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Jesusfreak May 22 2015, 1:10am says:

The new forest looks great with it's improved density, and I like how the ground is less flat too. That reload animation also gets me each time (please give your animator a big fat kiss on the cheek for me).

Will there be more than one variation of certain animations to make the soldiers feel more lifelike while in groups (such as reload and walk/run animations? I'm not sure if this would hamper performance, but it would make battlefields look more realistic, I think.

I'll definitely be buying the Skirmisher pack when it releases (if it comes with the full game later) to immerse myself in this incredibly gorgeous re-creation of the Civil War that you guys have made.

+1 vote   news: Field report 18: Marching Johnny
Jesusfreak May 17 2015, 9:42pm replied:

Click on the link in the article.

+1 vote   news: Your mod at E3?
Jesusfreak May 15 2015, 3:18pm replied:

Probably as soon as possible because the event is on June 16.

+1 vote   news: Your mod at E3?
Jesusfreak May 14 2015, 1:37am says:

Unfortunately, I don't really think modders keep their development secret (like AAA developers do), they usually announce their mod as soon as possible. I'd be very surprised to see a new mod with a lot to show at this E3 event, but I hope I'm wrong.

I think it would be cooler to show a montage of all the best mods throughout the years of PC gaming. That would be awesome.

+11 votes   news: Your mod at E3?
Jesusfreak May 6 2015, 4:18pm says:

Good luck in finding someone, I just don't have the time to do it myself.

+2 votes   news: In need of help
Jesusfreak May 5 2015, 5:47pm says:

I heard that Rockstar is banning players for using mods. What's the situation around that for this mod?

+3 votes   mod: Los Santos Life
Jesusfreak May 5 2015, 5:36pm replied:

Just keep things on the down lo, cause they don't need to know.

+4 votes   news: May the 4th be with you!
Jesusfreak Apr 21 2015, 7:25pm says:

Reminds me of the Linebattle map in Battlegrounds 2.

+1 vote   media: Another one.
Jesusfreak Apr 20 2015, 12:24pm says:

Still waiting for AS2 version... please release it. I'll even take a beta version of it.

+2 votes   mod: Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG)
Jesusfreak Apr 6 2015, 4:58pm says:

This is epic.

+3 votes   news: Sun Tzu 18 now available!
Jesusfreak Mar 26 2015, 3:39pm says:

Do you think you know how he hacked into it? I always like to know so I can hopefully try and avoid these situations.

+2 votes   news: Quick SitRep
Jesusfreak Mar 23 2015, 12:19pm says:

Is that a sushi restaurant? Gosh, I love sushi!

+1 vote   news: Field report 17: The Oregon Campaign
Jesusfreak Mar 14 2015, 12:50am says:

Pretty big update, looks great. Will this come to Steam later on?

+5 votes   news: New release: 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos
Jesusfreak Mar 11 2015, 5:43pm says:

Gabe Newell himself referenced your work in an interview. Good job fellas.

+3 votes   mod: System Shock Infinite
Jesusfreak Mar 10 2015, 9:24pm says:

Didn't Ken Levine work on this game?

+2 votes   news: SWAT 4: GEM announced
Jesusfreak Mar 2 2015, 6:56pm says:


+1 vote   news: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free
Jesusfreak Feb 28 2015, 10:31am says:

Waiting is so difficult... good luck, though.

+3 votes   news: Hearts of Oak Dev Blog 27th Feb 2015
Jesusfreak Feb 22 2015, 1:56pm says:

This is easily my most anticipated game of this year - I can't wait!

Btw, that entire reload animation made me smile. Bravo to your animator.

+1 vote   news: Features Page
Jesusfreak Feb 18 2015, 8:32pm says:


+1 vote   news: Status update
Jesusfreak Feb 18 2015, 8:27pm says:

I'm guilty of using adblock on here too. I'll remove it immediately and also subscribe to this wonderful community website.

+2 votes   news: The challenge of Adblock
Jesusfreak Feb 16 2015, 7:32pm says:

Who are the enemies going to be? Covenant? I do hope so...

-1 votes   mod: The Eridanus Insurrection
Jesusfreak Feb 13 2015, 5:08pm says:

Are you using assets from The Last Days mod for Mount and Blade 1?

+1 vote   media: Gondor Knights vs Easterling Cataphracts
Jesusfreak Feb 9 2015, 3:51pm says:

This looks freakin awesome!

+2 votes   news: The Dark Mod v2.03 is OUT!
Jesusfreak Feb 8 2015, 12:46pm says:

Release date: 2020.

Awesome work as always, though.

+8 votes   news: New Overgrowth a209 video devlog
Jesusfreak Feb 4 2015, 2:39pm says:

When will the next update drop? If there is any.

+2 votes   mod: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)
Jesusfreak Jan 19 2015, 4:19pm replied:

I know, it's pointless and annoying.

0 votes   media: Ocean System - Sea Transparency 1
Jesusfreak Jan 12 2015, 10:23pm says:

I'll actually buy AS2 when this mod releases. Until then, I'm perfectly content with playing this on MOW.

You guys definitely have talent... do you think it would be possible to make a 3rd person action mode when using direct control on a unit? If you've ever played Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War, you'd know that the 3rd person mode on that RTS was incredibly fun to use.

Keep it up!

+1 vote   mod: Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG)
Jesusfreak Jan 12 2015, 9:36pm says:

The latest patch broke the game for me: hanging up during the loading screen.

Great mod when it's working, though. Better than DayZ standalone.

+2 votes   mod: Breaking Point
Jesusfreak Jan 12 2015, 9:21pm says:

Should I play the first 2 games in the series before I jump into this? I know nothing about the story at all.

+2 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
Jesusfreak Jan 12 2015, 2:09pm says:

I plan to replay all of Half Life 2 via FakeFactory's Cinematic mod. I haven't played HL2 in over 5 years, so I think it's time I jump back in with updated visuals.

I also plan to hunker down and play a lot of Breaking Point (DayZ in the Arma 3 engine).

And when I finally upgrade my PC this year, I plan to play Skyrim using 4K textures and high quality graphics mods.

+3 votes   poll: Your plans for 2015
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