Well, there isn't very much to say about me actually, other than that I was born and raised up in Italy, and ever since I was born I was affascinated by space and by videogames. I still remember that day in which I played StarLancer with a group of classmates back in 2000, with our clan called 512th Elite Squadron on the Multiplayer area of the game. I spent a lot of time then playing the X series, made by Egosoft, even if my favourite will always remain Freelancer, a game that made story for me in arcade space games, with the typical spice of a roleplaying game. I haven't forgotten yet how I arrived in the Dyson Sphere with my Hawk, and how I died many times before I thought that restarting the game from the very start and buying the Anubis before that chapter was the right choice, but they... I'm a hot-head.

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Folgore_RM May 6 2012, 2:57pm replied:

LordMalacath PMed me, OP.
For the factbook, I removed you from the group.

+3 votes   news: Deficit omne quod nasciture - But this won't pass away
Folgore_RM May 5 2012, 12:24pm says:

Google.it Questo ti aiuterà un sacco per moddare Freelancer.

Se ti serve qualcos'altro non esitare di contattarmi.

+3 votes   member: LordMalacath
Folgore_RM May 5 2012, 12:17pm replied:

Ti mando la documentazione legata a iBot via Skype quando mi connetto. L'economia in Freelancer è statica. Questo plugin ti permetterò di cambiare il foglio dei prezzi sulle merce, creando una falsa economia dinamica. La puoi alterare anche tu. Ti serve solo Excel per modificare i prezzi e per poi esportarla sotto forma di .csv.

+1 vote   news: Deficit omne quod nasciture - But this won't pass away
Folgore_RM May 5 2012, 12:10pm replied:

The project was dead and was falling into the deepest shadows that I ever saw. I've contacted LordMalacath and asked him if he was interested in taking over the project. Luckly, he was. That's why I transferred the rights over the page to him. I made all this from work, and I didn't had time to inform everyone that was involved with Continuum in the past.

+2 votes   news: Deficit omne quod nasciture - But this won't pass away
Folgore_RM May 5 2012, 12:08pm replied:

As I told you, I would have either scrapped this or handed it to somebody who wished to continue the project. You were the most fitting candidate, despite your lack of knowledge in Freelancer.

But, from what I already know of you, you'll do fine. If you need help over something, just send me a PM, since I still check Moddb regularly.

Also, Continuum died because of me. Because of my lack of application and dedication to the project. We've promised to bring stuff that we didn't actually bring up. A project made out from concepts, of material that could never be used.

You'll probably do better alone than what we were able to do as a team.

Also, check your PM box by the way. You have a server plugin waiting for you.

Buona fortuna, se vuoi più tardi cercami su Skype. Che sono disponibile per un po' prima di uscire fuori per cena.

+1 vote   news: Deficit omne quod nasciture - But this won't pass away
Folgore_RM May 1 2012, 5:53pm says:

Beh, sono senza parole...
Spero vivamente che riuscirai a conoscere appieno questo magnifico gioco che è Freelancer. Se ti serve aiuto in qualunque modo, cerca Silvio su Skype on the ID of rubicon141. We should still have some old material left for you.

Continuum is pretty much dead. From what I know, you prefer on solo-creating mods, and I don't have nothing against that, so.. consider the rights to the mod to belong to you. You can rename it, create a website or start to actively develop it (that's were we failed).

You've modded more games that I have ever modded, you showed me the basics of Python programming and I was left without words on how dumb I felt.

The Continuum mod page now belongs entirely to you and your future team. I doubt that Silviu will jump on the wagon after that it failed... but I trust you. I know that you won't fail. Good luck mate, and sorry if I was absent... life got the best of me.

+1 vote   blog: Learning Freelancer
Folgore_RM Feb 2 2012, 3:28pm says:

You want this to be done in one exact year or more. Q2 2012?
This cannot be done. Modelling will take a lot of time, about 8 or 9 months for everything.

You want totally revamped game mechanics. That's tiresome to do, since you want to remove magic and other Skyrim-stuff that is hardcoded, stuff like this will be full of bugs and will cause a lot of CTDs.

You want to recreate a total new world. You know how much that will take? I can make a detailed interior cell in one day. Lets not even talk about exterior cells. I value detail and not do-for-**** stuff, with ****** up NavMesh interiors or lighting. Anyway, this was all.

0 votes   media: Early work - Jack Cherbourg look
Folgore_RM Feb 2 2012, 3:26pm replied:

If you want to write in english, that suits me perfectly. I'll resume what isn't going in the right direction in here. First-of, you know that I had my own business to take care off, and that was fine, since you acknowledged that, so don't try to pull my nose on stuff that you already know of. Second, I had some 3D models done & uploaded on Dropbox.com, I've sent the link to LM if he wants them and has time to work on them, everything was related to your project and done previously that I had left for HTS down in south Italy. Third, scripts? You must be joking, right? You can't script nothing without the CK, nothing that is crash-free. I've already tried that with SkyrimEdit, just to change the patrol paths for the Whiterun guards. This just proves me that you have zero knowledge on what you talk about. Fourth, I've had the 'opportunity to help this mod' - and so I did. I've brought to your attention several important facts that should be followed and you've disregarded them (like modelling everything and then splitting the stuff - that's wrong, and you'll see it why when it's too late), I've brought you a new guy who was interested (LM in this case) and he's already plain bored of the attitude of someone in here. Fifth and final thing, "peeing on your project"? You've been just advertising something that I could have done aswell, like writing lore or making a character ingame, that is just uneccessary. Hook yourself up on some Maya/3DSMax/Blender/DAZ3D Studio tutorial and start modelling, instead of doing your daily "you didn't make nothing" drama. This is doomed to fail, and you know that. For various reasons.

+2 votes   media: Early work - Jack Cherbourg look
Folgore_RM Feb 2 2012, 12:41pm says:

Io me ne vado, tanti auguri e buona fortuna con la mod. Sono rimasto deluso dal comportamento di questa 'squadra', se cosi la possiamo chiamare.

+1 vote   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Feb 2 2012, 12:40pm says:

Ancora una volta, che senso ha questo, quando nemmeno il CK è uscito?

+3 votes   download: PillarsOfTheEarthHMap
Folgore_RM Feb 2 2012, 12:34pm says:

Ti posso chiedere gentilmente perchè crei dei PC all'interno del gioco quando la loro creazione non servirà a niente? Da quanto ho visto finora, compresa questa immagine, questa mod non andrà da nessuna parte.

Questa immagine qui, sinceramente, non ha senso. Avresti potuto investire il tuo tempo in un modo migliore, piuttosto che dire alla gente quello che deve fare mentre nel frattempo tu perdi il tempo creando roba che non ci servirà a niente. Se tu pensi che la gente che hai reclutato qui (compreso me) ti creerà la mod mentre tu non contribuisci a niente che possa veramente servirci, ti sbagli di grosso.

Chiamali come vuoi, concept o meno. Ma quello che tu stai facendo è di creare false speranze per la gente. Ti auguro buona fortuna con il tuo progetto, io sinceramente mi tiro fuori da questa storia.

+1 vote   media: Early work - Jack Cherbourg look
Folgore_RM Jan 29 2012, 10:18am replied:

Put compatibility to Windows Vista or XP on the installer .exe, and the problem should be solved.

+1 vote   mod: Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune
Folgore_RM Jan 29 2012, 10:17am replied:

Dipende, fine Febbraio.

+3 votes   member: Folgore_RM
Folgore_RM Jan 23 2012, 6:30am says:

Vabbè, io ti saluto. Contatta Kane al più presto, cosi almeno potete parlare di persona. See you later.

+1 vote   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 23 2012, 6:25am replied:

Guarda chi si vede! Colui che mi ha rubato il nome!
Benvenuto su Moddb, Claudio. Non ho molto tempo per spiegarti chi sono gli altri, perciò te la dovrai cavare da solo. Per qualunque cosa, non esitare di contattarmi. Proverò a scrivere qualcosa che abbia più senso più tardi, verso la pausa pranzo.

+1 vote   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 12:12pm replied: +1 vote   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 12:09pm replied:

Your support is valuable. A mod without support is a mod destined to fail.

+2 votes   mod: Pillars of the Earth - Part 1
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 12:08pm replied:

Everything related to late 1300 architecture. Towers, castles, cathedrals, churches, stables, taverns... this kind of stuff. You will be without doubt inserted within the credits of the mod if you manage to pull this out.

I also suggest that you register an account at Dropbox, so that you can 'drop' you images there and send them to us.

+2 votes   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 12:06pm replied:

Skyrim non usa C++ né Java. Il linguaggio usato nei scripts è C.
Vai qui e leggi un po' d'articoli a riguardo. Poi ti spiegherò come creare uno script di base che ha un parent come oggetto.

+1 vote   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 11:57am replied:

Mach dir keine Sorgen.

+2 votes   mod: Pillars of the Earth - Part 1
Folgore_RM Jan 5 2012, 11:54am replied:

As you may probably know, Skyrim has that nice little feature that everyone knows it as Radiant Quest Engine, a nice little addition compared to past TES releases. The Empire / Stormcloak war is directly controlled by the RQE scripts. Of course, we will know more when the Creation Kit is out.

+1 vote   media: Influence world map concept art 1135 A.D.
Folgore_RM Jan 2 2012, 7:42pm says:

Piccola cosa.
SketchUp non è molto consigliato per creare modelli 3D con lo scopo di usarli in qualche gioco per il fatto che ha numerosi problemi a livello della struttura dei vertici e delle facce. Infatti non è insolito vedere qualche modello fatto in sketchup con artefatti visivi, tipo un vertice che crea un buco nella mesh, o doppie-facce.

Se puoi inviarmi uno dei tuoi modelli te lo farò vedere con uno screen wireframe in Maya (zippalo e uppalo su Mediafire, poi dammi il link). Perchè sennò sprecherai solo il tuo tempo.
Poi dovrò spiegarti un po' come funziona il formato .nif.

+1 vote   media: Cathedral from Pillars of Earth in Google Sketchup
Folgore_RM Jan 2 2012, 5:35pm says:

I don't know if you'll have time to read this, or if it'll drown in the many messages contained in here. (Like it always happens on Moddb)

A recent team to which I joined are seeking to recreate the world of TPotE (The Pillars of the Earth - by Ken Follett) using the Creation Engine, which you probably know for what it is used. (Sarcasm)

Well, I find it hard to create such a project, since you wouldn't have the various races anymore, you wouldn't have magic anymore, vampires, dungeons... all that stuff.

So, I suggested today. Why not recreate Morrowind? Would you be interested in this?

+1 vote   mod: Morrowind Rebirth 3.1
Folgore_RM Jan 2 2012, 5:30pm replied:

This depends on various factors. The Elder Scrolls are renowned across the world because of one very important feature. You can be who you want, other than the fact that you can do what you want without being conditioned by the game. This is in my mind a positive feature that we should try with all means to preserve. People like to create their own characters within the Universe that they play, that's why Bethesda Softworks made a breakthrough with Morrowind. People loved it because they could be whoever they wanted, from an Imperial to a Khajiit.

I myself was considering to make a different project, but more related to the typical lore of The Elder Scrolls, magic, spells, the 'nordic atmosphere' in Skyrim is something that you cannot use in a port of The Pillars of the Earth.

I joined eagerly this team, to help them out, but now I was starting to figure the actual drawback of a mod like this. Why not invent our own story, at this point?

We can use elements from the book, to create our CG assets, to combine them into a totally new world.

Or, we can just go on and recreate Morrowind using the Creation engine's new architecture. We wouldn't need voice-acting at all for that, just time and patience.

+4 votes   mod: Pillars of the Earth - Part 1
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 8:32pm says:

Ciao, il vostro progetto sembra interessante e avendo letto i libri di Ken Follett non posso di certo far finta di niente dopo che ho letto di questo vostro progetto.

Sarò breve. Sono un CG creator e modder su The Elder Scrolls Nexus, ho avuto esperienze passate con Oblivion, avendo creato i modelli 3D di Centurion per il castello di Wolfspike e Griffon's Nest, con una breve ricerca su TesNexus, troverete le mod di cui sto parlando. Ho esperienza con il construction set, animation rigging, 3D importing e event rigging. L'unica cosa in cui sono un po' scarsino è nell'ambito del texturing, dove purtroppo non eccello.

Also, if you need someone to put this page into english, feel free to ask me, since having a project written in a grammatically wrong english is making your fans to.. uhm... scram away.

+2 votes   company: PillarsOfEarth Modders
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 8:05pm says:

Guys, we need to spruce the page a bit with some fancy graphics. If somebody allows to edit the page, I'll do it.

+3 votes   company: PiratesAhoy! Community
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 7:27pm says:

Buy some ship cats.

If I remember correctly, you can disable the percentage of food loss from somewhere. Thing is, I don't have GoF anymore, and I don't know if the team updated the mod with new features.

+1 vote   mod: Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 7:25pm replied:

Search for HeroDescribe.ini, open it with Notepad++ or Notepad (I still suggest Notepad++ though) search for your Hero, modify it's name and you're set. Remember that you need to start a new game for the name change to have effect.

+1 vote   mod: Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 7:23pm replied:

You're probably penalyzed from using a ship that you aren't able to use correctly. Like using a Man-of-War with Navigation skill at 10.

You'll get penalyzed for that, in everything that you do.

Same goes for boarding, if your boarding party is 20 people strong, and the enemy one is 1200 people strong, it'll be harder to damage the opponents.

+1 vote   mod: Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune
Folgore_RM Jan 1 2012, 7:21pm replied:

What I can suggest is that you install AoP:CoAS to a different directory rather than the default one. Then download GoF 1.0, install it, and patch it with the GoF 1.1 patch.

+2 votes   mod: Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune
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