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Gundam DX firing Twin Satellite Cannon

Consider this situation when the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X fires its Twin Satellite Cannon.
I find it frustrating when virtually ALL units coded in Generals ZH, when firing its primary weapon and going back to standby... the transition animation works fine. But when firing secondary and/or tertiary weapons and going back to standby, like this Twin Satellite Cannon situation, damn... it uses the transition animation for the primary weapons fire!!

If I can find someone who can help fix this matter.
If this dilemma would be resolved, we'd be happy seeing Gundam DX return its TSC to its standby phase, not the beam rifle returning to normal. Then, Freedom can return its cannons and its beam rifle to its standby phase, not the beam rifle only and the cannons disappeared. Then, SF's DRAGOONs can return "peacefully" to the SF and not blink and voila, they're now at SF's wings.


Did some more experiments recently.

Unfortunately this bug is unfixable for special attacks (weapons that act like the comanche rocket pods). If you really want to have multiple weapons with working end transitions you have to use weapon switch like the ranger.

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ExzcellionGamma Author

That's a great idea. But the downfall of that is focused weapons, not the fire-at-cooldown style.

The Fullburst unfortunately is not designed for weapon-switch like that but it will be a good try.

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