I am an IT professional and have worked in a number of fields including games development, online marketing and website maintenance. The biggest mod project I have worked on is Classic Doom 3, however I have worked on a number of other projects for various amounts of time including Zombie Slayer, Hexen: Edge of Chaos, Jailbreak Source (testing) and several older mods for other game engines.

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Gazz Jul 31 2010 replied:

Once again, thanks for the kind words and really pleased that people are still playing and enjoying this mod! We did put a lot of effort into it and I'm really happy that people are still able to play through this mod and appreciate it for what it is :)

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Gazz Aug 19 2007 says:

Gotta say I agree that this mod has huge potential, I've only played 0.3.1 and enjoyed it so much when the server was full that I've started to spend some of my spare time helping out in any way that I can :)

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Gazz Apr 6 2006 says:

On the subject of LMS and platinum arts, we worked on Classic Doom 3 independantly but allowed them to use our maps in their mod. It was a join venture so people would be able to play Classic Doom 3 in Co-op. The only problem is that you will need to download both LMS and Cdoom for the full Cdoom experience. LMS is another mod in its own right and worth the download just for the ability to play Doom 3 through with co-op however.

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Gazz Feb 9 2006 says:

Im so glad that people with this frame of mind are the minority going from the global feedback we have had over the last year.

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Gazz Aug 16 2005 says:

Unfortunatly the maps are pretty finalised now, the only things that will be changed is in the name of fixing bugs.

Thanks for the comments though, much appreciated :)

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Gazz Feb 10 2006 says:

Your kind words on our project Kroshiya_Ichi, are greatly appreciated. Even if only a single person who comments here has enjoyed the mod, then that has made all the effort in creating it worth-while. Thank you.

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Gazz Jul 13 2005 says:

Eventually we aim to have the end of level stats screen in place along with an automap. They are both in development but we really cant say how long until the next release comes out.

Thanks for the continued support - its great to know people are still playing and enjoying our mod.

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Gazz Jul 11 2005 says:

I just have to say, those screenshots do look pretty impressive, especially the screenshot of the bridge over the canyon :) Keep it up.

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Gazz Jul 11 2005 says:

By the time we have the final release out there will be the ability to change the music volume in the menu system. At the moment we are still working on the smaller features like this so hopefully by the time we have our next release, all of these niceties will be added.

Glad to hear you enjoy the mod and hope you keep tracking us until we have finished in the next few months.

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Gazz Jul 6 2005 says:

Unfortunatly we only plan on converting the shareware episode. There are many many reasons for this, some examples:

- We are bored of converting over peoples stuff and want to create something of our own.
- The mod started off as a fun way to learn how to mod for Doom 3, and we all feel we have learnt what we need to make our own project.
- A more minor reason is the legalities of remaking anything past the freely availible shareware episode.

As we have such a large fan following, we are going to finish the project off as best we can. If we were doing this just for ourselves, we would have ended the project on 0.25 and moved on to something of our own designs. Hopefully you will all enjoy the final release due in a number of months as we have all put a huge amount of time into it.

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Gazz May 29 2005 says:

I fail to understand where your statement has come from, and what grounds it has on what we are currently doing.

If you read our website, the details on the forums and play the actual mod, you will understand what we are trying to do. We are not trying to remake the original Doom into something new with an integrated storyline, we are attempting to take the original game and advance its graphics while keeping the same semi-mindless violence atmosphere of the original...

It really does seem that you fail to understand what we are trying to acomplish here with the project. If you want to discuss this further I urge you to join our forum where a more full debate can be entered by yourself and our development team...

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Gazz May 2 2005 says:

Thanks, check our forum for more info , also 0.25 is availible for download, although it is about 3 months old now.

Hope you enjoy the next release :)

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Gazz Apr 30 2005 says:

Thanks for the kind words, we have just released a promo video to show a small glimpse of what is to be in the next release (and what is also in the current release).

Hope you enjoy what you see - check the news on our home page for more information.

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Gazz Apr 20 2005 says:

Please think before you speak. Everyone on our mod team has at least played the full version of the original game to completion. Im not sure who has played the second game to completion, but personally speaking I have completed both the Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 on the following formats:

- PC original releases
- Playstation
- Jaguar
- Snes (doom 1 only)
- Gameboy Advance (doom 1 only)
- 32x (for megadrive - doom 1 only)

Critisism of the project is obviously taken on board and listened too. If you have anything constructive to say please post it on the official forums at Cdoom.d3files.com

The full team are aware that Doom 3 was created based around the idea of retelling of the story in the original game - we have not stated anywhere anything that states otherwise. Our modification is simply to bring the original game up to date with modern gameplay and modern graphics.
As a whole, the team have a vision on what we want the final version to be like and progress is comming along very well.

I have three things left to say (one of which already stated)

1) If you dont like the mod, dont play it - its free, your not paying for it with hard-earned cash.
2) As the developers of a free product, we do not owe any single person anything and are simply creating something that fulfils our vision on what a remake should be like.
3) If you are going to make a blanket statement, at least explain the reasons behind your comments. Simple-minded statements like what you have stated do not help us, and they do not help yourself.

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Gazz Jan 25 2005 says:

When we have deathmatch in the game (hopefully the next release... that is 3/4 months away :s ), it will be a lot faster paced compared to the single player experience. It will use the single player maps but will be as close to the speed of the original doom as possible, while using the weapons from singleplayer.

Deathmatch itself when implemented will be a lot more closer to Doom than Doom 3 deathmatch ;) , even if singleplayer doesnt get you excited, hopefully you'll enjoy the deathmatch mode... when its done.

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Gazz Jan 24 2005 says:

you need to point the installer to your doom3 installation , not the folder you want to install to.

EG if your doom 3 is installed as default, you'd need to point the install path to:

c:\program files\doom 3\


c:\program files\doom 3\cdoom

If your having further problems, try the zip file release instead.

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Gazz Jan 19 2005 says:

Hi Pxtl, Im afraid to say it isnt going to be that way physics wise because we tried speeding up the doom guy but it made the levels go past too damn quickly. Sure its what the original doom was about but thats not exactly what we are aiming for... hmm if you download the mod you'll see what we are aiming for in terms of how we want the game to feel.
Its faster than normal doom but not on the scale that the original doom is compared to doom3 - its somewhere in the middle - which is what the whole mod is about :)

If you like super fast games, get Quake 3 and download CPMA - its the fastest DM game out there when your playing CPMA however its not a touch on original doom lol.

Anyway thanks for the comments and hope to see you on the forum, I mean if you got any more questions but dont want to go to the effort of joining the forum you can email me and I'll answer whatever you want to ask :)

laterz :)

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Gazz Dec 13 2004 says:

Its nice to here your ideas. At the moment we are working on the single player aspect of the mod. I understand what you are saying in terms of this mod not being original at all however this is the project we really want to make sure is completed before moving onto anything else. Sorry to dissappoint for the time being however once the mod has had a few releases under its belt we are going to try and implement a CO-OP mode to stay in keeping with the original, however that is a long way off yet because the amount of ground-work that is needed so far.

Thanks for your comment though :) , its always good to hear from a fan :D

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