can really be a reason to skip a mod, so it's good to at least explain some basic 'dos and don'ts' here... Some small remarks, however:

* I guess for mod teams it usually makes sense to start with a good Content Management System, rather than build your website from scratch. These usually provide features like forums, news sections, etc. out-of-the-box. Please take some time to find a CMS that suits your needs, or ask around what CMS other mod developers use. Do mind, though, that your web-hoster will have to allow you to run the server-side language used by the CMS for it to work (often this means they need to support PHP). Also, CMSses usually allow you to write content without having to know HTML. (They usually do require HTML knowledge for customizing the look and feel of the whole website, though! The remark about finding a good HTML tutorial will still be a very good one, even if you use a CMS.)

* Flash websites are usually a bad idea indeed, although for your audience (gamers!) I don't think it's _too_ important: they will usually run a decent browser (IE or Firefox or something) and have Flash installed (since most gamers use Windows anyway...). Having said that: it's _way_ easier to create a very bad site in Flash than it is in HTML. Don't do it if you're not very familiar with web design!

* Iframes are nowadays very commonly implemented (IE, Firefox/Mozilla, and I think also Safari/Konqueror and Opera support them) and relatively safe to use. I would say, if you have to choose between an iframe and a normal frame, go for the iframe. However, if you can easily avoid them, do so.

(I'm sure I have more tips, but can't think of much now... Perhaps more later. ;) )

Anyway, thanks for the tut, keep up the good work!

+2 votes   tutorial: Web Design Theory
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