Upon graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, I moved to Japan for three years, where I taught English and music. In my final year in Japan, I started working on music for movie trailers many of which can be viewed on my website. I am currently the audio director for an indie science-fiction game called "X32I : Redemption". I'm enjoying the collaborative process of making a game. I like to think of myself as a composer, but actually, I'm really a game-maker, or if it were film, a film-maker. My job is just one cog of a much larger machine. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California, where I am studying on the University of Southern California's Scoring For Motion Pictures And Television program. I am equally adept at orchestral or electronic writing. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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A dark romantic theme - composed for string orchestra or 23 players.

Recorded at Warner Brothers - Eastwood Scoring Stage, 5th December 2009.

This video was originally scored to picture, but as it is a film, rather than a game, I thought it best to post only the audio here.

However, if you would like to see the clip that it was scored to - please copy the Youtube link below into your browser.


Thanks for listening.

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