Hey anyone who's reading this... The names Craig and I'm currently in THE school for animators, Animation Mentor! Best thing I did to get on my way to a great career. I reside in Adealide, Australia but study this program via the internet, works very well ^_^ I'm an ok all rounder for most things in 3D/2D but my passion is animation. It's just something that stuck with me and I really enjoy doing it and making the models come to life through the animations. It's one thing to have great looking models, but if they don't move right, then the effect or appeal has been lost. I've finished up on the mod called Mentality created in the Source engine. I was the lead animator but I'll also be doing the rigging and exporting of the characters as well... Cheers for reading, hopefully I'll put up some content for people to view soon.

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Frenzel Feb 4 2010 says:

Hey guys, this is awesome... Great work!

I'm one of the lads from an old HL2 mod called Mentality which we wanted to have a similiar look and feel...

Yours is just fantastic though :)

One note, the window light from the previous picture showing the classroom and blackboard is present in this photo, it seems someone forgot to turn off a layer in PS :P

but thats its guys, awesome stuff!

+2 votes   media: Welcome to the Orphanage
Frenzel Jul 16 2008 says:

He may be friendly now.... >__> but not for long lol

+1 vote   media: ZombieWave
Frenzel Jun 26 2008 says:

haha, thanks guys... yeah thats in-game with our own weapons/level and props as it says in the description up top! Thanks for your interest guys

+1 vote   media: Brewery
Frenzel Jun 13 2008 says:

Hey thanks guys, the support is appreciated...

+1 vote   media: State Of Mind
Frenzel May 21 2008 says:

Me also... *stare*

+2 votes   member: Shimmey
Frenzel May 21 2008 replied:

Thanks for your support, its great to hear that many are interested in seeing the development of this mod.

Cheers for your comment on the quality of our mod. It just so happens I work with a highly motivated and talented team and its great to see that our efforts are paying off. :D

+1 vote   mod: Mentality
Frenzel Apr 18 2008 says:

Hey guys, thanks for all your support and crits, its always welcome. To Patrick, cheers buddy, its only after getting someone who hasn't seen the model before to give us another perspective on it.

We as a team has set restrictions on poly counts and we used them were they are more needed for deformation on the model. We could probably adjust a bit to make it seem not so noticeable.

And Token, thanks also. I'll let Sam know when I see him next, thats if Pancreas doesn't get to him first :P

+1 vote   media: Soldier In Game
Frenzel Apr 10 2008 replied:

yeah, the update was too good to pass up :P

+1 vote   mod: Mentality
Frenzel Apr 8 2008 replied:

Thanks for your interest, we will be updating this page pretty often so keep posted

+1 vote   mod: Mentality
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