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4 comments by H0LL0W on Aug 28th, 2014

So, if you have been following me recently (which I believe you didn't - hey don't feel bad with yourself!), I will drop the ball on modding, or more appropiatelly, on coding and coordinating things.

Why?. Why it had to come to this?. Well, pretty simple: I need to pursue other things, other objectives, other goals that bring me the proper satisfaction.

As you can see (or maybe noticed), I have been supporting someone elses mod. Do not take me wrong, it has been a very positive experience in many aspects. I have learned a lot related to things like code, icon integration...but most importantly, about people.

Yeah, one of the main core of these things belong to people. Because they are your audience, they bother to give any kind of feedback whatsoever and for that, I am very grateful.

But...Everything that has a start, has an end. Nothing lasts forever, and so I did not think when I started this thing.

Truth be told, this road has not been easy. It had a lot of bad stuff concerning bugs, troubleshooting, thinking on what to do, what to touch (and eventually not touching for the sake of not screwing anything, hence respect for someone's original work) and even if I have said that people were a good experience, sometimes some do not give the proper disposition be it at being too demanding or, to put it simply, throwing shit at your back for the sake of just cleaning out the competition (I gotta remember some of you that the modding thingy is not a competition, but a comunity by itself - noone is better than the other, but noone is worse than the other) or out of spite.

I believe that, regarding the mod I worked on, I fully respected the many views and ideas that his original author (Korbah) has made, regardless of if I agreeded with him or not. I simply carried on and did not make something that, perhaps, would have turned into a travesty - or something even worse.

Did I have plans for HIS mod?. Yes, I had. As a matter of fact I am not afraid of telling them. It is not a secret for instance that I wanted to include one last playable army: The Tyranids. I chose them not because I work with such mod team, but because they have many things to toy about code related, gameplay related and finally offered a different view of things.

But of course, when I wanted to work on them, I got into many, many problems. To begin with, it would not have been just a mere port of the whole army. It could have been much more than just that. Such changes implied of course, many unexpected bugs that at the end of the day, remained and are completly unfixable no matter what.

The second of my projects was to try and portray the Stronghold Missions available for all those who love the Single Player experience. This was perhaps a bit on par with the Tyranids when it comes down to codes on the change. Perhaps time and effort will wrong me, but then again I found as many unfixable things that I could even count.

There were a couple more of things (as a matter of fact, I spoke with some people about those) but I wanted only and only those two things because they were top priority on my list, but...there is always that thing that makes it nigh-impossible to touch anything.

In other words,  like Korbah used to say:

"Many people who come to the mod and think they can do some big changes and call it a day will end up chewing more than they can bite. Not because of how complicated it is, but how there is little room for big changes and or additions".

And probably, he was right.

He envisioned 9 races/armies - no more, no less. He just wanted that; to make things that would make the mod worthy of being played and being studied and at the same time, being entertaining with its very own intricancy. Those who fail to see that and attempt to change things too much or just simply altering anything will end up being bitter with themselves and say "fuck you".

Despite that he dropped the ball when he released 3.59 and failed to deliver the last army and more bugfixes that were important, I had to put it up and make it happen. In other words, I had to do what I had to do - fix his mod, nothing else, and no real issue, really.

I guess...that's it. There is nothing much else I have to say on this subject aside that once I release the final version, I step out from the modding thing and pursue other goals, such as seek out the chance to get me into into the videogame industry or who knows what.

Report abuse Quoth the Raven

1 comment by H0LL0W on Jan 19th, 2014

Now I do not know if I should have a cat or one of these, for real -

Or maybe...something like these?. Damnit, so adorable! -

Life should be more fair for me when it comes down to choose either cats or birds, ack!.

Report abuse I feel myself identified with this

3 comments by H0LL0W on Nov 5th, 2013

True frigging story. I have seen this a lot of times and I just came to realise that I just identify with Alex (the guy on the vid, damnit, do not misunderstand with any other individual).

Why I didnt get some vacations to enjoy myself some tim- oh wait, now I remember why.


Report abuse Thought of the Day #1

0 comments by H0LL0W on Oct 23rd, 2013

"If it's not broken, don't fuck it up".

No, really. Whenever you are doing something - anything, and you believe that it needs to be better than it already is, do not attempt to go for it. The results may vary depending on what it is: From the most disastrous thing ever to something you did not expect it to happen.

Have fun!.

PS: You expected me from me a long blog?. What the fuck.

Report abuse F.A.Q You - Simple series of questions to Hollow and how he answers.

4 comments by H0LL0W on Oct 6th, 2013

Ok so I will be straightforward and get the most simple of things for you, the user to understand how I behave and how I "sometimes" answer.

1 - Are you really a cat?.

No for fucks sake. I am not a furry, I am not a cat and if you want to imagine a black leopard typing while he growls and hisses loudly then go ahead and imagin- oh wait disregard that.

2 - Why are you so lame and cruel sometimes?.

Because I enjoy it. Deal with it.

3 - Why are you giving me short to vague answers to what I am asking?.

Because A) The question has been answered ad infinitum. B) I do not have the patience nor the interest to give a proper answer. C) Because loldunno.

4 - Why are you ignoring me Hollow?. I want attention!.

Because I do not care about your shit. Deal with it.

5 - I am going to karmatroll any comments you do!. Hope you get mad!.

Go ahead, champ. Because following my motto: Hollow does not give a fuck.

6 - How can I get your attention?.

Either with catnip a good and intelligent conversation or doing your hardest to have some critical thinking.

7 - Why do you hate fun?.

Because I do. I do not like fun. I hate fun. So yeah, hate me back.

8 - Why you posted a F.A.Q for you, I hate you and I hope you get banned!.

Good. Thats the spirit. Keep it up.

9 - I am going to threaten you Hollow!.

Read question number 5.

10 - Screw you Hollow!.

Fuck you very much.

Report abuse "Hollow pls" #3 - Cat puns.

0 comments by H0LL0W on Sep 25th, 2013

USER 1: So the other day
USER 1: I was at my gfs place
USER 2: :O you have gf?
USER 1: Of course
USER 1: All of us Russians have to grow with on gf and a AK at our arm :)
USER 2: lol
USER 1: Like I was saying
USER 1: On my gfs house
USER 1: I was watching one of those TV shows
USER 1: Showing a famous guy around here
USER 1: Who uses cats as an attraction
USER 2: lol
USER 2: i think i know where this is going lol
USER 1: And the guy is just woah fucking amazing
USER 1: Using cats like dolls
USER 1: :O
Hollow: Let me get this straight, you want me to dress me like a doll?.
USER 1: No
USER 1: But that gave me thought
USER 1: That cats are relativelly easy to manipulate
Hollow: Right.
Hollow: Do you even know how cats behave?.
USER 1: Ofc
USER 1: They are generally lazy
USER 1: And for the most part they are silly
USER 1: Just like you
Hollow: Dont.You.Ever.Say.That.Again.
Hollow: Cats are amazing.
Hollow: The only problem is that you have to be really attached to them and be pretty attentive.
USER 1: Nah
USER 1: Cats are silly
USER 1: You are silly
USER 1: I win
USER 1: And stop your puns
USER 1: Goddamnit Hollow fuck you
(USER 1 has disconnected)
USER 2: :O
USER 2: i was afk and now i return but i think you went too far hollow
Hollow: No. He will come back. He always comes back.
USER 2: how do you know?
Hollow: Because this is his Modus Operandi. Its just purrfect and convenient for him to come.
USER 2: hollow just stahp
Hollow: No.

Report abuse "Hollow pls" #2 - Conspirancy theories!.

1 comment by H0LL0W on Sep 19th, 2013

WARNING - The following chat blog contains profanity, insults and a large number of who the hell knows what. It is recommended to read this with a smile in your face - do not, and I repeat, DO NOT take this seriously. Viewever discretion is advised.

USER 1: so here you are
Hollow: Excuse me?.
USER 1: yes
USER 1: after a long time I finally found you
USER 1: the lost son of Atlantis
USER 1: hahahaha
USER 1: fuck yeah
USER 1: \:D/
Hollow: Say what...?.
Hollow: Yo, sis, pass me over the shit you have been smoking.
USER 1: no
USER 1: I recognize you
Hollow: How can you recognize someone on the Internet without even meeting his face...?.
USER 1: I know
USER 1: I have powers from my race
USER 1: I am from the Stygian race
USER 1: long ago forgotten by the mongers and foolz
Hollow: What...?. Sorry but this is just silly.
USER 1: are you out of your mind sillie
USER 1: you must come with me to Antarctica
USER 1: and uncover the secrets of my people
USER 1: to fight off the mongers
Hollow: ...Someone help me, please.
USER 1: I will help you
USER 1: but only if you trust in me
USER 1: your mind is confussed
USER 1: corrupted by the mongers and media
USER 1: you must liberate yourself
USER 1: fuck yeahhhhh
Hollow: I wont say it again, but with "Someone help me, please", I actually meant: "Stay.The.Fuck.Away.From.Me".
USER 1: huh
USER 1: so you are rejecting me
USER 1: fine then
USER 1: you are clearly corrupted by the mongers
USER 1: dont worry I will stay away from you
USER 1: once I become one with my true body
USER 1: I will liberate you all
USER 1: and my people will forge the new world
USER 1: no more mongers no more foolz no more patriarchy
USER 1: fuck yeahhhhhh
USER 1: \:D/
Hollow: Fuck off.
USER 1: fuck you
USER 1: _|_
USER 1: hahahaha
USER 1: yeah
USER 1: the new world is coming
USER 1: wohooooooo
Hollow: ...Why are you still here?. Get. Out.
USER 1: I stay where I want you fool
USER 1: I bet you are an agent
USER 1: and you are passing this information to your superiors
USER 1: correct?
Hollow: Actually...Yes, I am agent.
Hollow: I work for my superiors.
USER 1: I know
USER 1: you are passing this information to them
USER 1: so they will find me
Hollow: Yes. They actually told me something.
USER 1: hahahaha
USER 1: what?
USER 1: hahahahaha
USER 1: _|_
Hollow: There is actually more. I am an agent. I work for the patriarchy, the mongers, the Hollowcaust program, the Patriots, the almighty spaghetti but last but importantly...
USER 1: hahahaha
USER 1: what else?
Hollow: THUNDER.
USER 1: you dont believe me
USER 1: go and fuck another girl
(USER 1 has disconnected)

Report abuse Hollow presents "Hollow pls" #1.

2 comments by H0LL0W on Sep 15th, 2013

From now on, I will post a series of conversations I had around in chats I frequent, Steam, etc. Showing how funny, weird or how big of a jerk anyone can be (myself included). For the sake of privacy, the nicknames of people will be completly censored.

So let us begin with the first issue of "Hollow pls".

USER 1: So like I asked
USER 1: Why do you behave like a cat?
USER 1: Like...are you a furry?
Hollow: Like a cat?. A furry?. wtf.
I dont like furries, to begin with.
USER 1: I always thought
USER 1: That you behave like one
Hollow: Dude, I like cats. I LOVE cats. But that doesnt make me like I have to behave like one, or for that matter, like people who see me like that, stop it.
USER 1: Ok ok I understand
USER 1: I just wanted to know about it
USER 1: Because you know
USER 1: I have in my friendlist
USER 1: Actual furries
USER 1: And they look at the friends list over Steam and ask me
USER 1: Is that hollow guy a furry?, he looks nice
Hollow: ...What the fuck.
Hollow: Are you seriously implying something, by any chance?.
USER 1: No
USER 1: Its just
USER 1: People asking me if they could add you
Hollow: NOPE.
Hollow: Sorry, but I just have enough people around just to add those weirdos.
USER 1: Ok
USER 1: I get it
USER 1: You dont like furries
Hollow: Thats right, now get me some catnip and tell your sister to come. I want to "cuddle".
USER 1: Hollow pls

Report abuse What about the future?.

3 comments by H0LL0W on Jul 31st, 2013

So I have been thinking that after I drop the ball in the future on Dawn of War, I will move on to a very different game. I have been thinking perhaps an RPG will be thrilling for me, and why not, the idea of telling a different story - a thrilling experience from a perspective not touched yet has all of my attention (meow, curiosity).

Chances are that Fallout New Vegas is a candidate for this for a lot of reasons which maybe I will explain later (and telling a zany story about it, hell I miss the old good and subtle humour about the old Fallouts).

Pray, next game, because in time I will come!.

Report abuse Opinions vs Facts - The Stupidity Made Human Beign

7 comments by H0LL0W on Jun 13th, 2013

It is kinda odd for me to write on here, let alone a "blog". Guess I have to get it with the times. But let us get straight to business.

Since pretty much two years (perhaps three) I have seen or so to speak, noticed, how many people started to pose their opinions as facts: Be it either in movie reviews, book reviewing, tv; you name it.

What is an opinion:

If we keep our eyes into the net, watching the first result in Wikipedia (yeah that even goes for the most dumbest person on Earth, but if you are lazy, check that shit out). Opinion refers to a belief about matters commonly considered to be subjective, i.e. it is based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. (that copy-paste).

Now, let us check out what is a fact:

A fact refers to the the usual test for a statement of verifiability, that is whether it can be proven to correspond to experience. It can be used synonimously with truth, be it disctint from opinions, half-truths or even falsehoods.

Now, what the fuck is wrong with you, people?.

Whenever you are posing an opinion, speaking from your mind, you are not using it as a "fact", you are just using your own ego, your own arrogance to support yourself into the "I am right and you are 100% wrong because...reasons" fight you are just completly...


Is the player/user/watcher beign entitled?. Maybe yes, maybe no, but, how many of you have seen, feel how others have tried to shove such opinions as "facts", out of complete arrogance or, worse yet, superior complexity?. Many would answer to that.

Is really a player/user/watcher/whateverthellyouwanttofitinhere beign really that arrogant to make themselves proud and have a little fit in a community, or whatnot?.

This is something that ourselves must really check out.

Oh, forgot about it...This is just an opinion.

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