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Posted by feillyne on Jan 2nd, 2011

An addendum to the truth blog post:

The other reason why the US government keeps the truth from the people, the truth that there are cosmic civilisations out there in the universe beyond the Earth (and even on the Earth itself), is that the US government has a specific deal with one of them - the greys.

In exchange for DNA material (human cells, ovum, spermatozoan, and other things taken from humans), greys provide the said government with an anti-gravitational technology.
Greys desperately try to make their own race reproductive again. What's a bit weird, they are also said to despise higher vibrations (of love, tolerance, etc.).

Not quite know about the exact extent of the above co-operation. It appears they have a very close one, because quite a few of UFO sightnings are being reported very close to human (mostly American) military bases.

Whether you believe or disbelieve in all this, you'll probably agree on one thing: the Earth is a part of the cosmos, of the universe, and therefore we all are cosmic beings. ;-) One way or another.

So what are their main messages?
Pleiadian: to help the poor, support those are truthful (remember those great inventors and thinkers that were opposed and persecuted by the Church sowing propagandae and lies?), spread the message of Love
Andromedan: to take responsibility for one's actions [whatever these actions are]

So now what was promised earlier.

How to get your own proofs

1. Hypnosis of friends. To learn how to do that, you simply need to browse various reliable source files available throughout the Internet.

First, some safety rules:
1) shut off all mental influences of others ("others" in a very broad sense if you catch my meaning) during the session, i.e. you need to rise a mental barrier around your friend
2) ask him to answer only your questions that are critical to the experiment (nothing personal)

Second, the main experiment.

3-20 of your friends consenting to the experiment.
Those friends must have avoided researching/studying astronomy, constellations, star systems, reading science-fiction, etc. (you can ask them during the hypnosis session whether they have consciously researched any of these just to be sure).
Also these friends should have never claimed any abductions, etc.

All set? Okay...

Then ask them to draw or describe (depending on whether they are good at sketches & drawing) Pleiades, constellation/galaxy of Andromeda, Sirius A and B. (And also others, such as a planet Zeta Reticuli.)

That's just a beginning. Now ask them to characterise or draw THOSE who dwell in/on these constellations/systems/planets.

Finally, compare the data gathered from your different friends.


All in our DNA holding the above information, in our subconsciousness... we all know them subconsciously. ALL of us. [Luke 17:20-21, "the kingdom of God is within you" has also a different meaning than that spiritual one.]

2. Direct contact.

You can contact some of those via deep states of meditation, prayer, dreams, etc.

You may avoid contacting Elohim who has chosen Jews to be their selected/favourite people, as communicating with these cosmic beings can be simply bothering or whining to them.

Pleiadians have a different set of symbols, but the common one is a triangle with a circle (or circles) inside it. You can visualise it to reach a mental contact.

And yes, contacting may be bothersome to them (and others out there).

So it's solely you who takes rensposibility for your communication - and also for the change of your world view after the contact.

3. Just wait up to December 2012. According to Yeshua, he'll bring Pleiadians (and possibly others, 10,000 of them all) with him to the Earth:
I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
John 10:16

Those will be possibly besmirched as devils by presidents e.g. Obama, the pope (or the regent), bankers, etc. all those who are drunk with political or religious power and are blind to these love-filled female-energised (non-violent/aggressive) beings.

The day they arrive, religions and governments as we know them - will start falling apart.

Regarding events that can or can't happen in 2011 and 2012:
everything's a belief system. If you truly believe that you'll meet your friends while going for a walk, then you'll meet him. Same goes for the actual reality.

So what's up with that apocalypse scenario where the US and other countries are flooded & filled with various terrible disasters (and even nuked)?

In fact, there at least 3 different 'major' futures in store for us:
1) The one world government rises to power, there are protests, people are murdered, RFID chipped, there's much pain everywhere... till they [Pleiadians] come and solve the problem (the bestial, rogue one world government) and guide painfully nations into obedience and "kill" (immobilise) those who turn against them with sonic weapons (sonic weapons, the so called "sword coming from the mouth" of Yeshua in the Bible).

2) Somebody nukes Jupiter to grant our wish of Hell - everything goes out of hand on account of Jupiter igniting into a star (all major disasters can be man-made or are a result of a human error/intention, 9/11, the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, and even regular disasters seem to be supposedly possible with HAARP). "Somebody", i.e. a human government, one of those cosmic races, etc. All triggered by multiplied human wish fueled by their hate and ignorance (they believe, fuel it with their hate, somebody else grants their wish, simple). This supposed wish would be a deed, not a word. Humankind doesn't fucking need to think about it at all. All they need is focus.
Pleiadians/Elohim/others would come only to rescue those chosen by them. The rest of mankind would be left to face a new star - Jupiter. The physical "Hell" Yeshua was probably talking about.

3) The human governments are either re-formed or changed, the corruption is uprooted by humans themselves, there's much more human activism and human rights are much more upheld (Pleiadians come only with a good word and to help humans grow).

So why and what for that bet with open_sketchbook? Simply to prepare for the worst. Hoping and fighting for the best, but preparing for the worst. (The bet itself to learn something from it.)

The final truth is that we all (as consciousnesses) are equal. Every single one of us. But we don't fucking see any equality here on the Earth. No fucking equality. And it's about something different from "having more" or "having less", something else than taking material things from each other like a bunch of mad dogs.

It's about RIGHTS themselves. An equal right to breathe, an equal right to water, an equal free right to be provided with everything you need to do your work, to develop yourself, to grow... up. To education suitable for your needs without fucking being enslaved to debts reaching up to e.g. 100,000 dollars.

Can churches of stone, dead temples, serve to worship anything? Can dead astrologically commanded rituals, routine deeds just for purposes of posing, bring you any fruit?

Your body is the temple of God. Your body is the church of God. Not the God Creator, but the God Creator, Preserver, Destroyer <- all of them.

Something comes to life, lasts for a certain period of time, then turns into smaller pieces (entropy). That's the way of material things, our temporary reality.

(re)Creation, Preservation, Destruction. The truth very ancient Terrans knew perfectly, the truth that was corrupted and denigrated into the concept of Osiris, Isis, and Horus - the Father (Creator), the Mother (Preserver), the Child (Destroyer).

You don't need to believe anything here at all. You can disbelieve, disagree with anything you wish. [And one needs to choose sides carefully. If you choose to be neutral, the victorious side will simply ignore you and you won't profit from anything the side won.]

And yes, you can do everything, but only a few actions are truly profitable. Others lead to a fuckin' deep, deeeeeeep ditch. And those involved in pushing for one world government, e.g. Bushes (George Bush senior about the matter), Rockefellers (especially David Rockefeller), Rothschilds, and many others - they plan to introduce a slave equality.

A slave equality based on Marxist ideals, but in practice - a twisted version of Marxism. RFID chipped humans as the slaves, the base of pyramid, and them - the "omnipotent" elite - at the top, the all-seeing eye.

A decision to make - open-source, free energy, freeware, clean pleasures, people, etc., or them - slavery, temporary ignorant pleasures, etc. or even being neutral and having nothing from any of them.

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OrangeNero Jan 3 2011 says:

hey feillyne if you find pictures of the spaceships they have then you know where to add them :)

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open_sketchbook Jan 7 2011 says:

Jupiter is too small to sustain a fusion reaction; and besides, even if you nuked it till it glowed, used every weapon in the arsenal of mankind, it would be barely noticable. A few years back Jupiter was struck by an object that imparted more kenetic force than all our nuclear weapons combined could have inflicted and it didn't blow up, so number 2 can be scratched off the list.

A fusion reaction requires a certain core pressure. Jupiter isn't quite massive enough to pull that core pressure off. You could initiate a fusion reaction in Jupiter's core given enough heat (more than petty nukes could pull off, though) but the reaction would not be sustained; it would fail before it could burn off the full Jupiter could supply.

+4 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 7 2011 replied:

So the theory #2 can be scratched, fortunately. What about increased solar activity? Was there any occurrences in the past where the Sun could have cooked the Earth?

+1 vote   reply to comment
open_sketchbook Jan 7 2011 replied:

Technically, a large enough solar flare could sterlize the Earth. However, a flare that big hasn't occured in billions of years as the sun has settled into a much more stable reaction. You'd basically have to drop a jupiter-sized object into the sun in order to cause a hiccup big enough to overwhelm Earth's magnetic field.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 7 2011 replied:

What about increased sporadic solar activity, such as the one in the mediaeval times (from 9th to 15th century)?

+1 vote   reply to comment
open_sketchbook Jan 7 2011 says:

Any change would be gradual, in the range of decades or centuries.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 9 2011 replied:

There was a gradual change throughout last decades. More disasters, higher/lower (than average) temperature levels, etc.
Unisdr.org (disaster statistics that were shown earlier)

The question is WHO or WHAT causes it. And it appears, instead of as any kind of global warming or freezing, rather as a global "destabilisation" or a "climate change".

+1 vote   reply to comment
open_sketchbook Jan 10 2011 replied:

The answer is quite simple, if you know about stellar physics. The sun is a big fuel ball of plasma, constantly shifting as various parts gain or lose porportional amounts of heat. Changes are caused by changes in the composition of the part currently undergoing fusion. A big bubble of helium in the right place will change the way the reaction goes and the total output.

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Protroid Jan 8 2011 says:

I'm not saying that the US doesn't keep secrets, heck all countries do, nor am I saying that inteligent life beyond our Solar System does not exist, but your 2012 claims are, crazy. With number 1 we would need to see that power rising or growing increasingly militaristic around nowish (lets remember, the nazi party didn't establish a evident hold on Germany until 1933, 6 YEARS before WWII). Sketch already said how 2 can't happen. As for 3, its ... possible, but not within the time frame of now till then. The change of a 1st or 2nd world country's government without foreign interjection hasn't happened in a while.

On a lighter note I see that your a believer in Collective Unconscious, I don't like to think of it, as it casts a darker kind of mood on the world.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 9 2011 replied:

The foundations for the global government already were laid, for example:

Herman van Rompuy, a president of the EU, stealthily chosen behind backs of Europeans (paid better than Obama):

CIA Global Governance document:

The so-called NWO scheduled for 2025, but to be sincere, they may push for it even in 2011 or 2012.

The intelligent life beyond our Solar System?

Well, the CULTURAL evidence for extraterrestrial / cosmic beings from other systems is literally massive.

For example, Vedas and the Sanskrit language (along with many other things) were given to ancient Indians by a "god-people". This theme is recurrent in other cultures as well, and they all emphasise the "human" appearance of them.

What god people? The same that were called angels, gods, or called themselves God or gods ("God" of Jews - see in the Bible how "God" reveals himself to Jews - you can examine EVERY single occurrence, every single of their "meeting").

Also, to make an anti-gravitational device, at least three components are required: copper, aluminium, and magnets:
The knowledge of it also was given to ancient Indians.

Well, the question of collective unconsciousness is a bit tricky. First, a careful examination of various NDEs may point to the changeability of these, everyone (depending on the culture and an individual belief system) dreams his own... "afterlife" dreams after being clinically (otherwise?) dead. There's also a point of chemicals running down the brain and creating the illusion.

The other question is whether our "souls", "minds", whatever you call it, are MEASURABLE. Whether this very soul separates from the body and dreams its own dreams about itself. The "unconsciousness", the imagined (IMAGINED as in a dream) afterworld.

+1 vote   reply to comment
BoomBoomBatista Jan 13 2011 replied:

Wait, indians know anti gravity? (imagining the wild west with indians with railguns and laser pistols blowing up the cowboys..... which are using sticks and stones...)

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 13 2011 replied:

Indians from India. ;-D

+3 votes   reply to comment
Protroid Apr 16 2011 replied:

If something is planned for 2025, it probably requires a lot of work, so I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to squeeze that all in within a year!

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Apr 16 2011 replied:

You're completely right, totally impossible... unless the shock therapy/doctrine would be used.

Only what shock would be possibly needed to push a global government on most (if not all) countries? A total economic crisis or bankruptcy of the dollar? Maybe something equally stunning? (An assassination of the Catholic pope and breakdown of the catholicism, for example?) Ordo ab chao.

Impossible from our perspective, still, there are many methods and ways to make even less probable things reality. The question is what exactly.

+1 vote   reply to comment
V_guessWho Jan 9 2011 says:

Occam's razor.
Anyway, I see the message, but what is the point of it?

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 10 2011 replied:

What's the point of such brainstorming, an article that assumes much but gives only a couple of "practical" methods?
Simply to broaden one's horizons.

Even though concepts themselves and the "information" above may be not true.

To determine their accuracy one would have to research himself. These are points.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Admiral_Skeybar Jan 10 2011 says:

What about dragons? Dragons have been found in cultures all over the world, what is your explanation for that?

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 10 2011 replied:

Humans weren't allowed to picture reptilians in their true (humanoid) form, so humans had described and drawn them much differently, creating various distorted myths and mythology in the process. They were programming humans just like everybody else, for their own purposes.

The Bible also tells a story about the reptile race in a form of allegory. The snake in Genesis not only talks, but walks, too. ;-)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Admiral_Skeybar Jan 12 2011 replied:

I see, what kind of technology do those supposed aliens use?

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 13 2011 replied:

Well, you'll see in 2 years.

Anyway, there's pretty much to do and we should take care of here and now rather than the time and the situation ensuing "in 2 years".

Would you upload some of your models, or these unused ones, for download? :-)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Admiral_Skeybar Jan 18 2011 replied:

You'll need trueSpace to view my models, btw, they can't really be used in a game, they are to high-poly.

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 26 2011 replied:

Maybe then you could make a film with a couple of professionals?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Admiral_Skeybar Mar 8 2011 replied:

I am doing so now :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
CommanderDG Jun 10 2011 replied:

You believe we will get exterminated by the Dalek=P.
Ok, just joking. But serriously, wouldn't aliens have better things to do than to come annoying us?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BoomBoomBatista Jan 13 2011 says:

no offense feillyne, you are a nice person and all, but how much time did it take you to make up all of this? i mean, if no people know it, then how are you the only person of all to know this? and exactly all the alien races and their names and all that...

+4 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 13 2011 replied:

All these constellations/galaxies and star systems are true.

And that the Earth is a part of the cosmos, a part of the universe - and therefore, that we all are cosmic beings - is also true whatever you believe or disbelieve.

But we don't behave like Terran humans... or cosmic beings.

We behave like ones brainwashed by national and personal propaganda, butchering each other in the name of goals that put being "Christians", "Muslims", "Canadians", "Americans", Europeans", etc. before being HUMANS.

If you survive to the end of 2012 (2013), you'll know.

That doesn't matter anyway.

All that matters is HELPING each other. DOING.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Protroid Jan 21 2011 replied:

In my opinion, the only thing thing thats to happen on 2012 is on the 20th, not the 21st. What I think is that there will be a spike in crime and suicides due to the belief that somthing is coming, but nothing other than that.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 26 2011 replied:

Nothing's happening? Perhaps you'd better watch the news, the climate change development, etc. :-P

+1 vote   reply to comment
Protroid Feb 10 2011 replied:

You realize that disasters like that have hapened throughout time correct? They are only more evident now as the media has evolved from what it was 300 years (and further!) ago.

+4 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Feb 11 2011 replied:

They did. Yet, have you researched statistics of ancient/mediaeval huge disasters? We had already a couple in a few years while the ancient had them only once in a while. The time span is quite different, much different. And we talk only about those visible/destructive ones.

+1 vote   reply to comment
CommanderDG Jun 9 2011 replied:

Hmmm, well it isn't a abnormal change when you think about it. entropy always increases. Also, while I don't deny that there are more environemental disaster than before, climate change is not one of them. Even if it was, we would still survive. But yes protoid has a point, 2012 total annihilation is a bloody joke by the media, nothing more.

+3 votes     reply to comment
DoctorDestiny Jan 13 2011 says:

Never have I seen more dreck in one place than the last conspiracy theory idiot I bashed into oblivion. Do real research and provide real evidence, not ********.

+5 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jan 14 2011 replied:

NO, DO your own research without telling me BS without any evidence.

You can research the ancient Indian culture, learn the Sanskrit language, read Vedas. Aluminium, copper and magnets were used to produce an anti-gravitational device. That was the KNOWLEDGE, their gift to ancient Indians.

Or the above methods, the 1st one to be exact - hypnosis.

Research the Bible, especially terms, translations and mistranslations of the Bible. That "God" of Jews is not "God" as an individual, but a group of beings that made with Jews a covenant.

And even we as a collective consciousness are God - there's no God outside us. Atheists are so close to God, because to find God is to stop searching for "Him". God is within us. It's "one", because we all are one even if in different bodies.

Mainstream religions are BS. Devotion to a god as a single solitary being - a god that doesn't exist - is a ******* joke.
Religions are tools for political control that destroy true spirituality that indeed is practical and DOES support reasoning and rationalism.

Research of all ancient cultures and mythologies. You'll need to cross-reference and compare them. Similarities, differences, concepts.

+3 votes   reply to comment
CommanderDG May 8 2011 says:

"shut off all mental influences of others ("others" in a very broad sense if you catch my meaning) during the session, i.e. you need to rise a mental barrier around your friend"
One word : lol
I always do that anyways.
First, I am 99.9(to the infinite)percent sure you could not iniate a planet wide fusion on jupiter with a nuke. Simply not ennough energy stored in it. Even with all our nuke we woundn't be able. I tryed and fail but you if you spend ennough time on google, you would probably be able to find the mathematical proof on the web about that.
About DNA memory, despite I don'T understand and how we manage to reconise object even when we are born etc etc(Biology never been my thing anyways), there never been a valid proof that psychological genetic memory exist(memory like pictures, "instruction" or any other form of knowledge.). There is something called genetic memory but it is only cell orriented. It relate to the adaptation of a microbe to it environnement for example.

for you comment above, hmmm while I do think anti-gravity is posible, funny arrangement/array of magnet won't create one. If you meant magnetic levitation sorry I misunderstood your argument.

I agree with you about religion, although, at least for the one that aren't worshipping the devil or thing of the like, it give a "example" of how you should be. By that I mean, for example the acts of jesus, Sharing with everyone, respect etc and all the "good messages". But in general, I think about it the same way as you do.
"A decision to make - open-source, free energy, freeware, clean pleasures, people, etc." Despite it was Karl Max root idea, communism will always fail to bring all that because it cannot make everything fair for everyone.
While I do support you on thoses goals. It is simply not feasible in the near future. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise. In fact I like arguing so if you can proove me wrong on anything listed above feel free.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Author Subscriber
feillyne Jun 28 2012 replied:

Yeah, the concept of genetic memory comes from Assassin's Creed.

What you talk about is much closer to the truth - DNA "memory" mirroring purely the environmental factors / environment itself (cells adapting to the changing condition of surrounding environment).

Communism was corrupt, utterly corrupt, because of how men (men themselves) handled it.

1) abolish all godheads/idols/single-concentrated forms of governments - a gov't of Councils rather than presidents/PMs/whatever, a group-based government, the top power to one specific group without a presidential spokesman or anything similar
2) purely resource-based
3) communication of needs through the Internet or similar technology

Communism hardly took care of people's true needs, and education was politically motivated rather than educational/neutral.

+2 votes   reply to comment
CommanderDG Jun 28 2012 replied:

"Yeah, the concept of genetic memory comes from Assassin's Creed."
I thought so. I can tell from the avatar =P.
A) I agree
B) I agree
C)I agree

+2 votes     reply to comment
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