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HeinrichBhaal 22hours 0mins ago says:

Oh Boy, please a pc only Stalker with native Modsuppourt and Quadcore or more support. And bigger Maps!

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HeinrichBhaal Dec 19 2014, 5:02am replied:

Your main deck is actually called the lower deck, because the machines are there included. Look at the picture here:

I meant the deck where Nimble sitting, there is so much of unused space.
It makes me sad when I see it, because then I think of the possibilities.

And what's with the sister ship Shevchenko? Where Spartacus is sitting on.
There's also quite a lot of space, maybe you can make it into a small outpost of stalker?

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HeinrichBhaal Dec 18 2014, 2:40pm says:

Looks good.
I was just shocked because I thought it is the Main Deck.

What is the Main Deck? There are new NPCs get there and new quests?

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HeinrichBhaal Nov 24 2014, 11:57am replied:

Thanks for the Answer. The Akira-class is my favorite ship.
Miles Long before the Galaxy-class or Sovereign class.

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HeinrichBhaal Nov 24 2014, 11:44am says:

WoW, what about the Akira-Class?

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HeinrichBhaal Nov 4 2014, 3:00pm says:

Selfmate? Other from a other Game/Cinema?

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HeinrichBhaal Sep 13 2014, 12:47pm replied:


einfach mal weiter weggehen und dann wieder zurück kommen, dann sollte er sein Sätzchen aufbauen.
Hatte das gleiche Problem.

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HeinrichBhaal Sep 11 2014, 2:53pm says:

Wow, looks so 3D Oo

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HeinrichBhaal Jun 13 2014, 3:36pm replied:

I think this **** need a own meme.

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HeinrichBhaal Jun 3 2014, 2:26pm replied:

It's me Strelok! Cheeki Breeki!

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HeinrichBhaal May 10 2014, 8:54am says:

I have donated over your home 20 euros.
The next 30 EUR arrive at the full relase.

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 24 2014, 1:23pm says:

I love both. The right look more tactical cube at Star Trek Armada 2.

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 13 2014, 7:20am replied:

Thank you! I bought the PC Extra for Red Orchestra 2 (better weapons selection thanks to SSD) and Misery Mod. My power supply is be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 10 with 850 watt. I have not overclocked the Pc. But perhaps think to overclock for the mod. CPU running at 3.9GHz at the time. I have played so far and CPU utilization at about 90% 0, 43 degrees celsius heat. GPU 40% load and 50 degrees Celsius. Ram 5650 MB capacity. In Case NZXT Phantom Big-Tower are 820 additional 7 fan, but do not run at full load. So just overclocking could guarantee me in the long run more fps? It is no fun at 25 fps to fight against Bloodsucker ;)

It is probably just on the old engine which can dissipate the most power?

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 13 2014, 5:27am replied:

The fans remain at the same level. When I close the game and neustarte then I have again 80 fps. The graphics card is at 1450MB capacity of 2GB. Should I report to the bug report thread?

CPU: Intel I7 4770K 3.5GHz
Motherbord: Asus Maximus VI Extreme C2
GPU: Asus GTX 680 DC2T - 2GD5
Ram: 32 GB DDR3
SSD : Samsung 840 EVO 1TB
Monitor: Asus VG248 24 -inch Full HD ( 1920x1080)
BS . Windows 7 64 bit
CPU Fan:Noctua NH-D14 CPU-Kühler

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 12 2014, 6:45pm replied:

And what a slow frame drop? I start with 80 fps and after about an hour I'm at 30 fps.

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 6 2014, 4:28am replied:

What kind of an effect Horror Time? Respawn more monsters?

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 1 2014, 3:29pm says:

My second question in the round would be if I kill the Merc bosses at the Waste Processing Station, it has an impact on the Merc Patrouillenan the Ranger Station, Fueling Station, Substation workshops and patrols in between?

I like to fight against the mercenaries and would be sad if the thus would be less in Zaton.

I know from the normal game is that it has an impact on other maps if the bosses are dead.

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HeinrichBhaal Apr 1 2014, 3:19pm says:

I want to go hunting mutants (Flesh) Just what is the best weapon for ithis? I thought to buy extra aToz66. I own an AKS-74 modern full Tier 2 upgrade and a full camouflage Obokan Duty Tier 2 upgrade. Or maybe a K98 for it?

I am pretty clueless.

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HeinrichBhaal Mar 30 2014, 3:54pm says:

Are there scopes with more than 5x zoom for the Ak series? As the PKS 07?

And yes, I love the new AI. Without tactics you're dead :P
I do not understand why so many complaints. Want to be played in the sleeping?

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HeinrichBhaal Feb 24 2014, 3:28pm says:

I look every day at this page. I wait impatiently for the new version.

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