Hi I'm GideonB, I make games for fun and stuff. I am currently making Lightgun Fever, a Lightgun game for the PC, using a mouse as a lightgun and a lot of humour as a backbone to support that crappy Game Maker engine I have to use.

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GideonB Sep 19 2010, 1:31pm says:

Game crashes on 7 Pro x64. Any ideas?

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GideonB Aug 17 2010, 3:58pm replied:

So your having a go at someone for trying to make a game more accessible? Kinda stupid since it might encourage them to buy the actual Left4Dead. Valve hasn't sent a Cease and Decist letter yet. So they are in the green.

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GideonB Jan 4 2010, 2:20pm says:

Are you going to improve the gameplay as well as the graphics on the mod itself? I liked Ricochet but never really understood it tbh.

+1 vote   mod: Ricochet: Source
GideonB Dec 31 2009, 8:04am says:

Loving the game. I want to play it now xD It looks like a hard bullethell game, which is awesome.

+1 vote   game: Bit Fortress
GideonB Dec 31 2009, 7:52am says:

Great to hear development is back on track, I've been looking forward to this game and still am. Hopefully a beta soon as you guys have finished moving to a slightly newer version of Torque which shouldnt take to long as it's pretty much the same engine (I thought that anyways).

Never tried UDK though when I tried an Unreal Editor, it confused me. Probably not used to it's UnrealEd yet. I also recommend you try out Unity. It's pretty good from what I hear.

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GideonB Aug 13 2009, 2:48pm replied:

At the moment just try out the demo as that's the "alpha" gameplay. And I'm still waiting on Game Maker 8 to get released, but I will have updates and stuff for the game.

+1 vote   game: Lightgun Fever
GideonB May 30 2009, 12:30pm says:

Hi Dave, will this have a Single-Player mode as well or will it be geared towards co-operative/competitve multiplayer gameplay?

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GideonB May 24 2009, 12:01pm replied:

Ok kool thanks for the help, I haven't been making games lately due to pressure at school to pass certain exams to get my GCSE options, but yeah, I'm making a game at the moment using flash CS4, so I shall probably release it once it's done.

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Feb 27 2009, 1:49pm says:

What engine you using are are you coding it? Just asking also do you need a mapper? I can map :D

+1 vote   game: Undernet Uprising
GideonB Feb 22 2009, 1:40pm replied:

Yeah man, keep this up, I wanna play it :D ninjadave this game gotta continue ITS AWESOME!

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GideonB Jan 31 2009, 7:00am replied:

but then wouldn't that mean you won't be able to play online anymore because steam is a bitch for having latest versions when you play online. Maybe they will release non-steam patches still... dunno though.

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GideonB Jan 30 2009, 5:10pm says:

hi ninja, hope the game continues, sorry to hear about the virus but this game better be released by end of this year :D I want to play it so badly!

+2 votes   game: Crimson Crow
GideonB Jan 27 2009, 2:38pm says:

Nice gameplay, I like the idea that you can combine weapons to make any Dual Wielding Combination. What requirements are for this game?

+1 vote   game: Bloody Massacre
GideonB Jan 26 2009, 1:28pm says:

I want to see this, tracking it :D hope it goes well.

+2 votes   game: Duke Theft Auto
GideonB Jan 1 2009, 8:14am says:

Ah man unlucky, but I hope the work continues because I'm looking foward to this, but this unfortunate event caused by a virus may have delayed your game for maybe a few months. Damn.

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GideonB Dec 17 2008, 4:18pm replied:

have you tried with UAC as well? because usually UAC mucks it up. But at least it will run on vista :D

+2 votes   game: Crimson Crow
GideonB Dec 7 2008, 4:37pm says:

I have one simple question: How the hell do you get those brilliant graphics using TGE? It looks really good. Let's hope it runs on Vista. Dark Basic Pro can use editor on Vista but not launch games unfortunaly.

+2 votes   game: Crimson Crow
GideonB Nov 22 2008, 4:55pm replied:

I wish i could, but I am crap at Source, I tried making a mod in it before, I can't. But I will use a better one for my next game... Which I am trying to find at the moment for a reasonable price. (Maybe a Free one like Adventure Game Studio)

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 22 2008, 9:43am says:

what engine are you using to make this game?

+2 votes   game: Star Apocalypse
GideonB Nov 20 2008, 3:08pm replied:

Its because the system for it is what you call... well basic. I use it because I'm a newtimer to the gaming industry, but next time I make a game im using a better system, maybe FPS Creator with a badly needed AI Mod. Seriously the AI in that game sucks so badly.

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 17 2008, 1:10pm replied:

im not designing the graphics in Game Maker. It's just for level design. Anyway this is my first game. I'm going to use a different engine next time. I'm a beginner, so what do you expect?

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GideonB Nov 15 2008, 8:37am replied:

Ok, I changed the graphics just to let you know, but yeah, It's not in pre-alpha :D

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 14 2008, 2:50am replied:

I will try to :D but my skills in Fireworks aren't that good, So i can't do much without drawing and scanning in. But I can and Will try to improve the graphics, while keeping my edge of sarcasm in the crappy graphics I kind of want.

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 12 2008, 6:55am replied:

it is in pre-alpha but the graphics are final. I wanted to make it cartoony .

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 11 2008, 1:50pm replied:

Ok I shall change that, but The game is basically Ball Revamped with Skydiving and so much more.

+1 vote   game: Ball of Doom
GideonB Nov 9 2008, 9:18am replied:

Game making program. I'm using it to create a game. It's easy to use.
By the way zac your game is fun. I have played it. Its graphics are simple, yet so satisfying. You probably put a lot of time and work into this game, and that time and work has paid off. I hope I can see more brilliant levels from you.

+1 vote   game: tank
GideonB Aug 18 2008, 8:51am says:

It's a great game, when does everyone play it lol?

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