Exzcellion is a young man who walks on this Earth with a gun and shield on his left hand, and a sword on his right hand, symbolizing two unique timelines together: Feudality and Modernity. On ModDB, he is a mod editor---meaning he downloads mods, plays with the mod for a while, and when he wants some changes he can edit the models, the coding, or the AI scripts. CURRENT FOCUS: Now on "almost full" to full monitoring of Xenoforce Reborn Mod for CNC3 Tiberium Wars. I will be "assisting" in the Gundams' function most especially in AW and SEED. Now I hope 00 goes near to this mod.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus - Full Boost Updates

ExzcellionGamma Blog 1 comment

Sidenote: Well the one from AnimePaper site was removed since the site is dying... and this still fits my links to Gundam so this will be added up on my pages.

Also, this will be kept updating for new releases and news.

Main Site

Unlocked Units:

  • RX-0 Unicorn Gundam "02" Banshee (Gundam Unicorn)
  • CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam (Gundam 00 S2)
  • MS-08TX[EXAM] Efreet Kai (Gundam Side Story: BLUE DESTINY)
  • RX-139 Hambrabi (Zeta Gundam)
  • Extreme Gundam Leos-type Eclipse Phase (Gundam EXA)
  • GF13-021NG Gundam Spiegel/Shadow (G Gundam)
  • GX-9900/GX-9900-DV Gundam X/X-Divider (Gundam X)
  • GAT X-102 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud (Gundam SEED)
  • RX-178 Gundam Mk.II (Zeta Gundam)
  • Extreme Gundam Leos-type Aios Phase (Gundam EXA)
  • RX-105 Xi Gundam (Gundam CCA: Hathaway's Flash)
  • XXXG-00W0 Wing Zero (TV Version) (Gundam Wing)
  • RX-78GP03S Gundam GP-03 Dendrobium "Stamen" (Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
  • GN-007 Arios Gundam (Gundam 00 S2)
  • MBF-P01-Re Astray Gold Frame Amatsu (Gundam SEED Astray)
  • AMX-011S Zaku III Kai (ZZ Gundam)
  • YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu (Gundam Unicorn)
  • ZGMF X-88S Gaia Gundam (Gundam SEED Destiny)
  • AMX-109 Kapool & Corin's Kapool ( Gundam)
  • XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3 (Crossbone Gundam)
  • AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra (Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
  • OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon (Gundam Wing)

Future Releases (Warning: Spoilers!):
November: No news as of this time.
(However, there is a rumour on NND (NicoNicoDouga) that is around for some time. A video shows Legend and Akatsuki taking on Strike Freedom...)

Near Future (Spoiler Alert!):
Click Here

At Image Link:
Top Row: Crossbone Gundam X3, Gaia Gundam, Astray Gold Frame Amatsu
2nd Row: G-Armor, Kapool Corin Nander Custom, Arios Gundam
3rd Row: Gerbera Tetra, Rozen Zulu, Striker Custom
4th Row: AGE-1
Missing: S-Gundam and ELS (possibly GNX IV-type)

2500: ELS, X3, S Gundam
2000: Gerbera Tetra, Rozen Zulu, Gaia, Gold Frame, Arios, AGE-1
1000: Corin's Kapool, G-Bull, Striker Custom

EXVS Full Boost for PS3 announced to come at 2014!!
Dedicated root link for EXVS-FB to TGS 2013: Exvsfb.ggame.jp

YT Channel for EXVS Gameplay:

As of September 25, 2013; 4:24 PST.

For The Record - Xenoforce's Gundams' Attack Dilemma

ExzcellionGamma Blog 2 comments

Gundam DX firing Twin Satellite Cannon

Consider this situation when the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X fires its Twin Satellite Cannon.
I find it frustrating when virtually ALL units coded in Generals ZH, when firing its primary weapon and going back to standby... the transition animation works fine. But when firing secondary and/or tertiary weapons and going back to standby, like this Twin Satellite Cannon situation, damn... it uses the transition animation for the primary weapons fire!!

If I can find someone who can help fix this matter.
If this dilemma would be resolved, we'd be happy seeing Gundam DX return its TSC to its standby phase, not the beam rifle returning to normal. Then, Freedom can return its cannons and its beam rifle to its standby phase, not the beam rifle only and the cannons disappeared. Then, SF's DRAGOONs can return "peacefully" to the SF and not blink and voila, they're now at SF's wings.

Xenoforce Remnant - Strike Freedom

ExzcellionGamma Blog 1 comment

I have finished the Strike Freedom model myself, which was left out by the makers of Xenoforce mod for CNC Generals Zero Hour.

It was in an archive package (rar file I think), which had the gmax models plus the SF skin, to my delight.
I have used RenX/GmaX to complete the w3d model and then check all the models. I had used reverse animation option for exporting for the transition of moving to normal.

Then, I just copied the codes of Freedom and integrated the codes to Strike Freedom. Because of its three weapons function, here is the list of its intact parts and the bones with the weapon launch bone:

The tip of its 2 HE Beam Rifles have bones:
-WEAPONA01, WEAPONA02 (for main beam rifle fire)
-WEAPONB01, for HE Beam Gun that is at the front when SF is on multiphase cannon mode (combined beam guns)
-WEAPONC01, WEAPONC02 (for SF multilock weapons release or "Fullburst")

The "Calidus" Plama Cannon located in its abdomen has the bone:
-WEAPONC03 (for SF multilock weapons release or "Fullburst")

The "Xiphias 3" Linear Cannons at the sides of its hips have bones:
-WEAPONC04, WEAPONC05 (for SF multilock weapons release or "Fullburst")

The 8 Super DRAGOONs that will deploy from SF and fire have bones:
-WEAPONC06, WEAPONC07, WEAPONC08, WEAPONC09, WEAPONC10, WEAPONC11, WEAPONC12, WEAPONC13 (for SF multilock weapons release or "Fullburst")

I have one problem: How to execute Fullburst that SF can only fire green beams for its HE Beam Rifles and DRAGOONs, yellow for Linear Cannons, and white-blue-red beam for its Plasma Cannon.
---the codes stocked for the Freedom was to fire random beams with colors specified above.

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