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firefox1592 @ Military LMG

What kind of man rages over stickers on guns?

Bioshocker, I agree with both of the points you made regarding the RPK-74 and how it should look, but the way you got your point across was abrasive and childish. Also, who in their right mind would tell N.Aaroe what Misery is about? Insulting people for having a different opinion than you makes you seem to be an elitist prick. Grow up, and try to keep things respectful. This is Moddb, not youtube. Leave your anger with your therapist. He gets paid to listen to you vent, we do not.

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firefox1592 @ Zone of Alienation mod

Alright, first off, amazing mod. I love the choice of textures, and the magazine mod is very immersive. The difficultly is rather steep, but I feel it makes the zone feel more authentic (and the invisable springboards and whirlygigs really make one utilize their bolts!). I have to call it my personal favorite stalker mod, as I find it the most immersive (the AMK script for ai reports is just awesome). however the mod has problems.

1: The magazine mod is sketchy...once it stopped working altogether. creating a new game solved this.

2: The Controller problem. This is just crazy messed. they start messing with your brain from across the level, and there is no way you can get to them befor they crash your ***. There was two of them chilling in cordon..with a chimera....Ya, crash city. Thank you Drag0 for the fix!

3: Spawns are messed. This can be great fun at times (twelve poltergiests in x-18...that was a freaking blast). At times it is just abrasive (seventeen dogs blocking the way out of rostok....)

In spite of those flaws, I would much rather start a new game in zone of alienation...then play Call Of Pripyat. hopefully these problems wont be hell to patch. I know what it is like having to deal with depression, and what it can do to your work/schooling, so I am in no posistion to beg you for patches. I hope you feel better man, and great job on the mod!

On a side note, I thought AMK had Zombie zombies ( with no guns ), cats, dwarfs and izloms. were those removed for stability reasons, or have I just not spotted them?

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firefox1592 @ myles

Hey man, you have freaking mad mapping skills!

But for some reason your Harbor map won't show up in my killing floor. I extracted everything to it's proper directory, even redownloaded it, but it doesn't seem to want to show it. The map looks just beautiful based upon the screen shots, and I would like to give it a try. I have also tried installing it on 3 different computers, still no luck.

Do tell me if you think you know the problem :)

* Random note * You mapped for tripwire!, Awesome XD

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firefox1592 @ KF-KingOfTheHill

Nevermind, all you had to do was join the server, leave, and then join again.

This may be the best map out of all of them for killing floor, great job!

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firefox1592 @ TAP-CHAN

Hey man, first off I have to say your unreal engine 2.5 mapping skills are absolutely amazing! Harbourv3 and kingofthehill look and play way better then tripwires maps!.

Actually KF-KingOfTheHill, may be my favorite killing floor map, however, it has one fatal problem.

When it is played on LAN, anyone who is not the host, has a very messed up contrast! The game is unplayably dark! ( and blue, but once it was red ). But if that same person plays it solo, it is fine again.

If you know the problem, please tell me, I want to use this map at the next LAN party.

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firefox1592 @ KF-Harbor

I made sure that the .utx file was in textures, and the .usx file was in static meshes...and that the .rom file was in maps....

I even re downloaded the whole thing, set all the files to read only and turned my computer off, and then back on ( that was more of a joke then an actual troubleshoot )

I am completely puzzled by this one.

*don't say setting it to read only was the problem, I tried it five times both ways*

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firefox1592 @ KF-KingOfTheHill

This map is wonderfully detailed, and very fun to play. However, It has one problem.

When I play LAN with it, the other person see's the map as extremely dark! Making it unplayable to anyone that is not the host.

Any help would be great, I really would like to use this map in the next LAN party!

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firefox1592 @ KF-Harbor

I seem to have a problem with this map,

It looks really fun, and absolutely beautiful, but I can't get it to work. I have manually installed almost 400 maps, but this one just doesn't show up on the maplist. I don't know if it is conflicting with a map named " KF-Harbourv3" or not, but it shouldn't be an issue.

Anyway, map looks amazing, if you can figure out why it doesn't show up on the list, do tell me.

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firefox1592 @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

fantastic game!!.....very system shock 2-ish.

and with all the mods you could play it for years. I suggest the realistic weapons mod tho...really makes the gameplay scarier because you could die at any time. And you can use any weapon you like cause it doesn't make alot of difference. so if you want to be stealthy with a silenced aks-74u you can do so with 1-3 shot kills. after a while without the mod it's like playing COD4 with headshots only :)

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