Gamieon is a privately owned entertainment software development company located in Tampa, Florida. Since October of 2004, we have aimed to provide quality video game software which emphasizes both intellectual and action-driven challenge to the gaming community. Gamieon depends on the talent of individuals working as a team to develop video games and video game engines with a focus on exceptional game play and surrealism.

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Gamieon May 2 2014 replied:

Disregard? That video was AWESOME. I took notes as I watched it and it reminded me of how I really wanted to make Paper Cowboys.

Sometimes I tend to get bogged down in the details like network synchronization, and forget the fundamentals. I definitely have some changes earmarked for the next build.

Thank you anon.

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Gamieon Feb 22 2014 replied:

That's actually a yak :) Anyway I hope to get it done this summer.

+1 vote   news: Paper Cowboys Dev Update - Level 1 and more!
Gamieon Jan 31 2014 replied:

Almost all of the art was MS Paint actually; I did use The Gimp for certain edits though. :)

The article thumbnail was actually an angle from the Unity Editor I sorta navigated into while I was working...I immediately realized it would make for a great image to keep around!

+1 vote   news: Paper Cowboys: Enter the authoritative server
Gamieon Nov 4 2013 replied:

That's the plan! I wanted to weed out some bugs now, then post it on GameJolt. If that goes well, I'll post it on Kongregate before Thanksgiving. I'll also give it a spin on Greenlight Concept after I finish the trailer; couldn't hurt.

+1 vote   news: Domino Arena Beta Now Available!
Gamieon May 31 2013 says:

Before anyone says it: Yes it's wrong to take a movie of a multi-player game with one player in it, but the Photon network cloud is down in my area at the moment. I'll post a new video when it's back up!

+2 votes   news: Paper Cowboys: The eight-player network side scroller!
Gamieon Apr 28 2013 replied:

I finally got it to happen...stuck almost immediately near the pivot of the left flipper.

I also noticed the music skip once.

+2 votes   news: Ball-getting-stuck bug feedback needed!
Gamieon Sep 1 2012 replied:

I'd like to see a pinball bundle...but that's because I'm making a pinball game :)

+4 votes   news: Open Beta
Gamieon Feb 20 2012 replied:

Since I haven't tried it with any other model besides tron1.dae, my answer is: "In theory, yes." You would have to make a model that fits the same dimensions and orientation as tron1.dae which comes with the game. The two issues are:

- The game wasn't optimized for complex models, so it could look pretty wacky if you try importing some random stuff. In all cases, the collision bounds remain constant.

- The other limitation is that the whole model is imported as one color. That will need addressing in a future update.

+1 vote   news: Cycles3D 2 Alpha 2 now available
Gamieon Dec 14 2011 says:

(Edit: This should have been a reply to a previous comment...oops)

I applied to have Dominoze distributed on Desura last year actually; and it wasn't worthy.

I'm glad you asked because it goes right back to the point about execution: I firmly believe that the game mechanics can be a lot of fun; but in its current form, Dominoze is dull, overwhelming, and clearly made by someone with an engineering focus over a game development focus. It was also entirely made with very little feedback and no community involvement at all.

I'm resuming Dominoze development in 2012. I'll start with some radical changes to the content, get the community much more involved (including letting everyone make their own content), and going with a simpler, more light-hearted cartoonish/cell shaded feel and maybe a storyline.

+2 votes   member: AlexVSharp
Gamieon Dec 12 2011 says:

I released two iPhone/iPad games to the app store with what I think are original mechanics; one being a game where you pull ramps down with your fingers to guide marbles into a barrel (Tiltz), and another that is a cross between pinball and an alien shooter (Hyperspace Pinball). They did better than nothing, but probably got as many total sales as a viral app does in five minutes.

I think being original is only part of the equation; there's also the execution (I chose to keep the games minimalistic; no story, no cartoony graphics) and hitting the ground trying to get as many eyes on it as possible. This is in hopes that even one prominent reviewer or editor who doesn't require a cash advance sees it and says "Hey this has my attention! I want to learn more and write a story about it!"

...I suppose that leads up to the final part of the equation: "Do your best at what you love to do until you succeed and go beyond success"

+2 votes   member: AlexVSharp
Gamieon Nov 13 2011 says:

I read your comment on , kudos to your success with the release of the free version of your app! I'd like to know what happens as you try different things with your mobile apps; I hope my blog can give you some ideas too.

+2 votes   member: Kamikazi[Uk]
Gamieon Oct 15 2011 says:

I started on my own twenty years ago; self taught...but I still learn something every day! The learning never stops!

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Gamieon Jul 8 2011 says:

7/6/11 Update: More bug fixes (Expand the description to see them all).

+1 vote   download: Hyperspace Pinball iOS Beta (PC Conversion)
Gamieon Jul 3 2011 says:

7/3/11 Update: Removed level transitions for a seamless flow, added "ball guard" in between flippers when ball is launched, added level difficulties.

+1 vote   download: Hyperspace Pinball iOS Beta (PC Conversion)
Gamieon Nov 1 2010 says:

The more I use it, the more I see the shape placement interface needs changed. The next release will definitely be more intuitive and easier to build with.

+1 vote   news: Dominoze Construction Kit
Gamieon Sep 15 2010 says:

Yikes...I haven't been here in way too long.

Razerz: Try running the Dominoze Updater and see if it still happens. Did you run it as a standard user (as opposed to Admin)? Are you on Windows 7? I did fix a bug not too long ago where Dominoze was trying to "make itself at home" in the program files folder instead of the documents/application data folders.

+2 votes   download: Dominoze Beta
Gamieon Jul 2 2010 replied:

Dominoze was built on a home-grown engine I programmed on top of the OpenGL, OpenAL, LuaScript and Newton physics API's. It's specialized for Dominoze but I designed it to be modular and potentially usable out-of-the-box in other projects down the road. The Dominoze demo comes with the editor for you to make your own puzzles with. You can then play those in the game (Let me know if you have issues using the Editor).

I think there's a great untapped potential in Dominoze that could be unleashed by working with other development groups and making the content itself functional with other engines like Unity3D (which I'm now investigating).

+3 votes   game: Dominoze
Gamieon Dec 29 2009 says:

I really appreciate the feedback everyone has given to the project so far. Since the initial release, there have been two updates with various bug fixes (the game comes with an updater you can access from the Start => Programs menu). I have a third update in the works which includes fixing the "gear going crazy" bug, and there's a few content-specific issues that need cleanup.

Please stay tuned; early next year I will announce openings for the closed beta. It will include more puzzles to solve, and the Dominoze Editor to make your own puzzles with.

+1 vote   news: Dominoze Demo Beta Available
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