I do stuff. Thats all. Also if you do not like what I say or post, deal with it. :^)

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Please do not throw me stones and dont bully. It could also apply to codding/modding/whateveryoumightwanttocallit so feel free to bash out, throw salt and whatnot.

Nothing, the thing saves the files and all that correctly but it seems like the models do not work fitting by just pasting the "new" ones on it. Something is really missing.

Keep in mind the tool works but something is a miss.

I explode those ass kabobs.

Oh and not by a long shot, time to do things out of spite. There is a buttloat of stuff I got and now it seems like Im back better than ever. It seems to never end yeah.

But things are fun this way, yes?

ayyy lmao.

This is old news, replace it with something new.

No really. Do it. You will feel satisfied after this.

Therapeutic and works like a charm. 100% guaranteed.

Also, it sure has been a while since I did not write something useful, eh.?

Sounds like Inception, right?. Well, not that much from my perspective.

A lot of times I have been asked about including a different mechanic, or to put it into this way, for example, a different army/race in the mod (sometimes some people attempted to shove me their "vision", but ended up with their nuts kicked - I wont say names though, sowwy but thats how life works).

What has been my response?. Be careful, be really careful of what you want to add.

You can be as much enthusiastic as you want with that certain thing, but consider the following:

1 - What you might want to add might not be what the mods goal.

Say for instance you want to include your favourite army of choice, and it gets rejected for several reasons:

- The army doesnt match the mod standards: Most of the times, X mod army/race attempts to shift out an unit (or squad) from a vanilla army/race and places it, sometimes having a real different role than what it exactly had. Fun?. It might be. Interesting?. Kinda. Confussing?. You bet your butt.

- The army/race reuses certain aspects/gameplay functions from that other known: People want something fresh; something that, to put it in these terms, doesnt smell like one another. If that army/race uses some elements used in something that the player has known, work it out hard to at least not make it a copy-cat.

- Certain art aspects might not fit within the mod standards: Something overlooked, but yet kind of important. Models are something that catches everyones eyes, of course, but the 2D aspect is something that people tend to ignore. The race/army icons tend to be so different from the original mod that the army doesnt look unique: It looks more confussing. If something I have learned along these years is that icons dont make a race/army unique - it makes it worse. What defines it its the gameplay.

2 - The army role.

- Whenever adding that something, what are you looking at?. A defensive gameplay?. A counterstriking gameplay?. Think of these really carefully because thats how it will be defined.

- Keep it crunchy. If that army/race uses the same wargear/weaponry than other race or army, make it with almost the same attributes, but keep things like accuracy or reload values different. You dont want to make say a spear with a bigger penetration value than someone elses, right?. Keep it fair.

- Choose the roster of units. And this is where people lose it. Its pretty easy to get all possible units you can think of, but only and ONLY a few can get a few for their effectiveness and cost. I always preffered to have a selection of units that has a determined role than a big number of them and looking pretty much alike.

- Branching techtrees. People tend to fall into this more than it is assumed. A branching techtree is, in my opinion, cripling the player choices. It doesnt add replayability, it doesnt add anything interesting on it. It simply screws and frustrates the player. Period. Try to keep it at least using priorities instead of choices.

This is the first one of (hopefully) many more blogs to come, so stay tuned!.

Ayy lmao

H0LL0W Blog 2 comments

You know you love this thing so here it goes. Oh and it has been a while since I did not post anything worth of value.

Im sorry, but I just dont give a rats ass about this profile at all. And if you have any objection, you can keep it to yourself :3

Quoth the Raven

H0LL0W Blog 1 comment

Now I do not know if I should have a cat or one of these, for real - Youtube.com

Or maybe...something like these?. Damnit, so adorable! - Youtube.com

Life should be more fair for me when it comes down to choose either cats or birds, ack!.

True frigging story. I have seen this a lot of times and I just came to realise that I just identify with Alex (the guy on the vid, damnit, do not misunderstand with any other individual).

Why I didnt get some vacations to enjoy myself some tim- oh wait, now I remember why.


Thought of the Day #1

H0LL0W Blog

"If it's not broken, don't fuck it up".

No, really. Whenever you are doing something - anything, and you believe that it needs to be better than it already is, do not attempt to go for it. The results may vary depending on what it is: From the most disastrous thing ever to something you did not expect it to happen.

Have fun!.

PS: You expected me from me a long blog?. What the fuck.

Ok so I will be straightforward and get the most simple of things for you, the user to understand how I behave and how I "sometimes" answer.

1 - Are you really a cat?.

No for fucks sake. I am not a furry, I am not a cat and if you want to imagine a black leopard typing while he growls and hisses loudly then go ahead and imagin- oh wait disregard that.

2 - Why are you so lame and cruel sometimes?.

Because I enjoy it. Deal with it.

3 - Why are you giving me short to vague answers to what I am asking?.

Because A) The question has been answered ad infinitum. B) I do not have the patience nor the interest to give a proper answer. C) Because loldunno.

4 - Why are you ignoring me Hollow?. I want attention!.

Because I do not care about your shit. Deal with it.

5 - I am going to karmatroll any comments you do!. Hope you get mad!.

Go ahead, champ. Because following my motto: Hollow does not give a fuck.

6 - How can I get your attention?.

Either with catnip a good and intelligent conversation or doing your hardest to have some critical thinking.

7 - Why do you hate fun?.

Because I do. I do not like fun. I hate fun. So yeah, hate me back.

8 - Why you posted a F.A.Q for you, I hate you and I hope you get banned!.

Good. Thats the spirit. Keep it up.

9 - I am going to threaten you Hollow!.

Read question number 5.

10 - Screw you Hollow!.

Fuck you very much.

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