My name is Frostedge, or Frost Edge, or just Frost. I started getting into Amnesia: TDD after watching a Let's Play. I'd only played F.E.A.R. before that, and that game made me cower under the desk everytime a small dust cloud came by. When I first started playing Amnesia, I got that horrifying opening door sequence that gave me 'Nam like flashbacks to F.E.A.R., it also made me realise that my desk had become too small for me to hide under. That's when I realised that this was a good horror game. I was not scared enough to hide under the desk, yet I was too scared to simply push a button that would make Daniel walk forward into more nightmares. I applaud FrictionalGames for making this masterpiece. But it was not enough, Frictional had added a Custom Story section. This blew my mind, the things people could come up with. From random funny maps to absolute art in both horror and storytelling. I wanted to contribute to that, and that's why I'm here.

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Frostedge Apr 27 2015, 2:19pm replied:

Thanks friend, I really liked the Hellsing anime, and it had some pretty good music, so I figured that people would enjoy it if heard. Glad to hear it worked out alright.

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Frostedge Jul 20 2014, 5:21pm replied:

Yeah, it's a thing I do. I've seen a few Custom Stories that have "happy" endings, and to me it just doesn't sit well in Amnesia, since that didn't know an actual "happy" ending.

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Frostedge Jul 19 2014, 5:31am replied:

Thanks for tracking my Custom Story. I've thought of making a demo, but I don't think it would add anything to the CS.

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Frostedge Jun 11 2014, 7:37am says:

If there is something I'd have to add to this, it's people that just rate a story in the comments section without adding an actual review. As if clicking the slider on the right to rate a CS is too much of a bother or something.

I've seen #4 happen three times, with one specific "developer" only. But I've never seen it happen that a developer just steals screenshots, it's a bit sad if you ask me.

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Frostedge May 7 2014, 5:08pm replied:

The song that plays in the Main Hall is called "Fabricated Background"
The song in the chapel is called "Mask Of The Priest And The Bell Of The Chapel"
The song in the credits is called "Requiem For The Living"
All are great songs, in my opinion.
If you want, you can always put in a real review to up the score a little.

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Frostedge May 5 2014, 5:20am replied:

I don't know if you've tried to re-install Amnesia or not, but the game itself will be vital for testing. Without a functional Amnesia, making a CS will be difficult.
So, what you're saying is that you can start Amnesia, but wanting to play your CS causes it to crash?
Sounds like an error in the scripting, if you ask me.

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Frostedge May 2 2014, 4:27pm says:

If I'd have to give you some pre-emptive advice, it's these three.

1. Make screenshots inside of Amnesia, while playing it. Making screenshots from the Editor is a faux pas.

2. I look at your screenshots, and notice an excessive amount of unused space in each of them. Wide open rooms make for very boring maps, so try and fill it up with debris, furniture or other decorative items.

3. This is a personal gripe, but writing down every single character in the mod's description makes the story part in your Custom Story a bit redundant. You're more or less dumping this load of characters on the player, why not have the player figure out who these people are on their own, through notes and flashbacks 'n such? It'll raise the immersion, and people don't bother to switch back to the mod's page to check who is who anyway.

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Frostedge Apr 15 2014, 6:21pm says:

To be honest, it didn't remind me of the Thief series at all. The sneaking was extremely linear, which wasn't really actual sneaking at all. The only thing the player could do was walk down a very unusually shaped corridor.

The guards have the same disposition like the ones in Thief. But the fact that I can just stand still and nothing will happen, takes away any kind of suspense there might be. If you did that kind of stuff in Thief, a patrolling guard would spot you at some point and run after you, which would initiate a blood-heated chase through the streets. But because enemies don't move here, that is absent.

I've already written a review detailing all that's wrong, so I won't repeat it here.

4/10 - If you want to play a Thief game, play Thief, or Dishonored. But I can't recommend playing this if Thief is what you want.

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Frostedge Apr 10 2014, 5:22pm replied:

Have you retried after completely restarting the Custom Story and retrying the door?

I'm afraid it might be something in your Amnesia files or in your computer. If it was a problem by my faulty scripting, everyone would get a crash when interacting with that door, and this is the first time it's ever happened.

If retrying doesn't do the trick, try re-installing your Amnesia, it might solve the problem.

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Frostedge Apr 10 2014, 2:32pm replied:

There are over twenty doors, which door were you using? Did it have a caption on where it would lead, if yes, what caption was it?

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Frostedge Apr 10 2014, 11:15am replied:

It crashed? That's never actually happened before, or nobody ever bothered to report it. Are you sure it's not a problem on your end?
What were you doing when it crashed? I can't fix the problem if I don't know where it lies.

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Frostedge Mar 25 2014, 7:21pm replied:

There's another key in the room, just check the table in the key room closely, you'll find it. If not, check one of the Let's Plays in the Mod's description, they've all solved the key puzzle.

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Frostedge Mar 22 2014, 5:08am replied:

Basically, what you're saying is that you want us to play your Custom Stories, but you don't want us saying that they're bad?

You knew it could happen, if you're willing to subject your work to the critical eyes of others, then you should be able to take the feedback and critisism they provide. If you can't do that, then you sadly have no business posting Custom Stories.

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Frostedge Mar 13 2014, 11:36am replied:

That kind of bug is new to me.
Did it happen to the door on the right or the door on the left when facing the large double-door with slime on it?
Does the door make the opening sound, yet doesn't open? Or does it make the locked door sound? Because if it makes the opening sound, simply leaving and re-entering the map should fix it.

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Frostedge Mar 11 2014, 2:10pm replied:

The sueing gets ridiculous, this girl (Rachel Canning, I believe) recently sued her parents because they refused to pay for her private high school while she was already legally adult. It's pathetic, sueing my own parents? I'd rather be found dead in a ditch somewhere.

At some point, the judge said this.

"If we let things like this pass, then what's to stop children from sueing parents over not buying an Xbox?"

If I'd been there, I would've shaken hands with the man.

And don't get me started on people sueing companies for not providing a 50kg handguide on what NOT to do with the product.

In The Netherlands, however, things like that do not happen (often), it's done mainly in America. I'm not sure what it's like in Sweden, but I'm assuming that people are rational there as well.

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Frostedge Mar 11 2014, 1:31pm replied:

Overdose by energy drink? My, what happened to the time where doing stupid things would have people scorn you, not victimise you? It's sad that getting sued is my main fear these days. If someone rides their bike against my stationary car, then somehow I'm at fault for not having moved out of the way.

But I digress, people will find a way to go around M rating, but they shouldn't be allowed to prance about and ruin the fun for others. And they should absolutely not be allowed to blame mature games when their kid starts doing weird things.

Yeah, the Minecraft community really shows what kind of self-entitled little twats today's kids can be. What I hate most about it is this way of thinking they often have.
"If someone is worse than me, he is a noob."
"If someone is better than me, he is a hacker, or there was lag."

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Frostedge Mar 10 2014, 2:39pm replied:

People actually obeying the M rating system would keep angry parents and such out of our hair when they blame games again when there's a 14 year old kid who kills all his classmates and coincidentally plays GTA or CoD.

Childish Let's Players are a plague these days, I've seen some who sound like they're 9 years old, and then play a serious game like Amnesia while he derps around and complains that the maker is a douche for not making things super-easy on him.

And I've had it happen to me once on a FPS where some kid's mom asked me to stop swearing into the microphone while he kept team-killing everyone. After politely explaining that her brat was breaking the game's rules, she took away his internet so he couldn't play anymore.
Hilarious, but it's still sad that it could happen.

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Frostedge Mar 9 2014, 5:48pm replied:

I've done some reading on the M rating system, and I noticed a lot of countries having different parameters and age requirements. From my point of view, they should just make one rating system, and have every country abide by that with an iron fist.
It'd prevent children from infecting the more adult games, as has already happened in the Xbox 360. The last I'd want to see is 12 year olds prancing about shouting "Ermegerd, Amnesia is so kewl, I'm 12 lmao".

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Frostedge Mar 4 2014, 12:12pm replied:

The fact that you play Amnesia: TDD would not be allowed in any country, if you are actually 12 years old. It has a Mature rating, which means you generally have to be older than 16, 18, or 21 years old to play it.

So, yeah, I'm going to go ahead and assume that anyone playing this game is allowed by law to do so.

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Frostedge Mar 4 2014, 8:34am replied:

Let's keep the profanity to a minimum, we're all adults here.

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Frostedge Feb 27 2014, 2:27pm says:

Or you could do an AddEntityInteractCallback on your key, in which you can place a check for a value, if this value is wrong (AKA, the desk door has not been properly opened), then you can give the cheater an immediate credit roll with the words:

"If you won't play seriously, then I seriously won't let you play."

You could just use an [if] and [else] statement with a value that changes whenever the door has or has not been opened legitemately.

+1 vote   blog: Things that annoys me
Frostedge Feb 27 2014, 1:34pm replied:

People can glitch through doors by throwing barrels on themselves? I've never seen that happen before anywhere, I'll try to find some videos of people who do that.

I already found a way to show the item in the desk, but have the player unable to pick it up, because a Blockbox is in the way, just to troll cheaters. Using a Blockbox normally does the trick, but making the item spawn in with SetEntityActive is another way to do it. Though I think that seeing the item in there could motivate players to search for the key, rather than have it spawned in the moment the desk door is broken/openend.

+1 vote   blog: Things that annoys me
Frostedge Feb 27 2014, 9:31am says:

I love this, it's spot on and sadly very true.
It's a shame that the serious Let's Player seems to have become a dying breed as of late. Most of them are just "herp derp barrels bro".

I know a Let's Player, and he was a #2 and #3 combined. He kept on whining that there were so little scares in it, even though I had explicitly stated twice that the mod focused on storytelling, rather than horror. Then he got to a closed desk which had an obvious message saying: "I can smash this with something."
Fifteen minutes later, he found a hammer. He then proceeded to run around for an hour, hammering everything he could find until he accidentaly found his way back to the desk door. He smashed the thing.
"The maker should put a memento for that desk in here."
It's a shame that players expect you to hold their hand all the time.

But I digress. I have another one to add to this list. Cheaters.
It infuriates me whenever a Let's Player starts to twiddle with a closed desk door, because I know that he'll try to steal whatever is in there without bothering to find the key and play the Custom Story properly as was intended by the developer.
Maybe this can be prevented by the developer. But honestly, if we need to prevent the player from cheating and/or breaking the game on purpose, then where has this world gone to?

+1 vote   blog: Things that annoys me
Frostedge Jan 15 2014, 6:46am replied:

It's awesome that you're here. Don't worry, I'll make sure to implement your music to the best of my abilities. :D

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Frostedge Jan 11 2014, 5:16pm replied:

It's not ready for prime-time just yet.
That's why it says TBD underneath the Mod's name. It means Release Date: To Be Decided.

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Frostedge Jan 11 2014, 3:54am replied:

May I give you a piece of advice? Try making a map before you've even started on the story, it'll give you some practise in the HPL-Engine and how to use it. My "Price of Immortality" got at least a year's worth of delay because I still had to learn all of the ropes.

And I'm sure that if you're stuck, there's plenty of people who'll be more than happy to help you out. Including me. :D

+2 votes   news: Creativity, or rather, a lack of it.
Frostedge Jan 10 2014, 10:23am replied:

Thank you, the support really means a lot to me. I think a lot of Amnesia mappers have this "Map design and scripting of potentially scary scenarios puzzles and a storyline to boot" block.
We should put that in the dictionary.

I've seen your comments and reviews all over the Moddb website, have you ever considered making a Custom Story?

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Frostedge Jan 9 2014, 4:50pm says:

Dang, this is one massive ballroom. Ballrooms in classic castles are often much smaller than this. They also usually have decorations on the walls or on the floor.
I've seen some of the other screenshots, are you going to make most maps this huge and empty? Because that'd be a real waste since some other screenshots look wonderful and awesomely decorated.

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Frostedge Jan 7 2014, 3:11pm says:

Since there's no way for us to make Reviews as of yet, I'm going to write my review in the comments and be very frank about it.

It's bad.

It's simply not good. I'll make a list on what's wrong and what's not.
Concept: Your concept is nice, a labyrinth is easy when it comes to setting the role of the player in a CS.

A shame that it's the only thing that's good.

Story: None, none at all. Not a single note and your English.lang is five lines long. At least come up with something, a reason why we're here and why we need to get out is something that provides context to the player and make us engage with your CS.
Mapping: It's extremely bare-bones-y. There are nearly no decorations. The mapping itself is nothing special, mostly 4x4 floor squares with standard walls. Lacks variety. Though there is one thing that I would gladly debase myself for, and that's for the fact that you use welders on walls. There are dozens of CS's that don't use welders and have the walls look ridiculous, so at least you know how to make it look refined.
Scares: Jumpscares, only jumpscares and jumpscares all the way through. The first item I interacted with was a jumpscare, which immediately angered me, because they're easy to make.
Atmosphere: None, carrying on.

Conclusion: I'm a beginner as well, and from what I can see, this is the first Custom Story you've ever made, isn't it? This sounds harsh, but never upload your first CS, I didn't do it either. Because you gain skill with the Editor the more you work with it, the better the resulting product will be. Study other Custom Stories, study their storytelling, their scares, their atmosphere and their mapping, and learn from them respectively.

+2 votes   mod: Find The Exit
Frostedge Dec 13 2013, 1:12pm says:

No crazy jumpscares, which I think is a plus?
Though the screenshots leave an awful lot to speculation as to how high the mapping quality will be. Good luck with the rest of the development.

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