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Direct Hit: Missile War

Game review

Space - The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This game is great all around for being in such an early stage of development.


NEO Scavenger

Game review - 4 agree

So far everything I expected out of the game, not to mention the unexpected. If your a survival rpg fan this should certainly be viewed as worth your money.

10 on graphics, 10 on gameplay and 10 on replay value and it's still only in beta stage. I'm very gald to have this in my collection.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review may contain spoilers - 2 disagree

You need more than a hunger, health and a sleep system with zombies chasing you to claim your making the first realistic zombie game. I was expecting World War Z in isometric, instead I am getting Minecraft isometric in a realistic setting.

What exactly about project Zomboid's engine merits praise for adding a female character? Do you expect a Nobel Peace prize for adding different skin color to NPC’s and players?

The game simply doesn't deliver what it promises and the developers make arguments, with all due respect, they are not in big enough waters to take arms with. Silent Hilll had a two headed baby that walked on arms. Your game is nowhere near as scary or as controversial as that one. Sorry but get over yourselves if you think zombie kids in your game will make a stir with anyone who isn’t an idiot and aware of the type of game they are playing.

The developers say the game takes place at the start of the zombie outbreak, yet, they want me suspend belief that there will be no kids, old people, pets, service workers (firefighters, cops, paramedics) and other things that should be present.

In Project Zomboid you can rob an innocent NPC, set his house on fire and leave him dead in the street to be eaten by zombies. Yet the developers go on to state before anyone made an argument against it, that zombie kids would be too emotional to handle in a game that features mass violence. There is not only something wrong with the empathy in these individuals but also grave errors in logic. A scenario I expected before I jumped into the wrong water here, was a NPC trying to rob you for food to feed it’s family.

For that to have a realistic tone, the environment needs a scale akin to Dwarf Fortress where as a history of events is generated, so when your player takes control into the world, you are only a part of history.

Lastly, the sandbox mode feels kinda lame. I wish I could create my own character in sandbox rather than being bound to what feels templates.

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