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Extradaemon Dec 8 2014, 8:56am buried:


I don't bloody know, I'm not a sad **** who memorises every page. All I remember is that some of the companies were referenced to have been bought by some of the Ghiscari Lords. It might have been when they were arguing in that fat yellow guy's tent.

-11 votes   article: 2.0 preview 3: Princes, Sellswords and Seneschals
Extradaemon Dec 8 2014, 5:32am says:

>You can now only recruit sellsword companies if you're an independent ruler

That doesn't sound like the best solution. The siege of Meereen had no leaders, and yet each Lord brought their own sellsword companies.

+3 votes   article: 2.0 preview 3: Princes, Sellswords and Seneschals
Extradaemon Nov 13 2014, 10:53am says:

I'm glad you came to your senses. This monetisation plan was unwise from the beginning.

0 votes   article: Donations Ending/Apologies/Refunds
Extradaemon Nov 1 2014, 12:15pm says:

Shouldn't Valyrian steel have a rippling pattern and a darker colour?

+5 votes   media: Valyrian Dagger
Extradaemon Sep 23 2014, 1:01pm says:

Looks quite similar to the Scrin buildings.

+1 vote   media: Covenant landing pad Concept
Extradaemon Sep 19 2014, 2:42am says:

And this is about the modern warfare mod how?

+3 votes   media: No thanks.
Extradaemon Sep 17 2014, 7:01am says:

Really underwhelming really, was expecting more flowers and gardens.

+21 votes   media: Highgarden
Extradaemon Sep 12 2014, 5:25am says:

I'm so glad this is a thing.

+2 votes   mod: SWTOR: Ultimate War
Extradaemon Sep 5 2014, 2:16pm replied:

On the mod's forums, it was ages ago so you'll never find it. Apparently Del is has taken an unexpected hiatus too, so the mod is basically half-ded at the moment.

+1 vote   mod: Warsword Conquest
Extradaemon Sep 5 2014, 1:19pm replied:

Apparently the reason they're taking so long with this update is because they're bust integrating the assets.

+3 votes   mod: Warsword Conquest
Extradaemon Aug 29 2014, 5:51am replied:

It's possible, see Gangs of Glascow, the problem is that Mount & Blade battle A.I. will, and always will be stupid.

+1 vote   media: Whitehall in London.
Extradaemon Aug 25 2014, 11:28am says:

So is the 30th date accurate or is it just to stop moddb falsely stating a release?

+1 vote   mod: Europa Barbarorum 2
Extradaemon Aug 24 2014, 2:48pm says:

Won't monetisation result in a cease and desist?

+1 vote   article: Age of Petty Kings Goals/Rewards
Extradaemon Aug 17 2014, 8:13am says:

At the moment playing as the Greyirons vs. the Hoares + Greyjoys is too easy. This could be fixed by massively reducing the size of the armies in the ships at the start, as well as putting them further away from the Isles so it would take more than two turns to get there.

+1 vote   mod: Westeros: Age of Petty Kings
Extradaemon Aug 13 2014, 1:14pm replied:

I doubt Cozur is willing to share.

+11 votes   media: The Vale
Extradaemon Aug 1 2014, 5:23am replied:

It's ok, but still barebones and unrealistic compared to Lance.

+1 vote   media: Essosi Recruitment
Extradaemon Jul 21 2014, 3:53pm says:

You think that it would be possible to colour the map around the trader a.i. mapping to look like tracks/roads?

+7 votes   media: Train on the Map
Extradaemon Jul 21 2014, 1:18pm says:

Love the addition of the black walls.

+3 votes   media: Minas Anor: The City of Kings
Extradaemon Jul 21 2014, 3:18am replied:

I'm not very smart.

+2 votes   mod: C&C 3: The Forgotten
Extradaemon Jul 4 2014, 12:30pm replied:

My mistake.

+2 votes   download: Hyrule: Total War 3.6 - Part 1
Extradaemon Jul 4 2014, 9:35am says:

Found two problems straight away.

1. A few "Unlocalised placement text" errors with multiple units.
2. Hyrule Historia completely broken.

+2 votes   download: Hyrule: Total War 3.6 - Part 1
Extradaemon Jun 25 2014, 8:02am says:

I'm so glad you're giving the assets to the Warsword crew. That's the best move you could have taken.

Thankyou for your contribution to warband modding.

+8 votes   media: NEWS
Extradaemon Jun 16 2014, 9:54am says:

Those terrible random events still in it?

+7 votes   article: A Clash of Kings version 1.31 released
Extradaemon Jun 13 2014, 11:06am says:

Shouldn't it be just three solitary towers?

+5 votes   media: Moat Cailin redone
Extradaemon Jun 12 2014, 3:03am says:

He got the metal fist on top of his helmet?

+3 votes   media: The Mountain that Rides
Extradaemon May 17 2014, 4:46pm says:

Those new portraits are just gorgeous. Loving this release so far.

+5 votes   article: Elder Kings 0.1.5 Released
Extradaemon May 17 2014, 7:09am says:

Made my day.

+1 vote   download: Elder Kings 0.1.5 Self-Installer
Extradaemon May 12 2014, 9:17am says:

So is this Satire? Or do you genuinely believe that the Illuminati exist?

+5 votes   mod: New World Order
Extradaemon May 11 2014, 12:44pm replied:

Weight and momentum, it won't just bounce off like a paper aeroplane on a brick wall. It hits the building, the building is pierced, the plane breaks apart while the momentum wears off and collects across the area it hit.

That's how.

+9 votes   article: 9/11 Events - Official Story vs The Truth
Extradaemon May 11 2014, 10:50am replied:

If it's anything like the other hundreds of "truth" videos out there, I'm guessing it uses a combination of bad physics, a lack of understanding of how planes work, interviewing people who claim some fake legitimacy and mindless hyperbole. I don't need to watch a 4 hour "documentary" to tell me that.

Get yourself educated before you start believing in even more insane theories.

+13 votes   article: 9/11 Events - Official Story vs The Truth
Extradaemon May 11 2014, 10:32am says:

Any lessons centred around basic critical thinking will tell you that anything without accurate sources is either speculation or the first stages of a theory. This video is claiming truth from zero facts or evidence. It would be best to just ignore it and not soak up it's poisonous viewpoint.

I'm saying this to anyone who happens on this post. The 9/11 truth movement is made up of contrarians and naive idiots. Every theory put forward by the movement has been falsified. There is no evidence in favour of this "conspiracy", never get your hard truths from youtube videos or unsourced garbage.

Have this:

+10 votes   article: 9/11 Events - Official Story vs The Truth
Extradaemon Jan 9 2014, 12:04pm says:

Maybe less trees?

+1 vote   media: The Dead Marshes
Extradaemon Dec 19 2013, 7:35am says:

That's great news, lets hope that it can sustain a multiplayer community on par with NW.

+3 votes   article: Blood and Iron Age of Imperialism. New Direction, and imminent release
Extradaemon Nov 24 2013, 5:13pm says:

That looks great!

+1 vote   media: Unnamed city (Tomb Kings) 1,6
Extradaemon Oct 20 2013, 4:05pm says:

Link's broken.

+2 votes   download: Bello Civili V.2: Egyptian release
Extradaemon Jun 19 2013, 9:30am replied:

I agree with the Blood Bowl idea, it's more a ridiculous spinoff that would feel extremely out of place in an open world game, it would also require a huge amount of effort to implement that could be used for other aspects of the mod.

Maybe instead of Karaz-a-Karak Industries™, there could be a master dwarf weaponsmith who will make runic weapons.

+1 vote   article: Warsword Conquest Summer News !
Extradaemon Jun 18 2013, 8:18am replied:

Still nope.

+7 votes   media: The Chivalrous Party
Extradaemon Oct 30 2012, 2:04pm says:

I thought Slaanesh was a dude?

+1 vote   media: Slaanesh by Genzoman
Extradaemon Oct 30 2012, 6:44am says:

The iPad mini, for those rare people that think the iPad is too big, but the iPhone is too small :P

+6 votes   media: This is starting to get ridiculous
Extradaemon Oct 28 2012, 3:36pm says:

Well goodbye sleep, hello over-reactive imagination.

+8 votes   media: The horror!.
Extradaemon Oct 26 2012, 11:07am says:

Is it strange that I am sitting like this right now?

+4 votes   media: True Story
Extradaemon Oct 25 2012, 4:40pm says:

I know why, yet I cannot explain in fear of confusing myself :(

+6 votes   media: I shall proceed to hurt your brain...
Extradaemon Oct 21 2012, 7:26am says:

Human Reason!

+4 votes   media: Atheists at the Creation Museum
Extradaemon Oct 10 2012, 1:43pm says:

I can't understand ANYTHING Justin Bieber says. To me it's all senseless whining.

+14 votes   media: Seems legit
Extradaemon Oct 6 2012, 9:02am says:

My Eyes!

+2 votes   media: Air controller
Extradaemon Oct 6 2012, 9:02am says:

Conquest team. Have I ever told you how much I love you?

+10 votes   download: Star Wars Conquest 0.9.4-preview
Extradaemon Oct 5 2012, 7:39am says:

Damn Wii-mote killed my parents!

+7 votes   media: Video Games Do Not Make Me A Killer
Extradaemon Oct 1 2012, 6:11am replied:

I agree with you, Homosexual couples would raise the child to love and accept things no matter what is wrong with them.

+4 votes   media: Christain intolerance
Extradaemon Sep 30 2012, 4:36am says:

They better fix up the story this time, too many plot holes.

+12 votes   media: Stuff
Extradaemon Sep 15 2012, 2:17pm replied:

I had some spare time to research this and I discovered that we are both correct to an extent. It wasn't used as gossip fuel or showed any form of weakness if a roman male had sex with other males but it wasn't unusual to see those who didn't do such things. Wikipedia is great :P

+2 votes   media: Alexander The Great > Yahweh
Extradaemon Sep 15 2012, 5:27am replied:

It was also frowned upon in ancient Rome if you didn't have some form of homosexual relations with men. Don't quote me though :P

+3 votes   media: Alexander The Great > Yahweh
Extradaemon Sep 15 2012, 5:26am says:

This guy always makes me laugh :P

+4 votes   media: What next?
Extradaemon Sep 11 2012, 8:09am says:

One question. Bearded Lady?

+2 votes   media: Create a Character (Work In Progress)
Extradaemon Sep 9 2012, 5:43am says:

The Bible could of been so much shorter.... :(

+5 votes   media: the Bible /b/ style
Extradaemon Aug 28 2012, 4:54am says:

What about a pinch of Love?

+6 votes   media: my edit...hahaha...
Extradaemon Aug 7 2012, 6:27pm says:

poor poor jesus :(

+1 vote   media: Atheist Oppression
Extradaemon Jul 30 2012, 4:51am says:

That was the one thing (out of many) I really hated about the opening ceremony. How could they not mention Tolkien! He's a more influential guy than JK Rowling, which reminds me. Why was Voldemort defeated by an army of Mary Poppins?

+3 votes   media: So it begins!
Extradaemon Jul 6 2012, 3:38pm replied:

If this new one is anything like Shogun 2, I will be highly disappointing :P. I hope it goes back to its roots with the original Rome.

+1 vote   media: Coincidence? No, Fate? yes
Extradaemon Jul 4 2012, 7:17am says:

So.....many...updates... argh...too... much....Awesome!

*passes out*

In all serious I love you. your fast and efficient, which the is perfect way to do everything.

+14 votes   media: Halifirien Beacon
Extradaemon May 15 2012, 10:33am says:


+3 votes   media: Grammer Nazis Beware!!!
Extradaemon May 11 2012, 9:58am says:

"I have a Boyfriend!"

+9 votes   media: What do you think he just said?
Extradaemon Apr 25 2012, 4:32pm says:

I must admit its a a tad-too Balrogee for my tastes. But whatever your happy with so am I :P

+2 votes   media: Morgoth (Greyscale)
Extradaemon Apr 3 2012, 3:52pm says:


+5 votes   media: IT TRULY EXISTS
Extradaemon Mar 25 2012, 6:27am says:

that is simply amazing, at no-time before have I witnessed such awesomeness with my own mortal eyes.

+1 vote   media: Walking...
Extradaemon Mar 20 2012, 1:35pm replied:

I Have more if you ever need a Professional "Total Mayhem Vehicle Namer" XD

+1 vote   media: Aeon T1 Fighter
Extradaemon Mar 20 2012, 12:27pm says:

Nice to see you liked my name suggestion ;P

+1 vote   media: Aeon T1 Fighter
Extradaemon Mar 19 2012, 12:12pm says:

Vaikana. Nice Alien name there :P

+1 vote   media: Aeon T2 Stealth Fighter
Extradaemon Mar 8 2012, 10:34am says:

I love roller coaster Tycoon 3 so much, This was all i would do with the game :P

+9 votes   media: My rollercoaster may have a few (major) flaws...
Extradaemon Feb 21 2012, 11:18am says:

Maybe we should create a New Peter Cushing Meme. Any Suggestions? :P

+5 votes   media: Peter Cushing
Extradaemon Feb 5 2012, 7:31am says:

Ikea Food?, Well now ive seen everything....

+2 votes   media: You don't say...
Extradaemon Jan 20 2012, 10:34am says:

I Didnt Notice :(

+1 vote   media: The sentence
Extradaemon Jan 11 2012, 10:13am says:

Enlighten me, What did Freud say?

+2 votes   media: Explain this
Extradaemon Dec 14 2011, 10:30am says:

Love the city :) , not to be a kill-joy or anything but isnt Dol Amroth in a peninsula on a hill, Keep up the good work :)

+1 vote   media: Dol Amroth
Extradaemon Oct 31 2011, 2:14pm replied:

Which mod was that?

+1 vote   media: music preview
Extradaemon Oct 3 2011, 10:38am says:

I cant really see it in this picture but is this different than the old osgiliath map or is theyre now the bridge or something?

+1 vote   media: Osgiliath battle
Extradaemon May 4 2011, 2:45pm says:

@ handgun_hero

hey theyre american (no offence)

-3 votes   media: Vietnam: The Experience
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