All right so what do i write here.... eem I´m from Argentina and what else, i am a developer, i like modelling and mapping for the Gold SRC engine and the Source Engine, but still prefer the GoldSRC. I have a bit of coding knowledge

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Ian50028 Nov 1 2014, 7:15pm says:

Looks very nice. I'd change the origins if I were you. At least to me the whole weapon shouldn't be visible. Generally the trigger should not be visible when the weapon is idle.

+1 vote   media: v_rifle model test
Ian50028 Sep 17 2014, 10:37pm says:

Nice Porting c:

+2 votes   media: common male dressshirt jeans test
Ian50028 Aug 17 2014, 7:25pm says:

Well, you are a bit late, this tools were uploaded a while ago.

0 votes   download: Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer v1.36
Ian50028 Aug 17 2014, 7:23pm replied:

How long did it take you to realize that?

+1 vote   download: Butch from Pulp Fiction
Ian50028 Aug 17 2014, 7:22pm says:

Pretty cool

+1 vote   media: New Blaster Model
Ian50028 Jun 23 2014, 12:30pm says:

You still could have chosen a more fitting category. And take a screenshot of the program itself.

+1 vote   download: Half-Life Quick Mod Creation tool
Ian50028 Apr 28 2014, 1:30pm replied:

It is.

+3 votes   mod: HL: Mortal Kombat : The fighting game.
Ian50028 Apr 3 2014, 4:16pm replied:

I know this will be a lot of work for you. But it would be cool if you added it, dash and punch at ssj3 (If its that will be ssj 3)

+1 vote   mod: Earth's Special Forces
Ian50028 Mar 24 2014, 7:04pm replied:

Si, se ve medio mal. Aunque el model es buenísimo, los haces vos o son ports/retexturas?
Yes, it looks a bit bad. The model is really cool tho, do you make them by yourself or are they ports/retextures?

+1 vote   media: AR-15 (again)
Ian50028 Mar 10 2014, 10:26pm says:

This mod is really cool, so bad there isn't a server on my region tho. But I'm ok playing with 300 ping c: | Good Job.

+4 votes   mod: Monster Mod
Ian50028 Mar 7 2014, 3:00pm replied:

No, it's stolen c:

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life GOLD - Multiplayer
Ian50028 Jan 21 2014, 12:43pm says:

Pretty awesome

+2 votes   media: Shao Kahn Base Mesh
Ian50028 Jan 21 2014, 12:43pm replied:


+2 votes   media: HUD concept
Ian50028 Jan 15 2014, 7:13pm says:

Also need to change wall // Platforms textures

+2 votes   media: The NetherRealm W.I.P.
Ian50028 Jan 15 2014, 3:16pm replied:

I know you'll do a great job.

+2 votes   media: Reptile
Ian50028 Dec 16 2013, 4:44pm says:

I've seen this before somehwere. It was amazing.

+1 vote   download: Rooms
Ian50028 Nov 10 2013, 12:10am says:


+4 votes   poll: What version of Mac OS X do you use?
Ian50028 Oct 24 2013, 12:31pm says:

Otro Arg de la comunidad xd

+2 votes   member: El_Vaner
Ian50028 Oct 20 2013, 5:49pm replied:

I tried to resize the hands and arms but there is a problem, I extruded them Directly from the body. A friend told me to make them separate as it will also be easy for me to work on it.

+1 vote   media: Reptile
Ian50028 Oct 19 2013, 12:31am says:

Lol yeah, Maybe he's a bit fat, like the LD Gordon freeman playermodel C:

+1 vote   media: Reptile
Ian50028 Oct 13 2013, 1:05am says:

I was Working on a Jax Model when blender suddenly crashed and well, I lost everything...

+1 vote   media: A little of an Update
Ian50028 Oct 8 2013, 4:34pm replied:

I've been using it for a While, but now that I know blender I guess I can make stuff not possible for Milkshape. Yet still I don't know how to texture, and the UV editor for milkshape sucks a bit.
PS. Your name is really clever.

+1 vote   article: Good and Bad news
Ian50028 Oct 4 2013, 1:36pm says:

Acá te dejo un comment C:

+1 vote   member: gordinaut
Ian50028 Sep 25 2013, 7:10pm says:

So, this is for Won C:

0 votes   download: Portrait of Freeman
Ian50028 Sep 13 2013, 10:05pm says:

IT looks really cool. Hope you continue developing this C:

+2 votes   game: Asthenia
Ian50028 Sep 6 2013, 8:03pm says:


+1 vote   media: Gasworks (reimagined) sneak peak.
Ian50028 Sep 6 2013, 8:03pm says:

That lighting doesn't look pretty cool... BUT THE GUN IS JUST KICKASS.

0 votes   media: Derp
Ian50028 Sep 6 2013, 8:01pm says:

Lol that ROCKETCROWBAR, it's actually the model from the mod Rocket Crowbar C:

+1 vote   media: YOU MUST DIE
Ian50028 Sep 6 2013, 7:59pm says:

You could aling those textures. Also the rifle looks pretty cool.

+1 vote   media: New map and haunting rifle test
Ian50028 Sep 6 2013, 7:58pm says:

It reminds me of a Half Life mod where you play as a Spy. c: | Also Bedlam from KF

+1 vote   media: New map and haunting rifle test
Ian50028 Aug 21 2013, 2:47pm says:

This is a pretty cool mod.

+1 vote   mod: Hell For Only Humans (Dead)
Ian50028 May 30 2013, 11:59am replied:

Muchísimas gracias Edoc.

+1 vote   media: Mortal Kombat Ninjas DONE
Ian50028 May 28 2013, 12:28pm replied:

This is not the Final Select screen tho, but these are all from MK2 (Except Jade and Noob Saibot), From left to right these are the characters in the picture:
Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac, Smoke, (Secret), Baraka, Liu-Kang
Jade, Noob-Saibot, Rayden, (Secret), Reptile, (Secret), Mileena.
Maybe you haven't played Mortal Kombat 2 and that's the reason you might not recognize these chars select screen, while the Smoke and Ermac Select Screen portrait, are just mere recolors from the original (Ermac's Scorpion and Smoke's Sub-Zero)

0 votes   media: Mortal Kombat TEST Screen
Ian50028 May 26 2013, 11:48am replied:

LA borraron y la empezaron de nuevo, ellos hablan inglés, así que no creo que te respondan en español :D

+2 votes   media: You are saved!
Ian50028 Mar 7 2013, 3:49pm says:

No lo hice yo, lo hizo mi amigo y modeller vyciouz

-1 votes   media: Scorpion model update
Ian50028 Mar 3 2013, 7:17pm says:

Tito, este mod es ilegal, ya que contiene modelos portados directamente del l4d....

+4 votes   mod: EXTERMINIO
Ian50028 Jan 13 2013, 12:03am says:

Planeo incorporar noob-saibot. Y gracias por Su apoyo.

+1 vote   media: The DeadPool MKD
Ian50028 Oct 18 2012, 1:11pm says:

You are in a wrong section my friend.

+1 vote   mod: VMOD
Ian50028 Sep 19 2012, 12:58pm replied:

He tries to say : "Sorry for my happiness, I'm creating one tfc "Modern Warfare" Version.

+2 votes   download: TFC HD v0.4
Ian50028 Sep 12 2012, 1:17pm says:

Lol This is 2.... The 6th has been out during years for Half Life 1

+1 vote   mod: Vampire Slayer 2
Ian50028 May 31 2012, 8:52pm says:

reminds me of the Hl dm map, that i forgot it's name :D i think it is Datacore (or not) I can't remember.

+1 vote   media: New W.I.P. Map in progress!
Ian50028 May 31 2012, 4:22pm replied:

Yes, i've seen that, and i'm going to fix it as soon as possible.

+1 vote   media: Sub-Zero Finished
Ian50028 May 22 2012, 11:52pm says:

Soon a video showing the animations of the models, including liu kang fireball :D

+1 vote   mod: HL: Mortal Kombat : The fighting game.
Ian50028 May 22 2012, 11:48pm replied:

Quiza me podrias enseñar

+1 vote   media: nuevo antonio
Ian50028 Nov 26 2011, 1:12am says:

Love this, i remember playing this with my brother when i was 6-7 years :D (im now 15)

+1 vote   download: Deathmatch Classic: Source Beta 1.6
Ian50028 Nov 21 2011, 11:59am says:

Well not so much to show in the map, what you see is the base from the inside, adn in de outside its just a big open space grass with white fog and lots of trees

+1 vote   download: Forestal Rage (Survival)
Ian50028 Nov 20 2011, 6:38pm says:

Not at all, I downloaded a pack with the l4d models in 3DS format and the textures also came in the pack but they didnt came in VTF they were on TGA

+1 vote   download: Left 4 Brainbread (Weapon And Soundpack)
Ian50028 Jul 31 2011, 9:58pm says:

Don´t forget, the textures are W.I.P. /// No se olviden, las texturas estan Trbajandose (Trabajo en progreso = WIP = work in progress)

+1 vote   media: Fire Extinguisher // W.I.P. Textures
Ian50028 Jul 15 2011, 2:33pm says:

it´snt supposed to be weird? not ugly

+1 vote   media: Making use of some ripped textures on my HDD
Ian50028 Jun 2 2011, 12:43pm says:

really nice

+1 vote   media: Darkness
Ian50028 Apr 16 2011, 5:21pm says:

Nice pic

+1 vote   media: ...
Ian50028 Dec 5 2010, 8:21pm replied:

its not illegal, because it´s now an abandoware game, it´s not commercial anymore guys!

0 votes   download: Quake 2 Models pack
Ian50028 Dec 5 2010, 6:33pm says:

Oh i tryed to give more detail to the magazine, but i dont know how to use normals in milkshape

+1 vote   media: Ak-47 Finished model and Texture.
Ian50028 Sep 24 2010, 4:34pm says:

Nice. I hope it finishes soon. SO i can download commander keen and play this jewel of game :D

+1 vote   mod: Super Mario Bros.
Ian50028 Sep 14 2010, 1:48pm replied:

It works in won version, i tested it by myself, i have both steam and Won version of half life, just extract it in your half life won version folder (The root folder) and open up the half life, click on Custom Games and there should be Go-Mod and click activate

+1 vote   download: Go-Mod 3.1 Release
Ian50028 Sep 14 2010, 1:46pm says:

Looks very nice, i must see it by myself in the new beta 4.0

+1 vote   media: New SpawnMenu
Ian50028 Sep 14 2010, 1:32pm says:

I don´t think the must be called Z-assault (sounds like Dragon ball z) i prefer them the Gore-Squad

-3 votes   media: Grunts HD Render (Alpha Content)
Ian50028 Sep 5 2010, 8:31pm says:

thanks for the advertisement :D

+1 vote   media: HSM Beyblade common parts
Ian50028 Sep 5 2010, 8:29pm says:

Make it with more sides, and the things on the sides, must be a lowered a bit

+1 vote   media: need suggestion
Ian50028 Aug 27 2010, 4:15pm replied:

The bones are the ones that the model has to make the Animations, like a human, without the bones we cannot move. To be exact the bones of a Model are the "Axis" of a piece :D. You can see them with the model viewer or by decompiling the model and open it with something like Milshape 3d

+2 votes   media: Fix this
Ian50028 Aug 27 2010, 2:51pm replied:

IT´s nice

+2 votes   member: Ian50028
Ian50028 Aug 26 2010, 6:29pm replied:

They are the claws of the portalgun sorry if the "written things" messed up :D

+1 vote   download: Handheld Portal Device For Physgun v2 FIX
Ian50028 Aug 25 2010, 2:02pm says:

hahah ur right guys

+1 vote   media: Big Gun
Ian50028 Aug 21 2010, 2:29pm replied:

i was sure that was something left, thank you for this info :D

+1 vote   download: HandHeld Portal Device for Physgun V2
Ian50028 Aug 20 2010, 10:16pm says:


+1 vote   media: Acrobatas
Ian50028 Aug 20 2010, 10:16pm says:

Nice, i saw that skin on fps banana

+1 vote   media: 6 rounds...
Ian50028 Aug 20 2010, 10:15pm says:

A bunch of Snark Nests in front of Stukabats in a house, that Make a LOT of sense :3

+3 votes   media: Stukabat Airport is now open
Ian50028 Aug 20 2010, 11:38am says:

Thank you all guys

+1 vote   download: Handheld Portal device Replacement for Physgun
Ian50028 Aug 17 2010, 1:26pm says:

This image it´s mine :P check it out on the Go-Mod images section

+2 votes   download: Game Maker Mod Decompiler
Ian50028 Aug 16 2010, 11:33am says:

oh, you madeem with sketch up... i didn´t knew that

+1 vote   media: Whole diffrent league
Ian50028 Aug 16 2010, 11:32am says:


+1 vote   media: Shadow Beyblade [WIP]
Ian50028 Aug 14 2010, 12:47pm replied:

You fire the tools, handgun, and grab objects with "n" to be a normal player press : "B". Throwing objects will grabing it "B" (only gravity gun). Release the object (gravity gun) : "M".

Press F1 while in game to see a detailed Readme.

+2 votes   game: Gamys Mod
Ian50028 Aug 10 2010, 8:54pm says:

Sweet map... although i never tested it, tomorrow i promise i test it and comment about it

+1 vote   download: GM3_WEAZLPLOX
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