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X³: Reunion

Game review

I give this game a 5 overall. Although graphically a very beautiful game, the game is far too vague in the story line games, and lacks any resembling intuitiveness in the control. The aim reticule is painfully small, the control scheme has the most un-intuitive layout I have ever seen, the concept was great with the right click menu but the execution was poor. And it takes what seems an eternity to accomplish even the simplest of things like docking at a station. They give you a way to speed up the time using the SETA device, but having to do that to travel 10k in 5 mins is a pain.

I like a lot of things in this game but it desperately needs continuity and control work. And a story line that is less guess work and trial and error.


Left 4 Theft: San Andreas

Mod review - 1 agree - 5 disagree

The install .exe has no uninstall feature. Could not get past the first cut scene in a new game. And given all the other comments regarding crashing and instability, as well as a response for a question and comment I received, cannot make a good review of the game play itself.

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