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Halo Fails

4 years ago by Fahim96 0 comments

The other day I was playing Halo campaign, 2 funny things happened.

1. There was this HUGE cliff and an elite was standing by it (he didn't see me). I threw a sticky nade at him, but I missed and it hit the ground beside him. When he saw that, he screamed and jumped right off the cliff to his death.

2. I was driving this warthog with two people in it. I was driving real fast and I got off to pick up an overshield. In my haste, I accidentally ran myself over (sounds wierd, doesn't it) with the warthog. Then, the guy in the gunner's seat said "Great!, Now what do we do?" .

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Dark_Assassin99 May 16 2015 says:

Fahim eh? *hah*

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atlas0880 Oct 22 2011 says:

sorry it has bin so long but the "WHAT IF" Group was going to be a mod for hl2 but are head maper/skin maker was in a hit and run and did not make it so the mod did not get out and will not

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asif_ridwan Aug 29 2011 says:

Dutch film FITNA has been released.In the film,they made a fun of our beloved PROPHET Hazrat Muhammad (SM) and they refused to apologize..Please join hands to boycott the dutch products. 1.6 billion Muslims can surely slap dutch economy. Please forward this message to all Muslims. Remember ALLAH may ask u 1 day, "WHAT DID U DO WHEN THEY MADE FUN OF MY MESSENGER Muhammad (SM)

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Fahim96 Creator
Fahim96 Sep 3 2011 replied:

Yes, you are right. But I'm living in America and the US is killing many innocent civilian muslims daily in afganistan and this is much worse than what the dutch are doing & its impossible to boycott the us. Theres a authentic hadith that says that if you see any fitnah or zulm you should stop it with your hand, if that is impossible, then your tongue, if that is impossible, then with your heart (ie make dua).

Thanks for letting me know, by the way.

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Tha_14 Aug 16 2011 says:

Thank you for tracking Operation 23:Crazy Warfare! :-)
You're helping us getting better. :-)

Best wishes,
.::Tha_14's Networks::. Team

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Fahim96 Creator
Fahim96 Aug 20 2011 replied:


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DEAD_FiSH Aug 1 2011 says:

Action Doom is awesome, contra gameplay in 3D. ♥ Contra!
Action Doom 2 is great, but public was a bitch about it... :/

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Fahim96 Creator
Fahim96 Aug 6 2011 replied:

LOL, I played that game too, but I don't get it. I keep losing.

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DEAD_FiSH Jul 27 2011 says:

I am satanist. Christians want me to tolerate them for their beliefs, but they don`t want to tolerate me for my beliefs. That is just stupid.

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unknow5763 Jul 28 2011 replied:

lol i`m an atheist i think all of you are full of **** :)

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Fahim96 Creator
Fahim96 Jul 30 2011 replied:

PLEASE, talk about religion somewhere else

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