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So what is up with all the 10/10 reviews? It seems gamers either love or hate a title and give it 10/10 or 1/10. How about we be more critical and review titles which were 6/10s? The 10/10 value kinda loses its meaning if everyone hands it out like cheap candy. If this trend continues I will normalize the rating system so a 10/10 carries less weight than some of the less popular numbers.

On a more positive note, in 8 years of running the site only 200 reviews were posted. Two weeks since the new review system was launched and already 280 reviews have been posted. This is a great start but considering there are 10,000+ game / mod profiles on the site we still have a loooong way to go.

I also quietly rolled out a new video player (IndieDB and Desura only at the moment) which I believe is pretty damn sexy. Check it out below and fingers crossed you are not an IE user as it seems to freeze your PC (working on a fix). HD support is next on the video todo list.

Finally I cannot believe we haven't got more emails regarding the car game sponsorship news we put up. Are none of you making car games or do none of you want a large bundle of cash to help you make your game with few strings attached?


With the 10/10 and 1/10, you can also see this behaviour on IMDB, although I guess not that extreme.

An idea would be, once there are more written reviews, to value a written review based on its reception. If its reception is really positive, it could even make up most of the overall game/mod rating. I mean, if a review is simply agreed on by almost everybody, there is no reason to value it only as "one" review.

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I think ModDB needs to do what Youtube did with Like or Dislike button. When I vote for a mod it's kinda hard to give them a fair rating because it can be affected by many personal facctors. For example when I love the gameplay of a mod (like R&D for HL2) I give it an instant 10/10. It may not be a total convertion or have custom, sounds; but gameplay comes before everything. Then, if you play a mod and you don't like becAuse not because it's bad but because you simply don't like the gameplay, it would be more convenient. I will type a more detailed comment once I get back home on my PC.
By the way, how come you can type comments from an iPod, but you can't send PM messages?

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thanks for the new vid player!

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I got a suggestion on that:
Split the overall rating onto criterias like Gameplay/Design/Usability etc. There are no perfect mods so i guess even the users that would want to give a whole 10 to their favourite mod would reconsider that lowering some of the criterias' points showing what they would want to see improved in that particular mod.
So the mod's page would show a huge overall mod's rating along with those criterias + maybe the most rated review.

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