Hey, The name's Zak. I'm pretty much that person that can be random pretty much all the time, sometimes I will be loud and entertaining, and sometimes I will be quiet and not very talkative... I am a brony so deal with it, my favorite pony is Vinyl Scratch. But hey, if you don't mind the way i am, feel free to add me. I do play a bunch of games, including on Xbox, and on PC. I am also an experienced writer and voice actor. However I cannot always put those traits to use due to mine lacking initiative to make a custom story of my own, I do however have the initiative to help others with their projects. I do have a custom story in planning, but it is still early in the works and not even up on this website yet and I will not post it up here until I am about a 1/4 of the way done or so, so I have some good screens and stuff to show. I will reveal the name but that's about it for now. The name to my custom story which is very early in the works is - The Correlations Of A Madman: Prologue.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Amazing custom story, I give it a 10/10. I loved the way the creature had looked, extremely scary. It scared me more than a normal scare from the original Amnesia monsters would, I was even scared to continue the story, such a horrifying creature! Great job guys! Loved the plot, and how in the end, Simon had returned to Crescent Village, and began the sacrifices again, in place of the original leader, I never expected that to happen. So overall I would love to see more custom stories from you guys in the future, I would love to possibly help out on some too, I am great at voice acting, I can use so many different accents and voices, sometimes I forget how my original voice is. Overall, great story, loved it!


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