My name is Frostedge, or Frost Edge, or just Frost. I started getting into Amnesia: TDD after watching a Let's Play. I'd only played F.E.A.R. before that, and that game made me cower under the desk everytime a small dust cloud came by. When I first started playing Amnesia, I got that horrifying opening door sequence that gave me 'Nam like flashbacks to F.E.A.R., it also made me realise that my desk had become too small for me to hide under. That's when I realised that this was a good horror game. I was not scared enough to hide under the desk, yet I was too scared to simply push a button that would make Daniel walk forward into more nightmares. I applaud FrictionalGames for making this masterpiece. But it was not enough, Frictional had added a Custom Story section. This blew my mind, the things people could come up with. From random funny maps to absolute art in both horror and storytelling. I wanted to contribute to that, and that's why I'm here.

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Slow, Steady
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Slow, Steady

Jun 27, 2014 Built on a Rotten Foundation 0 comments

So far, the Third Floor has been finally finished, screenshots will follow shortly.

An interview with GhostlyGringo!
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

An interview with GhostlyGringo!

Apr 8, 2014 Price of Immortality 1 comment

GhostlyGringo and I have had a nice interview about Price of Immortality, and the importance of involvement of the player in a Custom Story. (I am the...

Creativity, or rather, a lack of it.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Creativity, or rather, a lack of it.

Jan 9, 2014 Built on a Rotten Foundation 5 comments

The title actually kind of speaks for itself, really.

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