My name is Giuseppe Ciampa and I am an artist, you can see my drawings on these sites: -Deviantart (my Deviantart name is GiuseppeCiampa8) -Newgrounds (my NG name is always GiuseppeCiampa8) I have always wanted to create games, and my favorite genre are the Survival Horror FPS, Action, Platform, Shooter and Strategy. The programs that I use for 3D games are Unreal Engine and Unity 3D, while for flashgames I use Stencyl. My profession in creating games is the characters designer and the writer.

Review RSS Feed Zombie Kill of the Week
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 20th, 2014

This game is beautiful, full of action and dinamic!

Hero Siege
7 Review

Game Review on Dec 26th, 2013

I'll be honest, I liked this game, even if some things are copied from The Binding Of Isaac.

10 Review

Game Review on Sep 13th, 2013

The best game of survival ever seen!
The graphics are fantastic, even the monsters are numerous and cool.

Metal Slug
8 Review

Game Review on Sep 3rd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

This is one of the games that hit my childhood :D

9 Review

Game Review on Aug 25th, 2013

What poetry this game: the graphics, backgrounds, game mechanics and meaning are a fantastic thing.

9 Review

Engine Review on Jul 7th, 2013

This is one of the best programs for creating flash games, I recommend it!

9 Review

Game Review on Jul 5th, 2013

No review provided

The Binding of Isaac
9 Review

Game Review on Jun 6th, 2013

I guess many of you know Edmund McMillen and his masterpiece Super Meat Boy. This is another one of his games, and this time Edmund was isporato bibbliche the story of the sacrifice of Isaac, only this time it will be the mother to sacrifice his son. Here we play as poor Isaac through dungeons, fighting monsters, and find power-ups that besides giving us power, we will also change appearance.
Being a game based on a story biblical, certainly no lack of religious references, such as the Christian cross, God, the 7 deadly sins, the pact with Satan, the Satanic symbols, and more.

Super Mario 64
10 Review

Game Review on Jun 6th, 2013
This review may contain spoilers

This game is fantastic! Needless to say, it is the best game of Mario serie. The employees of nintendo have been shown to have a lot of imagination in the levels. Even here, however, another goal of mario is to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. To do this, this time the heroic Italian plumber has to recover from the stars of the magic square that lead to different worlds: the battlefields, haunted houses, castles, islands etc.. The peculiar thing is that the game worlds are many, colorful and imaginative. Once you will finish the game, you will want to play again for who knows how long.
I have nothing else to say, but we will have to congratulate the authors who have had a lot of effort to create this masterpiece.

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