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grounddog @ IV:SA³ "World Enhancement" Launch Trailer

Multiplayer is in Beta 3 wich is released tomorrow. So yes, it does lie ahead.

It lies in the hand of tomorrow.

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grounddog @ GTA IV: San Andreas

Awesome work that youre doing!

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grounddog @ Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Open World

I have a serious question for you all.

Should I even go trough with this?

I mean I can make a nice map, nicely detailed and all.

But I can't make a storyline for this. Exploring will take you maybe in total 3 to 4 hours at its longest and then it might get boring for you all.

I dont want to get your hopes so high when I cant deliver what you all would expect. I maybe can add some missions or so, but that would be pretty much all.

Are there any suggestions any of you guys following or just now discovering this mod. What could I do to make this more than just a map to explore.

If I just make a map it will be just a map and not really a true mod.

If there will be no feedback on this I will stop this "mod" as it will be nothing but some boring map to explore for a few hours.

It isnt very easy to do this all. I would want this to carry on somewhere.

I am sorry I go like this now, just I feel like all my troubles will not bring any profit for me. No feeling of completion or no happy feeling to share something very fun.

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grounddog @ Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Open World

For now I will put this mod on a halt as I need to know better what to do as my next steps as I want to make this mod very nice and detailed.

I don't want to rush this to you and give you a broken *** scenery with few things there, so I hope you all will understand why I educate myself on this.

If anyone has time to google or anything, do also some research to help me get faster working. Please post some links or so onto the comments. I am doing my best to give you the best.

But now I must go and find myself some work to do!

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grounddog @ Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Open World

Thanks for the uplifting words. This gives me more power to work on this.

Altough I am on bit of a halt with the forest right now. It feels out of place. I need to think over that. I don't know yet if I will keep it. Maybe will do the map without a forest totally.

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grounddog @ Call of Juarez open world map WIP

A little bit of bad and good news. I f**ked up the map when I tried to do something really neat. But I didnt give up so easy and I fixed all. Just the map is a bit different than you see on this video. Maybe even a bit better.

Also I remade the church's area as it really sucked. It looks tons better now and the church itself is looking better.

I wont let any stupid obstacle ruin this. Ill keep pushing on.

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grounddog @ psp alpha v1.2

Would love to see this make on to android.

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