i have played survival horror since silent hill 1....i know the good horrors, not the cheesey jump scares...don't make me laugh...i like the silence and little weird noises in the distance, otherside of the room or hallway.....that and the split second glimpse of a figure walking or running off....but in the REAL dark with brightness set low...high is for cowards...less the game is so dark u cant find the floorXD

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M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Nov 4 2013, 4:37pm says:

I did a lets play x 1000000000000000000000000000000000.....you guys ever get tired of doin the same crap....besides that, good game...if u made a actual fps with this, it would be awesome....always wanted a first person coop version of silent hill or similar...nothing yet ...you got what it takes;D

0 votes   game: Colina (Hill)
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Nov 2 2013, 7:55pm says:

sry but this didnt show me too much...graphics are ok though so is sound quality

+1 vote   media: WIP - "Old Construction Lamp"
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Oct 26 2013, 8:15pm replied:

please refrain from spoiling the game for new players

+1 vote   game: The Curse of Blackwater
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Oct 24 2013, 10:08pm says:

you said u like the atmosphere.....got a great set for ya....(PHOBIA:The Fear Of Darkness, Vanish, The Mansion, ildefonse, cry of fear, Ascension, Euthanasia, Mental Hospital Eastern bloc, Dead House) check those few out, the atmosphere in PHOBIA and ildefonse is like "dude, wtf....holy %#$@" lemme know whats up, cry of fear can be 4 player coop but freakin silent hill scary, but in FPS....

+1 vote   member: Trinitylynne98
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Aug 23 2013, 1:16am says:

oh yea, i also found that when playing survival, the waves dont make the game crash as much when u do not have any survivors helping you(santos lvl 3 and such) i tested it out...although i crashed a few times, i was able to get to lvl 16+, but when i hire a survivor i cant get past night 2...a good idea i had was that each night you survive, you move to a new area for the next night so you can scavenge more and give the game more exploration and diversity, having mounted weapons you can set up, bonus levels,etc. A music player might be ok, idk about it but some ppl might like it. hope this helps, as we need to get this game up and goingXD if u need a tester for the game let me know, and while testing i will write a report explaining any problems or bugs i find, and i actually look not just play and say i looked....

+1 vote   member: eugen33
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Aug 20 2013, 6:31am says:

I love how the fact this game has been out and i have had it for months and still cant play episode 1, they havent touched or developed this game since 2012, what's goin on dude, im startin to feel screwed over here, ntm the bug that crashes the game while in survival mode is highly agitating.....So are you gonna finish what you started and continue adding onto what could be a great series, or are you afk for the next forever and give us the finger while the incomplete game sits here getting bought, it may be only five bucks, but it is still five bucks dude.Game has so much potential, and it feels like you are throwing it all away and abandoning the game, last comments were from either 2012 or the update from 2013. Don't let a great start off game die. it is like showing us candy, us reaching for it, then you yank back and say SYKE! Cmon please fix the bugs and give us more of this great game

+4 votes   game: I Shall Remain
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Aug 12 2013, 9:46pm says:

hola,see that your a survival horror/mystery gamer,i know tons of games, hit me up and we can play some of the coop ones...they need a coop silent hillT.T

+1 vote   member: sheenox3
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Jul 27 2013, 11:19pm says:

hey dude,i havebought the game,and episode1 still isnt here , this game would be hugely killer if it was more explorative and in home, ntm stairs to go to second floors or attics, and a basement to look....sewers to move through, i mean if you add onto this, it will become a major hit. One thing i recommend is makin of characters and more area coverage in the survival mode, if you want any suggestions or ideas hit me up, thanks. I hope you continue to update and develope this game, as i have time to help with anything as well as test

+1 vote   game: I Shall Remain
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Jun 26 2013, 9:20pm says:

from what i have been seeing, everyone is just posting vids and being overreacting scared...i would like to see one person whos' face would actually be like"HOLY S#$@, RUN!" but alas i only seee, "screaam, omg omg omg, run run run " everyone has been the same, if ur gonna post a vid, plz do it like your not recording yourself, it would be way btrXD other than that, the game is great, playing it at night is the best, but most have been playing during the day lawl, the mazes are well thought out, sanity driven is well played, as well as the pop up scares

-1 votes   game: Fibrillation
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R May 24 2013, 10:14pm replied:

yea kinda spoiled it dude, let ppl get freaked out on there own, don't ruin the experience for new players

+1 vote   game: Lumber Island - That Special Place
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Mar 16 2013, 2:47am says:

"watch me play this game" ..."come and watch me play this" anything different you wanna add?

+2 votes   game: Broken Dimensions
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Mar 6 2013, 2:33pm says:

u guys are funny, almost the whole page of comments says"i did a video on it" cmon dude.....

0 votes   game: The Briefcase
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Mar 6 2013, 2:20pm replied:

spoiler jerkoff alert!!!

+1 vote   game: One Late Night
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Jan 30 2013, 12:26am says:

dam....wanna know somethin rly messed up? Something similar like this happened to me when i was 9....weird fast dreams, waking up in a puddle of cold sweat, rooms dam cold, my lil t.v i had on news...cause i had no nightlite....was static and my sheets were in same evil smiling face as i had just seen at end of nightmare b4 i woke up....when i looked at hallway with a small nightlight, a weird lil shadow ran off...heard footsteps n everything, stilll haunts me to this day! and no this isn't no fregin joke...stuff like this happens to ppl, always good to be careful

+1 vote   game: Baby Blues - Toddler Horror Game
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Nov 20 2012, 3:33am says:


+1 vote   media: Tremulous Trailer
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Nov 2 2012, 2:05pm says:

"this game isnt scary at all, im a tough guy over the net tryin to be me toughie....im wilin to bet you these dbags sayin its not scary were cowards that played this in a daylit room......pathetic...if its not scary, try it at night, ALONE......and dont say you did, actually try it then tell us its not scary....sigh...but great job to the person that made this, *applause* p.s- please don't give a spoiler alert and ruin the game for some ppl, it's just stupid:S

+2 votes   game: Slender's Woods
M4ST3R0FH0RR0R Nov 2 2012, 2:01pm replied:

SPOILER ALERT....plz refrain from screwin up the ending for ppl that havent played or gotten that far yet, thank you

+2 votes   game: Slender's Woods
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