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gwslack Oct 16 2012 says:

Not sure I get the point of making everything have a slightly glowing, green tint... Maybe I'm missing something but all I see in the video is what appears to be a green filter.

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gwslack Jul 30 2012 says:

The above method is specific to that resolution, and anytime you use a mod you will have change settings and files all over again.

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gwslack Jun 26 2012 replied:

CS:S was the successor to CS. Counter-Strike was a halflife 1 mod, when halflife 2 came out counter strike source came with it. CS source is the source engine version of CS. Its the much the same game but with a more modern engine and physics and newer maps, models and textures. The gameplay almost the same. So CS was first by a good margin.

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gwslack Jun 23 2012 replied:

Dude all I did was ask IF it would require me to reinstall or in this case rewrite from backup, and mention an install generally gives the impression of an uninstall feature. They usually come as a set. Which is half the reason one makes an installer in the first place. He got upset over it, now you are upset over it too? Seriously guys reread what I wrote. You may notice I was not overly critical or nitpicking I even said a few times i understood and that its a mod and all.. The attitude came from him and now you.. A new modder would have just as much of a hard time uninstalling as he would installing correct? An install makes it easier for people to enjoy the mod, and an uninstall feature makes it easier for people to remove it if they dont like it or if it creates a problem in their game.. One way help you to get your mod in use, and the other helps people who tried to use your mod fix it if it doesn't work. You can get as mad as you want, but its not something ridiculous nor is it nitpicking to ask about it or comment on it. As far as "enjoy the mod" I can't thats why i asked the question remember? And from the look of things I am not alone here. So see ya later, I don't think I deserved the responses I got here on this.

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gwslack Jun 22 2012 replied:

WOW, okay... THX appreciated but I have a backup directory I used to over write the original so no worries. However an .exe install generally has an uninstall feature even in a mod. My bad for expecting something that has become the norm. Anyway I used my 2nd directory to fix it, which had I not done that (prior to reading the readme)would have meant a complete reinstall from disk. So I am smart enough to know one thing here. Most install .exe's create an uninstall feature otherwise they lose one of the main points in using them. Doesn't make me a genius but it doesn't mean I deserve that kind of response either..

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gwslack Jun 22 2012 says:

After installation of this mod GTA SA crashes at the start of a new game right at the cutscene start. This I can understand its a mod and bugs happen. HOWEVER, I do have a serious issue with an install executable that does NOT have an uninstall feature. Basically once you install it you have to re-install GTASA; is this assumption correct? If so, again I can understand but a little warning or something stating this would be good.

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gwslack Jun 20 2012 replied:

First off, game pirating is illegal. Secondly talking about pirating one willingly is an admission of guilt. Third from your comment its easy to see you knew this before hand which makes it even worse. Look no one can or will help you get a pirated copy to work here, thats not what this site is about. Even if anyone could, we don't know whats missing from your pirated copy, what was ripped from it to make it work without steam; which most assuredly something had to be ripped to do so. And along with that, you place this site and anyone who helps in jeapordy.

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gwslack Jun 20 2012 replied:

I haven't heard of any such instance. VAC doesn't ban for running standard mods. However any modification of the original steam/source engine/valve et al; files themselves will get you banned. Thats in the TOS agreement. That being said, legitimate mods wouldn't and couldn't legally do that. Mods that require full conversions or modifications that may require modified core game files usually use their own files in their own steam mods folders that will override the standard steam files while playing that particular mod. The only VAC banning would be from something other than a mod being played.

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